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2.4. Result script

After clicking the Submit button, the script should appear in your web browser along with a message indicating whether or not the attempted disk write was successful.

Depending on your system configuration, the script may or may not have been written to the directory from which phpMyEditSetup.php was run. You will need to either open the file that was written to disk or else highlight and copy the script from the web browser and paste it into a blank document in your text editor.

If the proposed Base Filename was "employees" and the disk write was successful, a file named employees.php would exist in the directory from which phpMyEditSetup.php was run.

If the disk write was NOT successful and you've pasted the script into your text editor, save the file in the same directory which contains the phpMyEdit program files. Save the file with the .php extension.

Because HTML header and footer requirements vary between users, no header or footer is generated. Add or include appropriate HTML markup as necessary (e.g. <HTML><HEAD> [headers] </HEAD><BODY> [script] </BODY></HTML>). By default the table will be enclosed by <div class="main"> ... </div> which offers a degree of formatting in terms of using CSS (cascading style sheets).

Once the header and footer are in place, there are script configuration options that you should review and possibly change.

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