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0.9.2, stable release, GNU GPL license, 2014-02-22 06:08
This project uses a special template system. With that template system you can easily create any website with particular design and also code characteristics. All content data are stored in relational SQL database and administration via web interface is easy, fast and effective.

Huge Metafox update - 2006-09-25 00:12 - nepto
New Metafox arrives...

Incredible ammount of features was added, see summary and changelog in the Download section.

phpMyEzin changed to Metafox - 2005-10-07 20:58 - nepto
This is the first release where phpMyEzin content management system officialy changed its name.

The new name, which was used for a while, is Metafox CMS. This name was chosen according to the free .COM domain On this site Metafox will have its homepage.

Thought Metafox CMS is still in development, its used on the several production sites nad more will come.

Still active - 2004-12-27 04:41 - nepto
This is 0.8.9 release. phpMyEzin is still here!

It was a very busy year. There was several production websites done with our content management system. The most important one was made for Nextra Slovakia, an internet service provider with website. This definitely proves, that system is capable to fulfil demanding enterprise requirements in the production environment.

During year we also finally find a suitable name used for commercial purposes - Metafox. You can expect brand new corporate website running on our domain soon!

Template engine switch is temporarily suspended. Thank you for your patience!

PF' 2005!

Release 0.8.8 - 2004-01-19 12:44 - nepto
Release 0.8.8 is out. This is probably one from the last releases before huge rewritting of phpMyEzin content management system.

Such rewritting is neccessary, because we have to switch template system to more flexible and faster one. Savant template engine is a very good candidate.

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