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file management PHP script designed for inclusion in large projects

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0.7, stable release, GNU GPL license, 2005-10-02 00:14
phpWebFileManager is file management tool, written in PHP. It is designed for inclusion in large projects, and it can also act as a PostNuke module. Its main features are multi-language support, secure directory browsing, directory creation and removal, file creation, uploading, renaming, deleting, and viewing. There is also a powerful configuration file that allows you to allow/deny appropriate file management actions.

Project is alive - 2005-10-02 00:49 - nepto
Last year was a difficult time, thus development was a little bit postponed. However we made a time for Platon Group development and rolled out 0.7 release of phpWebFileManager.

Please review and give us a feedback via bug-tracking system, feedback form, discussion forums or e-mail. Thank you!

0.6 is out - 2003-12-20 20:26 - nepto
After almost a year of development, phpWebFileManager 0.6 is out. This release brings us several small and tiny changes and updates.


phpWebFileManager - new etapy started - 2003-02-13 01:15 - nepto
With comming 0.5 release, new etapy of phpWebFileManager started. It is currently available on Platon.SK open source software development portal. It provides nice features such as bug-tracking system, support forums, documentation browser and download central.

There was also brand new homepage for phpWebFileManager estabilished. Its address is:

Stay tuned and feel free to give me some feedback via e-mail or discussion forum. Thanks!

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