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instant MySQL table editor and code generator

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5.7.1, stable release, GNU GPL license, 2007-09-16 16:48
phpMyEdit generates PHP code for displaying/editing MySQL tables in HTML. All you need to do is to write a simple calling program (a utility to do this is included). It includes a huge set of table manipulation functions (record adition, change, view, copy, and remove), table sorting, filtering, table lookups, and more.

5.6 released - 2006-09-18 14:07 - michal
After 8 month of development, phpMyEdit 5.6 is finally released.

This release fixed many annoying bugs and also some new features were added.

phpMyEdit team

Development continued - 2006-01-24 00:09 - nepto
Yes, you are right, this is phpMyEdit release 5.5!

It was almost two years since last stable release. During that time several important things has changed. We at Platon had somehow difficult times. Me particulary relocated to different city, I was also two times in the United States, Platon structures were officially formed for non-profit organization & limited liability company and so on.

We are now taking this project very seriously. We have big plans concerning to open source development model as well as concerning to our new commercial paid products. Check them out along with release changelog & summary on these project pages and phpMyEdit homepage.

Cross us your fingers and give us some feedback! Thank you for your patience!

phpMyEdit development team

5.4 finally released - 2004-02-19 19:29 - nepto
phpMyEdit version 5.4 was finally released. It contains several important changes. For brief overview glance at summary or changelog in the release page. This release is production, upgrade is strongly recommended.

Long awaited phpMyEdit 5.3 is here - 2003-04-08 20:34 - nepto
Finally, long awaited phpMyEdit 5.3 is here! The most important features it brings are CSS class names handling and new exhaustive DocBook documentation (available for download and under Documentation link as well). For phpMyEdit download check Download section and click on Forum link to enter phpMyEdit related discussions.

However not only these matters are important. As many members of phpMyEdit userbase already know, phpMyEdit definitelly moved away from unreliable SourceForge service to Platon.SK open source development portal. Maybe it is not absolutely perfect, but at least we have possibility of its improvement. So cross us your fingers!

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