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Chapter 5. Extensions

There are often situations, when more specific functionality is needed from phpMyEdit. You will surely agree, that it will be really strange to hardcode all these particular requirements into the core phpMyEdit class. For this reason the extension mechanism is provided.

5.1. Overview

Extensions are phpMyEdit_<something> classes, where <something> is an appropriate extension name. They not only extend base phpMyEdit class, but they also add new functionality. But they may not only add new things. It is possible also to disable such features, simply to get the desirable behaviour.

In addition to common phpMyEdit configuration options, extension configuration is usually provided by $opts['ext'] associative array. Possible keys are described on particular extension pages in this manual. Please refer to them to get more information.

Extensions are currently not part of phpMyEdit distribution. They are only in CVS repository, because they are still under development and they are changing a lot. This manual chapter is provided for letting phpMyEdit users know, that something like this exists. The only way how to get extension files is to fetch them from CVS. All extensions need to be placed under the extensions/ subdirectory below the phpMyEdit core class location.

Several new extensions are planned to create or handle more or less specific tasks, especially those which are not appropriate for the phpMyEdit core class. You can feel absolutely free to improve existing extensions, suggest new improvements for them, or create new extensions to fit your own needs. We will be happy to add them to repository.

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