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Webroot gives net protection answers for each clients and businesses. It gives you multi-vector safety for networks, endpoints, alongside risk intelligence offerings for cyber safety. All in all, in case you need to shield your data, then you definitely ought to get Webroot. You can without problems set up this effective antivirus suite from .

Steps to Download Webroot

* Obey the hints given under right here to right away down load the Webroot set up package:
* First and foremost, see in case your device is pleasant with the antivirus like Webroot.
* Now make certain that your tool is attached to the network.
* Remove the alternative protection software program in your device previous to downloading and putting in Webroot.
* After that, use a web browser to open the internet site.
* There you'll want to store the installer report.
* So, first of all, create a brand new account on Webroot to continue.
* After you create an account, log in to Webroot with it.
* Now visit the “Products and Services” phase from the lowest.
* There you want to pick out both Home and Business.
* Proceed to shop for this system and down load it.
* Obey the on-display hints to complete the process.
* Your down load ought to now begin.
* Wait for some time till the down load wraps up.
* After the down load finishes, go out the internet site and the net browser.

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To install the program:
Start the installation routine either from a CD or from a downloaded file:

If you are installing from a CD, insert the CD into the CD drive. An installation dialog opens where you can click a link to begin. If the installation dialog does not open, use Windows Explorer to navigate to your CD drive and double-click the software's installation file.

If you don't have a CD, click here to download the installer file. After downloading the file, double-click it to begin the installation process.
If you purchased from Best Buy, click here to download the installer file. After downloading the file, double-click it to begin the installation process.

When the Webroot installer dialog opens, enter your keycode in the field. (If your keycode came in an email, you can copy and paste the code into this field.)

If desired, you can click Installation Options at the bottom of the dialog to modify the following settings:

When you're done, click Agree and Install.

Create a shortcut to Webroot on the desktop. This option places a shortcut icon on your Windows Desktop for Webroot SecureAnywhere.

Randomize the installed filename to bypass certain infections. This option changes the Webroot installation filename to a random name (for example, “QrXC251G.exe”), which prevents malware from detecting and blocking Webroot’s installation file.

Protect the Webroot files, processes, and memory from modification. The option enables self protection and the CAPTCHA prompts (CAPTCHA requires you to read distorted text on the screen and enter the text in a field before performing any critical actions). For more information, see Setting access control.

Change language. To change the language displayed in SecureAnywhere, click the Change Language button and select from the supported languages. (You can only change the displayed language during installation, not after.)

If you are prompted to enter an email address, enter your email address and click Continue.

SecureAnywhere begins scanning and configuring the application. When it completes, the main interface opens (see Using the SecureAnywhere interface).

If SecureAnywhere detects threats during the scan, it moves the items to quarantine where they are rendered inoperable and can no longer harm your system or steal data. For more information, see Running scans and Managing quarantined items.

If you want to exit from SecureAnywhere, click Continue. If you want to view the main interface, select Click here to view your Dashboard now.

After the initial scan, SecureAnywhere automatically scans your computer daily and constantly monitors activity as you surf the Internet. You do not need to launch a scan yourself or schedule scans. SecureAnywhere does all the work for you in the background.

If you purchased a multi-user license, you can install SecureAnywhere on other PCs.

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