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There were no files released in this project yet.
This projects tracks notes, bugs and various enhancement and feature requests for Platon.SK - open source software development website. Issues of current CVS version, current online version on web or both can be tracked.

Hardware problems - 2005-03-23 00:00 - nepto
We had first serious problems with production server Idea.Platon.SK, which we was able to solve successfully.

Process of the action can be seen in this photogallery:

Our member is SkLUG advisory committee - 2005-11-14 17:05 - nepto
Lubomir Host, one of the founder of the Platon Group, slovak open source enterprise software group, became an advisory committee of the non-profit organization SKLUG - Slovak Linux Users Group -

He will represent our organization and try to estabilish some good cooperation which can be mutualy benefical for both parts.

Platon Group is a common collective SkLUG member as well with three voting voices.

Non-profit organization - 2005-07-21 15:37 - nepto
Platon Group as a slovak non-profit organization was officially estabilished.

Our slovak organization identification number (ICO) is 42039983.

In the following time we are going to restructure our website, hire new members, publish organization memorandum and so on.

We were formely known as unofficial group called Platon SDG (Platon Software Development Group).

New production server - 2005-05-05 21:23 - nepto
Today we set-up new Platon SDG dual-CPU production server called Academy.Platon.SK with IP address This should bring more power and quality to our services.

We will start with some services migration on the following week. We will try our best that no outage would be occured.

Residence change - 2004-08-01 00:00 - nepto
Platon SDG would like to announce an official residence change. We are happy to receive new postal messages on this address:

Platon SDG
Hlavna 3
927 01 Sala

Old Bratislava postal address will be active for several following months.

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