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1. Overview

    How many times have you hand coded a MySQL table editor in PHP?
    phpMyEdit application provides an instant table editor.
    phpMyEdit generates PHP code for displaying/editing MySQL tables
    in HTML. All you need to do is to write a simple calling program
    (a utility to do this is included). It includes a huge set of
    table manipulation functions (record adition, change, view, copy,
    and remove), table sorting, filtering, table lookups, and more.

2. Installation

    For quick installation follow these steps:

    1. Extract phpMyEdit distribution archive.
    2. Copy/ftp/whatever them to your development web site.
    3. Using a browser, run phpMyEditSetup.php to log on
       to your MySQL server.
    4. Select a database, table and table key.
    5. Script phpMyEditSetup.php will attempt to write one file
       and it will also display that file on the screen.
    6. If the file write to the directory where the files were to be 
       written fails, copy it into your PHP editor, save it to a file, 
       and then run it in the same directory that you used for 
       phpMyEdit.class.php file.

    Portions of the generated PHP file are commented and described.
    However phpMyEdit has amount of available features, so if there is
    anything you do not understand, look into official phpMyEdit

3. Documentation

    phpMyEdit comes with extensive and exhaustive documentation in SGML,
    HTML and PDF format with huge amount of options, possibilities and
    information described. It is available for download as a separate
    package from phpMyEdit homepage or its project management page.

4. Homepage and download

    The official phpMyEdit homepage is:

    The phpMyEdit project management page is: 

    You can download the latest version in "Download" sections
    of these pages.

5. Bug reporting and support

    I'm happy to accept bug reports, feature requests, suggestions for
    improvement, or improved code, preferably via our Platon.SK project
    management interface where everyone can see them.

    If you are submitting a bug report, please include the main table
    schema (mysqldump -d [database_name] [table_name]), schema for
    supporting ['values']['table'] tables, and the contents of the
    generated PHP file in your bug report. Also be sure to strip out
    database host/user/password info from the generated file.

    There is also discussion forum available for asking support
    questions or brainstorming about new features. phpMyEdit has also
    its own mailinglist and CVS repository. All these issues are
    described in official documentation.

    Commercial support is also available; see
    for more detailed information.

6. Developers

    This project was the brain child of John McCreesh who has now moved
    on to other, more pressing projects. Mr. McCreesh had the foresight
    and fortitude to put together an excellent framework. Second project
    maintainer was Jim Kraai who puts a lot of wonderful feature basis
    and continues development in created framework.
    Many thanks to all those who have contributed code, notes or bug
    reports. Special thanks belongs to Pau Aliagas <>
    who converted phpMyEdit to PHP class in version 3.0.

    Current maintainer is Ondrej Jombik with help from various phpMyEdit
    community contributors. See doc/ChangeLog for credits.

7. License

    phpMyEdit is open-source released under GNU: General Public License;
    see doc/COPYING file for more information.

    Commercial licensing for closed source projects is also possible;
    see website for more information.

8. Other information

    This README file was initialy written by John McCreesh, updated by
    Jim Kraai in 3rd December 2001 and updated by Ondrej Jombik in 24th
    September 2002 and 12th February 2003.

    If you find any typo or grammar mistake in this document, feel free
    to send me notice and correction.

Copyright © 2002-2006 Platon Group
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