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phpMyEdit General     Wearing a mask is good for your health. Even without dust
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Recently, people have seen more and more alert about PM 2.5 dust wearing N95 masks including face masks. (Will stack tissue paper Or not overlapping, but) more, even if it looks like a current story But we are glad that people follow the good trend Like this a lot Because wearing these masks are good for our health. I want more Thai people to turn to wearing face masks. Regardless of that time There will be dust PM 2.5 or not, because there is a good reason. That we should wear masks (health) together many that we may not know

5 reasons to wear "Mask" to go outside the house even when there is no dust

1. Mask It can prevent the spread of many infectious respiratory diseases. Whether it is a common cold These include influenza, fever, measles, strep throat, pneumonia, pneumonia, bronchitis and other viral infections through coughing and sneezing. Which in addition to being a contagious disease through coughing, sneezing, saliva droplets directly into our nose or mouth Coughing and sneezing Then, touching other public objects such as bus hangers, handrails, buttons, elevators, etc., can also lead to human-to-human transmission. Therefore, anyone who has a cough and sneeze should wear a mask every time out of the house. To reduce the spread of germs from us to others

2. In addition to a mask that is intended for the patient to use. We should also wear a mask when we are in close contact with a patient (eg occupation of doctors, nurses or staff in various healthcare settings). Including people who have to transport the sick, such as drivers, emergency teams, etc.) and when we are crowded with many people. Because we may not know where we are Is anyone suffering from any contagious disease? We should also protect ourselves from those around us.

3. Although I checked from the AirVisual app, it was found that the PM 2.5 dust was not as much as the red level. But wearing a face mask when traveling to work every morning and evening It will reduce the inhalation of air that has dust from car fumes on the road as well.

4. If we are the one who has allergies as a congenital disease. Wearing a face mask will further reduce the risk of breathing dusty air. The weather of the disease will not relapse more often.

5. In addition to dust from the road In a crowded city And there is construction all the time like Bangkok And the red-orange soil road in the provinces Is an area where we should wear a mask every time we have to walk through Because it is an area with more dust than other areas as well

Who chooses to use a disposable face mask? It should be used and discarded day to day. Should not be used the next day. If choosing a mask that can be reused It should be cleaned after using it every day. For good hygiene And help prevent dust from entering the body fully

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