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phpMyEdit General     How to Install and Set up QuickBooks Desktop for Mac?
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QuickBooks is an amazing accounting software present in the market, and is used by thousands of companies all across the globe. The best fact associated with this software is that it is available for Mac users and also there are certain features which are exclusively for Mac users. These features include automatic reminder in iCalender, timely notifications in menu bar, auto contacts sync in Mac operating system’s address book. If you are also planning to have QuickBooks desktop for Mac, then this post would surely assist you in installing and setting QuickBooks desktop for Mac successfully.

Reading this would ensure that you successfully install and set up the QuickBooks desktop for Mac software and avail its features immediately. However, if you are new to the tech aspect of QuickBooks, then we would suggest you to seek professional assistance. For further help contact to us and our experts will get back to you with the best solution instantly.

Steps to download and install QuickBooks desktop for Mac
The steps to be followed in order to download and install QuickBooks for Mac are as follows:
• The very first step is to start with downloading QuickBooks software from intuit’s website . The user can skip this step if he/she is having a physical copy of the software
• In case there is any issue with the downloading process, then it is suggested to clear the browser’s cookies and cache memory
• After the software download is complete, navigate to the location where the software downloaded and click on it to start with the file extraction process
• Now, click on yes to all and click on next to start the installation
• After this, the user will have to agree to the software license agreement that would appear on the screen, by clicking on next
• The user will then be required to enter the license and product numbers . The user should ensure to enter the correct information in the designated slots and click on next tab
• Here, the user will have to choose the installation type i.e. either express or custom and network.
• After selecting the type, the user will also have to choose as to where you will be using QB desktop
• The last step is to click on next to continue the installation. This will start the installation and when done, the user should reboot the Mac software and activate QuickBooks desktop

By now, you might be successfully able to install and setup QuickBooks desktop for Mac. If not, then you can reach out to our team of accounting experts and U.S. based CPA’s, who would surely assist you in getting this software installed on your system.

Just dial our QuickBooks enterprise technical support number i.e.1-800-761-1787, and we would be more than happy to help you.


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