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phpMyEdit Installation     Just lie down and listen to the sound of the rain to reduce
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During this rainy season, many people would hate the stagnation of the stagnant water after the rain. Or hate the difficulty of traveling on rainy days, slippery roads, jammed cars, crowded, but in the difficult rainy season There are still good things that help us relax and reduce stress by sleeping, listening to the sound of the rain, reducing stress. Today Hello Doctor has interesting information about sleeping and listening to the rain. Is there a tribute to help reduce stress? Let's go read

How do natural sounds affect mental health?
Walking in the woods or even hearing nature sounds from different apps can affect your heart rate. And also helps affect the brain as well When he heard the sound of running water, the sound of the sea, or the sound of leaves swaying Or even the sound of birds Your brain will feel clear.

Researchers have tried to find an explanation. Why does it sound from nature? Can play a part in the restoration of one's mind The study found that These natural sounds help modulate the communication in the brain. It makes the body feel relaxed when it hears sounds from nature. Some research that has been studied. 11 healthy adults had them undergoing functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) brain function tests while listening to nature. And the sound made by people who make Compare It was found that while they listened to the voices made by people The brain works by focusing only on oneself. Cause stress Depression And anxiety

More importantly, the person who took the test by listening to the voice produced by that person had a slow response. On the other hand, people who listened to natural sounds found that their brain function was more relaxed. And also contributes to enhancing the response of the nervous system Which helps the body to relax And work normally But it also depends on individual factors in each person as well. How much this will affect

Can listening to the sound of rain really reduce stress?
Going to the beach, going to the mountains, can help you relax because the sounds of nature can help reduce stress. But at this time, traveling from the provinces is still difficult because of the COVID-19 epidemic situation. In addition to the sound of the sea, sleeping and listening to the sound of the rain can reduce stress as well. Since we have been aware that the sound of rain is not harmful to our body. Causing the brain to respond in a positive way Feels relaxed when hearing the sound of rain

The sound of rain also prevents other sounds from disturbing us. It also looks like a simple sound. The repetitions of the rain that hit the ground Makes us feel relaxed from the uneven noise that is encountered in our daily life Listening to sounds that are consistent can help the brain to rest. Listening to the sound of rain can also help your brain work in a similar way to meditation.

In addition to the sound of rain, listening to the sound of a flowing stream can also help you relax. In addition to the sound of nature With the nearness of technology There are still a lot of nature sound applications available. Let us choose to listen Some applications can also choose to mix different sounds.

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