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phpMyEdit Installation     5 tips for writing a short story
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pippy     Založený: 15.01.2021   Príspevky: 177  
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5 tips for writing a short story

Have you ever read a short story? And you feel like you can't put it down. Want to continue reading until the end of the story And the more you are already a writer You might want to have some writing work like this.

Writings that create imagination for readers
A writing that makes the reader believe in what the author wants to convey.
Writing that is reliable
Writing in the real world Like into the mind of the reader
Let's take a look at what is the secret to making our short story writing the coolest "story". Here are 5 secret tips.

1. Be specific in details
Do you believe that writing is like the "telepathy" of the author who wants to convey to the reader? And the easiest way to make your readers understand you easily and quickly is You should write very specific and deep in detail. Find words that convey a straight meaning, so your readers don't have to mess around with guessing what you want them to convey.

2. Expanding and narrating clearly
A good short story writing will have your readers imagining, conforming, and following you into your world. So you should set up a scene for them to follow.
The wind blows the golden rice fields.
You could write
The gentle breeze blew gently in the evening, blowing the golden rice fields that stood in the vast fields.

3. Sensational
Good writing must evoke a sensation in the reader's mind. It's not just the truth that we want to communicate. Rather, it is to motivate the reader to have a sense of belonging to the event and to sit back and watch the event with the author.
It was raining and I ran back across the field to the hut.

You may write
Dries out the thin rain that blows in the wind Having crashed on my sunburned face all day long, I couldn't wait to run back to the little hut that had been planted as a shelter from the sun.

4. Use words appropriately
Using the right words will instantly give your writing credibility. If you don't mind using this weapon Your writing will look lackluster. It is only an abstract and a metaphysical view until the reader does not conform.

For example
He and she met at their favorite breakfast restaurant. She ordered juice as usual and he reads the newspaper.

You may write
On a normal day that is always special Barry met Yaya at Sky View Italian restaurant in Thonglor clubhouse. Yaya ordered iced orange juice. Which she likes to drink regularly Barry likes to sip his hot coffee while watching the stars in the sky that cannot be easily found in the city with skyscrapers like today.

5. Write stories, not sentences.

Sometimes we can make our writing short stories easy to tell, but choose the right narration for our story.
We must first have faith in our story. It is true that the objects, things, people you will bring into your writing are many. You don't need to write in detail, describe everything in depth. Unless that is the main theme. Is the key to the story That's it, so you can put in more detail. And try to wrap all words, sentences or paragraphs to prevent the flow of the story.

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Thanks for the step by step tutorial. Works like a charm! The solution worked for me thanks to the community and the members for the solution.

denisbeta     Založený: 25.08.2023   Príspevky: 2205  
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