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phpMyEdit Configuration     Take the space to upgrade _ 202002 15155754.
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"Laughter you sleep for another two days you must wake up in two days otherwise" A drop of tears fell on the hands of Aixiao again This time Aixiao knew that it was not his fall into the Pacific Ocean but Xu Song's tears This time Aixiao felt Xu Song's tears for the second time Compared with the first time this time he didn't know what his mood was However one thing was certain that he didn't want to see or feel this man's tears again I won't sleep now can I Captain Xu "Laugh laugh" Xu Song couldn't believe his ears and woke up "Or does Captain Xu want me to sleep for another two days" Looking at Xu Song that can not believe the eyes that look at a loss love to laugh and have to admit that they are distressed Don't don't sleep Although the voice of love to laugh is weak the voice that has not opened for a long time is not as pleasant as usual but Xu Song really heard confirmed peace of mind Text VIP Volume Nourishing Injury VIP volume recovery "You go to training quickly I'm all right now I'm really all right" In the morning Aixiao Business Services was driving Xu Song again and the man was as sticky as the candy that could not be driven away I'll go back later "You have to go now I have something to do I'm very busy" It is said that if you love to laugh you have to organize your thoughts well Xu Song always stays here It would be better if he talks less like he used to But this person is abnormal He talks so much that he can't think at all if he loves to laugh Your injury has just stabilized What's the matter Xu Song is in a hurry I won't leave here Even if I want to leave I don't have the ability now You can rest assured Now you leave right now Laughter is a talkative person but that's only when you're with your female friends Even in front of your parents laughter is never a talkative person If Xu Song talks so much at the beginning laughter will surely retreat I'll see you at noon oh no in the evening Originally wanted to noon but to see love smile is really from the heart of the unhappy Xu Song can only compromise It can't be repaired Dan when will this wound be healed After moving for a while Aixiao chose to lie down decisively motionless which really hurt the wound Fix-Dan Fix-Dan why are you so effective Now I dare not take you here Ah this pain is really tragic A small pill appeared in the smiling hand and then wailed in his heart Think about what you have on hand now and then think about Lao Mao's excellent medical skills China Manufacturers love to laugh or give up taking the elixir The elixir is precious is one thing more importantly love to laugh do not want people to know their own secrets after all they are shot in front of everyone so soon good generally as long as people with a little brain will suspect Now is in a hospital but also is not an ordinary member who knows will not accidentally leak the bottom but there are many super tough people inside Anyway Lao Mao's medical skills are good with his own physical quality coupled with his medical skills love to laugh to determine up to a month he can leave here which can take advantage of this time to temporarily avoid the husband and wife life with Xu Song In other words love to laugh does not exclude becoming Xu Song's wife but really do not want to fulfill his wife's obligations I don't know why I am not only not interested in some things but also feel a little afraid The injury this time is really worth it Love to laugh and draw a conclusion Love to laugh also do not know how much her actions so that the number of good men in the army really from the heart to identify with her this sudden appearance of sister-in-law Not because of Xu Song but because she is really the best representative of the military wife in the eyes of those officers and soldiers Experience is 1020000 00 for this experience calculation love to laugh or feel a little confused but love to laugh did not tangle on this anyway this experience is really a lot or unexpected gains
Now Aixiao is most concerned about the system During the period of injury and coma Aixiao seems to feel the system's attachment to itself because the system takes its mind to the cradle of its gestation Aixiao doesn't know if this is the system's recognition of its own performance Since Dad said that the things that burst out of the system can be used by anyone Aixi has always been worried in his heart Through the experience of reading novels I love to laugh and think that if the system really recognizes itself as the master no matter how bad it is it is OK to recognize itself so that those treasures can not be taken away by others Think of a way to Agriculture try Can everyone use these things Ai Xiao has a premonition that she has been recognized by the system because she can clearly reproduce the tragic earthquake scenes in her brain and Ai Xiao is sure that they are not in her original memory In the past Aixiao was always a person who didn't care about the country's affairs Even if it was such an important thing as the earthquake Aixiao only donated money a few times After watching two videos he never paid attention to it again On the one hand love to laugh that they are unable to save the day attention is useless just a few tears really do not have any real use On the other hand Ai Xiao believes that there are accidents in everything in the world that people die because of this or that kind of tragedy that people's birth old age illness and death are indispensable in life and that natural and man-made disasters are natural revenge so there is no need to do anything So love to laugh and make sure you haven't seen those human tragedies In those scenes the love of laughter really felt the despair and touching the tenacity and perseverance which do not belong to the feelings of love of laughter nor do they belong to the emotions of love of laughter Love to laugh and think that it should be a systematic emotion which is bred by those breaths and the perception of those emotions must be more sensitive because it identifies with itself so it can also perceive those emotions Although there is such a guess in the heart of love to laugh but how to let this guess be confirmed love to laugh and helpless Forget it If it can't be proved it can't be proved

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