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phpMyEdit Configuration     Yunnan Worm Valley of Ghost Blows Out the Lamp _ World Overl
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Barese     Založený: 01.02.2023   Príspevky: 11  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-02-01 02:20
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I waved to the fat man and Shirley Yang. "Everything here, big and small, has been explored. Now we should see what secrets are in this box. Take away the useful ones and destroy the useless ones." The fat man immediately became energetic and told me, "Old Hu, I just saw that this box is full of big coppers. Don't mention that it's strong. I can't open it alone. Let's try it together. If it doesn't work, we'll put explosives on it." On the square copper box, there was a thick filth of Huo's undead insects, so we had to wash it with water first to show its original appearance. When all the dirt on the copper box was removed, it was found that it could not be seen that it was a box, a large copper block, a copper coffin, or anything else, which had never been seen before. This square object, each side is exactly the same, can not see the upper and lower positive and negative, each side has forty-eight large nail caps, no other features. Suspect in my heart: "Don't be a big solid copper again?" He took out a small geological hammer and tapped it lightly on the top, but the sound was very stuffy, not brittle at all, not like copper, Inflatable indoor park , nor could he tell whether it was hollow or solid. The three of us pushed the square piece of copper so that we could see its bottom. It was not as heavy as we thought, indicating that it must be hollow inside, but how to open it? It may not be able to explode with explosives. I calmed down and looked carefully again. On the bottom side, there were two small holes, which were blocked by the dirt of giant insects, so it was not easy to find. As soon as the fat man saw something, he asked if it was a keyhole. I shook my head and said, "These two holes are grotesque and irregular. How can they be keyholes?"? Besides, Inflatable mechanical bull , if it's a keyhole, where's the key? Do you want to rummage in the worm's belly? When Shirley Yang compared the hole in the big copper block with his hand, he suddenly had a brainwave: "try it with the short stick of dragon head and tiger head found in the jade coffin of the high priest. The size and shape between them seem to be very close." As soon as she mentioned it, I immediately found that the shape of these two holes was exactly a dragon head and a tiger head. Unable to restrain my excitement, I said to the fat man in a loud voice, "Great, my dear Comrade Konstantin Petrovich, today is the festival of the Bolsheviks. Go and invite the party representative.". As soon as he arrives, Nikolai's door will be opened for our proletariat! The twenty-eighth chapter divides into three. The countless horrible floating corpses, which made my heart feel like a huge stone, suddenly became hysterical and wanted to make a noise so that I would not be infected by the resentment in the gourd hole. In the face of this mysterious copper box, the fat man became excited and immediately took out the short stick with the head of a golden animal from his carrying bag and shouted: "Party generation.." No, no, the golden key is here! The two ends are the head of the dragon and the head of the tiger, inflatable water slide , inflatable castle with slide , and the short golden staff with a slight bend in the middle is shining with golden light. This gold rod and the gold mask are all the funerary objects we poured out of the jade coffin of the high priest of King Xian. Perhaps it is a complete set of ancient gold sacrificial vessels. Among them, the mask and the gold rod are the most noticeable ones. I saw that the fat man was so careless that he was putting the dragon's head of the short golden staff into the hole in the copper block. Shirley Yang was also very cautious, reminding me and the fat man: "Be careful that there will be hidden arrows and smoke in the copper box." Although the fat man was reckless, he also knew how to cherish his own life. Hearing Shirley Yang's words, he could not help but murmur in his heart. After thinking about it, he came up with a bad idea: "in my opinion, it is naturally based on the principle of preserving the effective strength of our army. We can't take this unnecessary risk. Therefore, it is safest to blow it up with explosives.". You all hide far away to a safe place and watch me give it a blasting operation. Fatty this guy, on weekdays also only rely on a brute force and blood courage, if there is any ambush in the copper box, with his impetuosity is difficult to deal with. So I said to him, "If there is something important in it, how can it be saved with dynamite?"? I've always been lucky. I think I'll do this job. You stay behind and watch the enemy's battle for me. The fat man argued, "I must be timid.".
Most of the objects in this box are also funerary objects, and the antiquities of the Han Dynasty are all gold, jade, and bronze, so if they are blown up, they will not have much impact on the price. If you don't want to give up, I'll risk my life and open it directly. Without saying anything, I grabbed the gold stick from the fat man's hand and asked him and Shirley Yang to hide behind a nearby boulder. Shirley Yang gave me the Vajra Umbrella and told me, "Judging from what happened along the way, there are many sinister and vicious settings in Wang's tomb area. You must be more careful." I said to Shirley Yang, "Don't worry, Chief of Staff Yang. I have no other advantages, except that I am bold enough to tie chicken feathers on a wire pole.". Not only are I bold enough, but I'm also bold and careful, unlike fat people who cross the river with their cocks covered and are blind and careful. The fat man was already lying behind the stone. When he heard my words, he immediately showed his head and scolded me back and forth, "Hu Bayi, your grandson is slandering me behind my back again. If you dare not, come back as soon as possible and I'll open the copper box.". But we agreed in advance that everything in it would be mine. I waved to the fat man, indicating that it was time to stop fooling around and do something serious. It was easy to say just now, but I just wanted to relieve the excessive psychological pressure. When he reached the copper box, cold sweat broke out on his forehead and temples. Vajra umbrella and gas mask, even if it is a dangerous organ, I am not afraid, but in recent days I have seen a lot of horrible things, my heart suddenly became very fragile, just want to shout, vent the great pressure in my heart. I was afraid that there would be some horrible dead body in this copper box. It was very difficult for me to face the tragic situation of death again. It would drive me crazy. I took a deep breath, turned on the tactical spotlight on my mountaineering helmet, and looked at the golden staff in my hand. The outline of the two holes was the same as the head of the golden staff, with a dragon on the left and a tiger on the right. This two-headed gold staff is integrated, that is to say, Inflatable water obstacle course , only one of the dragon and tiger can be selected at a time, and it is impossible to insert the animal-shaped key at the same time, which is first and which is later.

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