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phpMyEdit Installation     Recommend [Xihuan] Love Method with Gods [Chuanshu]
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Girolamo     Založený: 01.02.2023   Príspevky: 12  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-02-01 02:08
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"A little bug is a little bug." Ryusia was pulled up by Mistri like a string doll, completely relaxed his strength and picked up by Mistri, "stink you too!" Mistri smiled and kissed Lucia on the cheek. "Well, I'll get you some water and take a good bath before you rest." Ryusia groaned and did not speak. She lay on the bed and watched Mistri pin the sleeves of his shirt as he walked to the bathroom. "Mistri." "Hm?" Mistry stopped and looked back at Ryusia. "What's the matter?" What is your real name? "My real name?" Mistri was stunned. "Why do you ask?" "It's nothing. I just want to ask suddenly." Ryusia replied softly, "Can't you tell me?" Mistri frowned for a moment. "It's not impossible, but it's not possible yet." Leucia jumped up from the bed and jumped on Mistri's back as his back pendant. "Why?" "Because you can't listen to it now." Mistri took hold of Lycia and walked slowly to the bathroom. "And, no matter what my name is, I will always be your Mistri." "Mmm." Lucia thought for a moment. "What were you doing every day before you met me?" "I was bored every day before I met you." With Lucia on his back, Mistri busily began to pack up the things for bathing. "It feels like there's nothing new in the world." Lyucia lay on Mistri's back and listened to him in silence about his past. I don't like humans, and I don't like gods.. I can't say I don't like it. I'm just not interested in anything. Mistri's voice was very gentle, as calm as a fairy tale, but what he said was very cold: "Even if the world is destroyed, liquid bottle filling machine , it has nothing to do with me." Ryusia encircled Mistri's neck and asked in a low voice, "Will you lose interest in me one day?" "Of course not." Mistry answered at once. Really Ryusia's voice was uncertain. Of course, you are the loveliest Lucia. How can you have such an idea? Mistri listened to the small voice of Lucia and used all his human thinking ability to comfort him. "I'm still worried that you won't like me one day, because you humans change your mind really quickly." "I believe you." Said Ryusia softly. Did she really believe it? Mistri thought, Vegetable oil filling machine , but believe it or not, Ryusia is still unhappy today. Late at night. Ryusia had fallen asleep, and Mistri sat up in bed, the black mist condensing on his naked body and turning into a dark dress. Tonight, he has something to do. Walking to the door, Mistry suddenly thought of something, returned to the bedside, and a purple feather appeared in his hand. Mistry put the purple feather gently on the forehead of Ryusia, and the moment it touched Ryusia's forehead, liquid bottle filling machine , Blowing Filling Capping combiblock , the feather turned into a little bit of light, slowly melting into Ryusia's skin. Sweet dreams, Miss Lucius. Mistry said gently. This time, Mistry finally walked out of the hotel with peace of mind. In the dark of the night, Mistri's black body seemed to melt into the night, and he seemed to walk carelessly but purposefully on the streets of Lloyd. Soon, his footsteps stopped. The night was deeper, and Mistri's figure had completely disappeared into the night. The voice of a man and a woman came from the alley next to it. Really? Will Your Majesty fall in love with me if I do as you say? "Of course." The man's voice was full of temptation. "As you can see, after using my medicine, did Farina become more beautiful?" The woman did not speak for a while, as if after a long struggle, she finally made up her mind: "OK, I promise you!" " "This is a wise decision. When you become queen, I hope you will remember this little agreement between us." "I will. Where's the medicine?!" Here it is.
"The man answered with a smile," But it's useless to use medicine only. You have to plant this seed and water it with your own blood every day to become more beautiful. " "I know!" The cloaked figure ran out of the alley and came to the side of the carriage. The carriage began to move. Mistri strolled again, not walking fast, but walking easily close to the carriage. After a while, Tanuman appeared beside Mistri. "I didn't expect you to come here." "Mmm." Mistry and the carriage went into a rich courtyard and watched the woman come down. "It's rare to come to Lloyd. I came to see the progress." "After all, this is not the main stage, and the unfolding programs are all minor supplements." Tanuman said lightly, watching the woman bury a seed in her back garden. To be honest, I'm not interested in this play anymore. Mistry sighed. "But anyway, I still want to see the end of this story." "Are you not involved in the development of the plot?" Tanuman was a little surprised. "After all, the protagonist this time is Miss Lucia's brother. If she fails, Miss Lucia will be sad." "Of course it won't fail." Mistri's expression is bored and tired. "The plot you wrote is really old-fashioned, but if the result is fixed, it will be even more boring." "That's why some variables have been added this time." Tanuman replied, "Don't you like it, Beverage packing machine , too?" "I do like Lycia." Replied Mistry. Chapter 124 After enjoying a play that was better than nothing, Mistri returned to the hotel where he had stayed. He walked into the room with the cool air of the night and found Lucia sleeping obediently, with her eyebrows stretched and a shallow smile on her face. It seems that I did have a good dream.

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