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Dellucci     Založený: 01.02.2023   Príspevky: 10  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-02-01 02:01
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After a night without words, the family had a good night's sleep in a clean, soft and comfortable bed. When Jia San got up in the morning, he rubbed out a pink grain again. Three times in a row, Jia Ying was dull again. He also knew that this thing was probably a little fastidious. It was probably one of the sequelae of the old man's experiment on him. At that moment, he found a small cloth bag and put the pink grain in it. By the way, what about yesterday? Jia San remembered that he had stuffed himself into the belt, but yesterday the suit had already been carried by Jia's mother as garbage to the servant, and now it must be impossible to find it back. Forget it, plus three big heart, can not find back simply do not look for. The tailor's and shoemaker's apprentices arrived early the next morning. Measure the same size and add the family to the restaurant for breakfast. Jia San saw the aristocratic girl in the dining room, and the girl was eating breakfast quietly. Gassan went to the kitchen to find Aunt Marlene, who was very efficient and told him that she had reported the matter to the housekeeper, who also said that if the amount needed was not very large, it would be no problem and there was no need to repay it. Garzo did not refuse the steward's offer, Grey Marble Slab , but he had made up his mind that he would double his capital to the count, whether he earned or lost. It's not much, and at first we just tried it. Add three and tell Marlene the list of raw materials he needs. Aunt Marlene, hearing that he really didn't need much, smiled and said that breakfast would be ready as soon as he finished. Aunt Marlene, do you have a special steamer? "Steamer?" Add three strokes to show Marlene, Silver Travertine Slabs , who shook her head to show that she had never seen anything like it. Add three helpless, "Well, do you have a frying pan?"? It has to be covered. "This one has.". Are you going to fry the steak? But I see you didn't ask for steak on your list. No, not a steak. What our family is going to do is my grandmother's family food. Add three mysterious faces that I want to keep secret. Aunt Marlene poked him in the head and laughed. "All right, my little magician, whatever you want, as long as we have it.". Do you need anything else? Need to borrow the kitchen? Jia San was very moved, but they didn't want to add any more trouble to the kitchen, so they declined Marlene's kindness and asked the servant to send the raw materials directly to their guest room. A frying pan and a stove. We'll come down and get them later. And please prepare a bag of coal for me. Thank you very much, Aunt Marlene. Gassan lifted his foot and gave Aunt Marlene, who was bending over to prepare the food, Pietra Gray Marble , Marble Granite Price , a kiss on the cheek. It's protocol here. He doesn't mind doing as the Romans do. Who doesn't like a cute, polite and good-looking child? Aunt Marlene smiled and prepared a full breakfast for Jiasan herself. Free novel, no popup novel network, txt download, please remember the ant reading network 28. A new home for my family. One second to remember: small? Say the net , update fast, read for free! As agreed, Aunt Marlene asked the servant to send the food materials needed by Jiasan to the second floor after Jiasan finished his breakfast. Jia's mother smiled and curled her eyes as soon as she opened the bag of noodles. Aunt Marlene provided the family with fine white flour from which the bran had been removed, and a lump of leaven yeast for white bread. Jia's mother rushed to say that she had come to knead the dough, and immediately rolled up her sleeves and began to work. Aunt Marlene prepared all the tools for her, and her mother poured the flour into the basin and poured the right amount of water into the basin from the drinking bucket in the bathroom. Add grandma sniffed nose, also cannot help praising: "This face is really good, it is new face for certain, a thick wheat fragrance." Jia's father did not want to sit still and worked with his grandmother to deal with vegetables and meat paste. Jia's grandmother conveniently scooped up a few glasses of water from the drinking water bucket for everyone to drink. Jia San did not object. People here are used to drinking cold water. Drinking hot water is too troublesome. He drank it when he got up in the morning. The taste of drinking water here is similar to that of mineral water, and it tastes a little sweet. It's no problem to drink raw water with such water quality. After drinking the water, Grandma Jia couldn't help saying, "I wanted to say last night that everything is good here, but the water tastes much better than that in Hunter Village." Laugh with your family. They all feel the same way.
Jia's father felt the most obvious. He felt that maybe he had a good rest last night, maybe he had eaten well these two meals. In short, he felt that his limbs were much more flexible than a day ago. It took time to make the dough, just as Kenneth's housekeeper sent someone to take them to choose the fields. When the family of four heard that it was such a big event, they could not sit still, and their father kept up with it even if it was inconvenient to move. The Wilsons were there. When Henry saw the third coming down, he seemed to want to talk to him, but he dragged his brother aside awkwardly. Mel thought it was funny. He wanted the two families to get along well, including Henry and Jiasan. In the past, Mel only thought that Jiasan was an ordinary weak child who was easy to bully, but after a few days, Mel no longer thought so. He saw in Jiasan that he was decisive, ruthless and visibly strong. The most important thing was the importance he attached to his family and the loyalty to his friends. Mel hopes that Gassan and Henry can really treat each other as friends, so that they can rely on each other in the magician's world in the future. He was also very relieved about the character of Gansan. Yesterday, Gansan was able to offend a viscountess and another magician seed for Henry. He would surely take care of Henry in the future. Fortunately, Jia San did not know what Mel was thinking, otherwise he would have said to Mel, "You think too much.". He wasn't helping Henry at all, he was just annoyed to see someone in the way and kept nagging. Kenneth, Porcelain Marble Slabs , the butler, was very kind to prepare two carriages, and the place they were going to was located outside the city.

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