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Dellucci     Založený: 01.02.2023   Príspevky: 10  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-02-01 02:00
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Came to the young man said Changan bar, the door stood two rows of beautiful girls with rich makeup, this seems to be no different from the ancient JingLou, see a car Ye Wudao a line of people, the girl immediately glasses light up, immediately a tall beauty with the first eyes frivolous Zhao Baokun into the bar, this Changan bar is a good grade disco, points on the second floor, Space layout is more reasonable, decoration has also made a lot of efforts, generally speaking, Li Zhenping and Xu yuanqing, who had no hope, were satisfied. When giving Zhao Baokun the list of drinks, the girl with a hot figure instinctively turned to the page of red wine with a price ranging from six or seven hundred to thousands. When Zhao Baokun wanted to order a few bottles casually, Ye Wudao smiled at the girl, took the list of drinks, browsed it at random, and said: "Just give us a few bottles of beer, Yanjing, temperature scanning kiosks , Snowflake." The girl said, obviously a little unacceptable. For one thing, the customer's order was directly linked to her income. For another, she didn't think about how this group of people who looked very rich just drank beer. But realizing her gaffe, the waitress quickly put on a professional smile and stayed away from their sight. Brother Leaf, do you think that bastard dares to come tonight? Liao Bi grinned. Come here Ye Wudao asserted, squinting at the swaying body on the dance floor in the center of the bar. In fact, facial recognization camera , not only came, but many, many people came. How much is a lot? Two hundred, to be exact. The name of the fifth volume moves Beijing Chapter 127, but for the reason of the monarch, pondering to this day. Bars seem to be born with an indissoluble bond with the night. The night sky of the city of debauchery has gradually become inseparable from bars, and the urbanites in the steel forest are even more inseparable from bars. Beijing is the place with the largest number of bars in the cities of the country. The bars in Beijing are not as delicate and sad as those in Shanghai and as lively and complicated as those in Guangzhou. There is a strange combination of iron lute and red tooth jade plate. Watching Tigress sitting outside the bar drinking with Zhao Baokun, Ye Wudao just drank leisurely, the difference between people is that ordinary people drink only thinking about the taste difference between the two kinds of beer, while Ye Wudao is thinking about the final direction of the beer war between Yanjing and Snow, while Li Zhenping is sending text messages to his fiancee. Xu yuanqing remembered the familiar face under the brilliant fireworks in Chengdu, knowing that it was not her, but it was so similar that he looked up and drank up a bottle of wine and continued to drink alone. There are many students. After sending the text message, Li Zhenping said with emotion that as the Secretary-General of the Shanghai Municipal Committee, outdoor digital signage displays , digital whiteboard price , he naturally had no less contact with the documents on the construction of spiritual civilization, and many of them were about the moral culture of young people, so he was a little touched. Like college love, it belongs to a group of people who have no economic ability, but it just feeds a large group of people. Ye Wudao shrugged his shoulders. It would be interesting if Aunt Yang went to Shanghai. Li Zhenping joked that the rapid decline of the Shanghai Gang meant that the position of the local princes, which was originally regarded as the most stubborn, had broken a gap. If Yang Ningbing set foot in Shanghai at the time of the big shuffle, it would be a very interesting political event, but not to say that Li Lao did not agree, even Su Cunyi would not nod, after all, it was too dangerous. In politics, no matter how talented you are and how deep your background is, the worst thing is to take risks and be radical. Ye Wudao shook his head. It's just a zero probability event. About the Green Gang. Li Zhenping does not know whether to export or not, after all, the government's attitude towards gangsters has never been any suspense. As a veteran gangster in Shanghai, the Subang has not made less mistakes during this period. If the Subang without checks and balances is still in trouble, the government will no longer remain silent. Turbulence is sure to be stable, and then the Subang will be on the right track, not to add trouble to the government, even if it really adds trouble, it will not let the government down. Ye Wudao did not say the words to death, in fact, today's Shanghai is already a plain help sitting on the earth situation, also can not toss a big event. Li Zhenping nodded. In fact, it is really convenient for him to be in Shanghai because of the Jingbang which is controlled by Ye Ye. Which official doesn't have a little black box operation? The only difference is how your wrist is. You can find Zhang Zhanfeng if you have something to do.
As long as you don't let him jump into the Huangpu River, I don't think there's any time he won't do it. Ye Wudao said meaningfully. Li Zhenping raised a knowing smile at the corners of his mouth and waited for this sentence. Will the leaves go our way in the future? Xu yuanqing finally opened his mouth, although he poured a lot of wine, but his mind was still absolutely clear. He has always been a man who knows how to restrain his desires, which is most appreciated by the elders who stare at their generation. It's hard to say, but the only certainty is that it won't happen at present. Ye Wudao intentionally or unintentionally looked at Gou Ling, who was sitting beside him as quiet as autumn water. I don't know why I think of the same persistent girl in Ye's villa, Liu Qinger, a persistent girl like grass. A persistent woman seems to be more interesting than a confident woman. Ye Wudao touched the bottle with Xu yuanqing and drank it up in one breath. The scene of demons dancing on the dance floor and the deafening crazy music made him very quiet. The more noisy he was, the more stable his mood was. This was the same as the calmer he was in the more dangerous situation. He took another bottle of wine from Gou Ling. Ye Wudao looked at a figure with long hair and almost waist-length on the dance floor, and inadvertently thought of Ye Yin's bosom friend who had given him Xuanyuan. It's time to catch up with my "old lover". I already owe her two favors. If the leaf is an official, it's not just a red-top businessman. Li Zhenping laughed, after all, this leaf also has a prince's identity, plus the president of Shinhwa Group, that is the triple identity. Let's drink a bottle! Ye Wudao suggested. Yeah! Liao Bi, who was almost crazy about drinking with Zhao Baokun, was so excited that he jumped up from his position as soon as he heard that Ye Wudao was going to do it. Have a bottle, too. How can you not drink in the future? After lifting the bottle, interactive whiteboard prices , Ye Wudao found that Gou Ling just looked at them with a silent smile. The gradually mature and detached temperament made her have a taste that she had never had before. She was cold to the world, cruel to herself, and lonely and beautiful. Ye Wudao handed her something this time.

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