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phpMyEdit General     Yan's daughter
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Dellucci     Založený: 01.02.2023   Príspevky: 10  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-02-01 01:59
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On the eighth day of the first lunar month in the fourth year of Taizhi, the sound of the death knell was heard far away from the palace, which seemed to contain the ancient power from the wilderness, heavy and sad. The people in the capital all looked at the sky, and the emperor of the Song Dynasty, their king, died. The city is full of funerals, and a vast expanse of white plain city. Although the Duke of Yan had been summoned to the palace a few days earlier, grief could not be avoided with a premonition. The long princess had a sad face, but she still straightened her back. Yan Bingchu sat silently beside her and accompanied her through this sad moment. In the evening, Yan Bingchu accompanied Princess Yongyuan to live in the palace. She stood in plain clothes under the corridor of the palace, listening quietly to the sobs coming from the room. The night wind, though cold, is refreshing. Princess. Behind him came the call of a small yellow door. Yan Bingchu looked back and said, "a girl wants to see you." Following his instructions, Yan Bingchu saw Wang Shuli standing not far away and pursed her lips. "If the long princess asks, remember to say it for me." "Yes." "How is your body?" Wang Shuli naturally came forward to hold her arm, "I'm too busy these days to see you." The wind is light and the clouds are light. Pretty good, smart whiteboard price , "Yan Bingchu smiled.". The two of them walked in silence for a while. Before he left, he arranged everything. Wang Shuli suddenly opened her mouth. For her, perhaps the only person in the world who could listen to her was the one beside her. "The two princesses married far away in the Western Xia, and the three princesses went with them. This was the best ending for a daughter of an imperial concubine who was demoted to a commoner." "What about you?" Yan Bingchu blinked. I have enough money. Wang Shuli suddenly smiled, "and real estate, all in my name, face recognition identification , even if I live a few generations can be carefree." You.. Will you miss him? Yan Bingchu swallowed her throat, a little nervous, wondering why she suddenly wanted to hear the answer, perhaps for the dead emperor, perhaps for the people in front of her, perhaps for herself. This is the best time for me. Wang Shuli grinned, "Actually, my aunt is the person he loves most in his life." Yan Bingchu was surprised. What you can't get and what you lose is always the most precious. Her voice in the night wind with a touch of sadness, "no one can avoid vulgarity, even if he arches the world, is the supreme 95." She paused. "I look like my aunt." "Is that why you don't want to be a concubine in the palace?" "No, it isn't." Wang Shuli sighed a long sigh, "it's my own reason.". My feelings can not bear, facial recognition thermometer , digital signage screen , I am afraid I will change, if I change, is no longer what he remembers, perhaps even that distance can not be achieved. It's really painful. Yan Bingchu sighed shallowly, "are you going?"? I don't think you'll stay in Jingli. This city, touch is her memory of him, everyone can remind her of this impossible relationship. Wang Shuli smiled at her. "Would you mind taking me in for a while?" She looked down at her stomach. "He has three women in his life, my aunt, the empress, and Princess Yongyuan." She reached out and touched Yan Bingchu's stomach. "He was born as the great-grandson of the eldest princess. He was looking forward to it. I wanted to watch it for him.". And for myself, you know, I.. I like you very much. Yan Bingchu smiled and took her arm and put his head on her shoulder. "The last sentence really scared me." Yan Bingchu laughed, "but I'm very happy." "It's getting late, and I'm going to mourn tomorrow. I'm afraid your body can't stand it. Go back to rest early." Wang Shuli shook her hand. Yan Bingchu nodded, and they walked slowly back. When they were about to separate, Wang Shuli heard Yan Bingchu say quickly in her ear, "You are the fourth." Wang Shuli looked back and saw the plain figure surrounded by the crowd. She smiled. The truth would never be known, but she was happy to think that she was the fourth important woman in his life. (To be continued). If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point of mobile phone network (qidian. CN) subscription, reward, your support is my greatest motivation.
) Chapter 154 Charging section (8 points) Chapter 154 When Yan Bingchu sat in the side hall, he could hear the sound of crying in the palace. It was the civil and military officials and the women who had been ordered to mourn in the palace. She was accompanied by Wang Shuli and Song Yue, who took the initiative to enter the palace and asked to accompany her. "Sister Chu owes me an explanation," she said. "I got married after the National Funeral. I just came for peace of mind." She said frankly, and Yan Bingchu could only sigh helplessly. The new emperor had not yet held a grand ceremony, and was leading the officials of the imperial clan to cry in the coffin. "Yan Bingchu tried to persuade her to sit in the hall." I'm afraid you won't be able to see her these days. " Song Yue heard no longer reluctantly, then sat beside her, casually took the cake on the table into his mouth, delicate eyebrows slightly wrinkled, seems to be thoughtful. Yan Bingchu also pinched his nose and, under Wang Shuli's exhortation, poured down the greasy tonic soup. For a moment, his mouth was so uncomfortable that it didn't work to gargle, so he didn't want to talk and passed the time with the book in his hand. The sound of panicked footsteps broke the silence of the room. Yan Bingchu looked up at the man, but he was startled. He immediately got up. Bai Hua stepped forward and held the figure that was about to rush over. Young madam, young madam, save my empress quickly. The pale servant girl was the green beside the imperial concubine. She knelt on the ground with red eyes. Yan Bingchu did not know what had happened. She looked around quickly. The hall was full of reliable maids. She asked in a low voice, "What's wrong with the empress?" Ying Lu shivered and cried, "Niang." Niang hanged herself with silk and hung it on the beam. Fortunately, she found it early, face recognition identification kiosk , but now she still doesn't wake up. The maidservant did not dare to do so, so she could only sneak into the side hall to look for the young lady. Song Yue exclaimed, a little flustered.

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