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phpMyEdit Installation     Reborn Princess of the Shang Dynasty
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Agostino     Založený: 01.02.2023   Príspevky: 11  
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Zhu Jingfeng replied, "One month, two months in a row, three months in total. I spent thirteen days on the road when I came." "Mrs. Wang nodded thoughtfully for a moment and asked," When Brother Le takes up his post, will he take Ah Niang with him? " After hearing this, Zhu Jingfeng was stupefied and said, Ah Niang, you have lived in the capital for many years, so you don't have to accompany your son on the road. Niang can rest assured that when her son leaves this time, he will arrange the house properly, and it will never happen again. Also, the third elder sister is also in the capital, a Niang is in the capital, can take care of each other with the third elder sister, the son is also at ease outside. Mrs. Wang thought about it and said with a sigh, "All right then.". Tomorrow, Brother Le will go to Qinyuan to thank the Fourth Master of the Bai Family and Doctor Qin. Ah Niang was able to escape death this time, thanks to the rescue of the Fourth Master of the Bai Family and Doctor Qin. Zhu Jingfeng nodded, "OK, Ah Niang can rest assured that her son will arrange these things.". Mother said for a long time, rest first. Mrs. Wang was weak, and when she said a few words, a thin layer of sweat covered her forehead. So he nodded obediently, "All right!" Zhu Jingfeng wiped away Mrs. Wang's sweat with a veil and got up to help her lie down. "" Brother Le, "said Mrs. Wang," I'll sleep for a while. If you have something to do, you can go to work. Zhu Jingfeng helped Mrs. Wang straighten the quilt. "Well, 65 inch touch screen ," he said, nodding. "Ah Niang is at ease to sleep, the son is in the wing, something Ah Niang calls out, the son immediately comes over." Mrs. Wang nodded and closed her eyes with peace of mind. When Zhu Jingfeng saw that Mrs. Wang had closed her eyes, he turned around and went out of the inner room. He said to the woman in the outer room, "Madam, take a rest. Don't go in and disturb Madam. Just stay in the outer room.". When he heard something in the inner room, he came to inform me. The woman quickly nodded. When Zhu Jingfeng returned to the wing, Jixiang, electronic board for classroom , Taihe and Ruyi were already waiting in the room. When Taihe saw Zhu Jingfeng coming in, he knelt down with a "splash" and said, "Sir, the little one is useless. He didn't guard the mansion for me. The little one asked me to punish him." Zhu Jingfeng went straight to the top and sat down, and the atmosphere in the room seemed to congeal. Auspicious and Ruyi eyes watch nose, nose watch heart stand on the side, they know, a lot of things happened in the house, the lady also almost died, Ye is very angry. Just when they thought Zhu Jingfeng was going to punish Taihe, they heard Zhu Jingfeng say softly, "Get up. I was careless this time. I don't blame you." Taihe raised his head with trepidation and looked at Zhu Jingfeng with some trepidation. Jixiang raised his foot and kicked his buttocks, reminding him, "I want you to get up.". Stupid! Hurry up and thank you. Taihe came to his senses and kowtowed to Zhu Jingfeng. "Thank you, sir." Then he stood up quickly. Jixiang immediately stepped forward and said, "Sir, the younger one has gone to investigate. It was a man-made thing that Yangguan went into the water. The person in charge of the duty was confused and left outside the yard beforehand.". Compared with the destruction suffered by the Bai family in Qinyuan, the method is not the same. The Bai family not only destroyed the shop, but also injured the staff. No one was hurt in Yangguan. Obviously, the other side only wanted to destroy things and did not want to hurt people. Zhu Jingfeng listened carefully and did not interrupt Jixiang. Jixiang looked at Zhu Jingfeng's face as he spoke. Seeing that Zhu Jingfeng motioned him to continue, interactive whiteboard for schools , interactive whiteboards in the classroom , he went on to say, "There is something strange about this Yangguan incident." The Yangguan storeroom was a pile of goods, all of which were the stock of the shops that the third young lady had given to Wang Yeh. Pingyang, not far from Yangguan, was also the storehouse of the third young lady's shop, and there was no damage to Pingyang. By the way, the little one found out that yesterday afternoon, Fan Lou was visited by a group of people to cause trouble. It was said that the troublemaker pretended to be a rich family in Zhan Shifu. And that group of people seemed to be the dead soldiers raised by Wang Ye. The little one found out that Wang Ye's base in the suburbs was destroyed last night. Before that, Qin Fengyang of Rongyuanbo Mansion was in charge of the affairs of Wang Ye's base. After Rongyuanbo's family went to the north, Mr. Zhong, an aide, took over the affairs of the base. The younger one sent someone to search all over the capital, but he didn't find Mr. Zhong. Ordinarily, there were so many things in the capital last night that Mr. Zhong should have appeared in the palace of the Prince of Jin today. By the way, the people on Wang Ye's side seem to be looking for Mr. Zhong, too. Zhu Jingfeng leaned back in his chair and his eyes fell on the chest of drawers behind Jixiang. After a while, he said faintly, "There's no need to look for it. Zhong Jiangtao may have been killed." The other three people in the room looked at Zhu Jinfeng in surprise.
Ruyi couldn't help asking, "Sir, who will kill Mr. Zhong?" Zhu Jingfeng shook his head, "I don't know, who the king of Jin offended, who may harm Zhong Jiangtao, the warehouse of Yangguan, will not be on fire for no reason, he provoked others, others will fight back.". It serves him right. Jixiang asked in surprise, "Sir, is it possible that the Bai family did it in the warehouse at Yangguan?" Ruyi was suddenly enlightened and nodded, "No wonder, Princess Yangguan's warehouse is flooded, but Pingyang, not far away, is fine.". The other side is also fierce, knowing that the shop supplied by the warehouse of Yangguan was pulled out by the princess to Wang Ye. It seems that the other side knows everything about the palace of the Prince of Jin. Zhu Jingfeng took over the words, "the matter of Yangguan is not necessarily done by the Bai family.". But one thing is certain, the other side stands on the side of the Bai family, and knows the Jin Wang Fu like the palm of his hand. "If Yang Guan is destroyed, his way of making money will be cut off. Without the support of silver, he will not be able to give birth to so many thoughts." At this point, Zhu Jingfeng turned to Ruyi and said, "You've been keeping an eye on the shops Third Sister has given him these days.". In a few years, he was down and out to move the third sister's dowry, and it can be imagined that he was trapped. If he doesn't have any silver, he may give birth to the idea of setting up a shop. In that case, you will continue to set up a shop. Ruyi nodded, "OK, the little one wrote it down." After ordering Ruyi, Zhu Jingfeng turned to Jixiang and said, "You can go to the storehouse later to choose some good gifts, and come with me to Qinyuan tomorrow.". Mother was safe this time, thanks to Brother Li and Doctor Qin. Without the help of the Bai family, mother might have been gone last night. Jixiang nodded repeatedly and said, "OK, the little one is going to get ready." Zhu Jingfeng nodded, "well, you go, Taihe stays to take care of his wife, I go out." Taihe stood up and was about to nod when there was a shrill clamor in the yard, "Zhu Jingfeng, you son of a bitch, interactive panels for education , you come out with me!" Tai He shouted nervously, "Sir, the master is back." Zhu Jingfeng stood up and angrily crossed Taihe and walked out.

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