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Fanucci     Založený: 13.01.2023   Príspevky: 11  
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As soon as the voice fell the thunder and lightning on this side suddenly began to bounce trying to see what was behind the strange pile This is a funny move at this time the other three people are not laughing the Blue River hurriedly asked "What is the situation" "The strange gathering is quite beautiful!" Said the thunder and lightning Oh Blue River also has the impulse to jump to see but as one of the five masters of Lanxi Pavilion the president of the tenth district or to maintain a little identity so lightly asked "How to get together" "How do I know It's a strange mess anyway" Thunder and lightning were jumping and talking and suddenly everyone heard a series of claps Fallen Flowers Damn it this slap is so cool! Thunder and lightning shouted the other three people also saw the front of the goblins all of a sudden chaos this record of falling flower palm I do not know how many goblins flew inverted flying out of the big stick goblin hit the long-range goblin behind all of a sudden fell a large Four people's field of vision suddenly opened up see in front of the strange pile of Jun Mo Xiao right hand behind the spear left hand pushed in front of the body skirt fluttering but also to maintain the shape of the falling flower palm surrounded by all the goblins This moment of the picture did not even stay for a second but Jun Mo Xiao this moment of the mighty shape is suddenly imprinted in the minds of four people But the next second the goblins were already up fearlessly ready to rush up again Jun Moxiao jumped up thunder and lightning took the time to complain "Why is he going to fly over" Result "He flew he really flew" Thunder and lightning cried with tears streaming down their faces Jun Moxiao who was facing them jumped up and turned 180 degrees Then a gun was fired and the man suddenly flew backwards towards them Blue River they are all knowledgeable people ah it can be seen at once that this is the air movement Environment technology of gunmen firing in the air using the recoil of firearms to make the characters fly upside down in the air The greater the recoil of the firearm the farther it flies upside down Jun Moxiao this is at least a rifle above the level an inverted fly directly from the top of the head of the strange pile through landing but ran behind four people The goblins turned around crazily and the tide was about to come but it was the Blue River Four who were facing them Four people are a big sweat then heard the voice of Jun Mo Xiao "Dharma master attack Xiu Lulu ready to release" Several people hurriedly stare at a look frightened At this moment the goblins who turned over and chased crazily the long-range ones stayed in place to attack and the melee ones were on their way to this side All the mobs just hugged together and hugged together It was absolutely the best time for a group attack First watch to Thanks to Slacker who lent me the game account! Volume 1 Chapter 37 a Wave of Flow (Part Two) "Come on attack!" Blue River hurriedly called The most difficult part of a wave of monsters was actually completed by this unprofessional guy but it's not so easy to wipe out this pile of monsters at one time It's impossible for two mages to brush them all with one spell Thunder lightning and cloud return dare not neglect one with flame impact the other with snowstorm Each of the two spells belongs to two different departments China Manufacturers Although they are skills of the same level their effects are different Fire law is about explosive force once the flame impact is released a flame law array is ignited at the foot of the goblin "Teng" a sound the soaring flame rises from the ground more than three meters high Goblins were impacted suddenly floating up screaming and writhing under the impact of flames but this skill is not fireworks Teng a pillar of fire rushed up for a second goblins have followed to fall to the ground the snowstorm has been at this time "clatter" to fall up hail mixed with snow all have the size of steamed buns Hit the goblins mercilessly The attack of the flame impact is just like that but the snowstorm lasts for four seconds with an average of one drop per second In terms of total damage the snowstorm is higher but the instantaneous output is obviously more fierce flame impact which is the respective characteristics of ice and fire Xiululu! Ye Xiu shouted Zhiyue Qingcheng had already made preparations hurriedly threw "Xiu Lu Lu" out accurately which was the center of the strange pile
This "Xiululu" is a doll like thing which has a mocking effect on monsters within a radius of 2 meters forcing monsters to put hatred on it Of course these are not unconditional first of all the level of Xiululu can not be lower than the monster and secondly the ordinary Xiululu is ineffective against the elite BOSS Lord and other monsters and must be realized one by one with another passive skill of the magic way "Xiululu Improvement" At present the level of Zhiyue Qingcheng is not enough to learn "Xiululu Improvement" but her "Xiululu" is added with the level there is no problem in the level this throw all the goblins are running towards "Xiuluru" I can only hold it for a while! Zhiyue Qingcheng hurriedly shouted after throwing The effect of Xiululu is very long with a full 20 seconds but the problem Transportation is that this little doll doesn't have much life The monster is attracted to hatred of course not to watch but to attack With such a lot of goblins Xiululu will be smashed in an instant Of course there is also cooling for the flame impact of thunder and lightning and the snowstorm of cloud return One takes 6 seconds and the other takes 8 seconds At this time the two men are throwing their own single attack spells wildly In the face of such a large number of goblins they are obviously powerless Enough Ye Xiu said as he let Jun Mo laugh and rushed up With the effect of Xiululu the goblin becomes more neat Those in close combat have surrounded Xiululu and those in distant combat have begun to attack Xiululu Xiu Lulu came out for a second and was beaten to pieces But Jun Mo Xiao had already rushed into their bodies at this time the spear disappeared the left and right hands each held an oriental stick grabbed a goblin twist is a back fall The fall of the back spread out and the goblins fell down neatly The swordsman prepares the silver light to fall the blade! Get up and put it down Ye Xiu shouted Blue River who had not yet played was stunned when he heard the instruction but immediately reacted and rushed forward with a lightsaber All the goblins were getting up neatly and the Blue River had jumped into the air looking at the middle of the monster pushing the sword out with both hands as if the sword was flying and falling rapidly into the middle of the monster pile Swordsman Skill Silver Light Falling Blade

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