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Fanucci     Založený: 13.01.2023   Príspevky: 11  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-01-13 06:13
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"Of course, our brothers are here for their fame." "Oh, which girl?" "Lu Yeniang." "I'm sorry, Childe. Lu Yeniang is the boss here. She is not an ordinary girl. In fact, there are a lot of beautiful girls here. You can choose from the southern beauty, the northern Rouge, the ring fat swallow thin, especially the six Jiao in the east. Their beauty is not inferior to that of our boss." All right! Call to see. The old madam Zhang Dajiao immediately ordered the servant girls to invite him. After a moment, four of the six girls came to the east. Zhang Dajiao introduced them, saying, "Master, they are Yiqing, Rouchun, Weixi and Yidicui. You have seen the two Linghu sons." Each of these four girls has a beautiful face and a light body, and a drop of green is even more gorgeous, which should be a rare beauty in the world. The four of them gave the Linghu brothers a blessing and then slowly retreated. "Do you like it?" The old man asked with his feet wide open? Two young men. "Great," said Linghu Yubao. "The rumors in Jianghu are true." "Well.." said Zhang Dajiao. Which one does the Childe like? "I want a drop of jade," said Linghu Yubao. "What about you, Second Brother?" Linghu Yuhu also liked a drop of jade. Since he had been snatched by the jade leopard, he had to settle for the second best. He hesitated for a moment and said, "Pleasure. This girl seems to be good." Zhang Dajiao smiled and said, "It's more than that. Dongtou Liujiao is famous all over the world. If you miss this village, you won't be able to find another shop. Please, gentlemen." The Linghu brothers were taken away by two servant girls, and there were more and more guests, Inflatable water obstacle course , almost all of whom were martial arts figures. There are many girls in the east, and there are always twenty or thirty who can receive guests, but these twenty or thirty girls have the feeling of less porridge and more monks. According to common sense, this is nothing, everything has a first come first served, late to have to spend a little more time. But this kind of Jianghu high rollers is different, they do not have that patience, not to mention the magnanimity of tolerance, such a flying impetuous people gathered together, but also can not have an accident? The most important one is Shu Zhao. He is a proud disciple of Sha Pu, inflatable amusement park , the leader of the Beggars' Sect. He is young and vigorous, and he likes fishing. He only arrived in Xianyang for more than an hour, and he found Dongtou. At this time every girl has a guest, he arrived late, but also named to touch Jiao to serve, the steward Mo Lao said all the good words, he still refused to give up. In the end, he took two trusted followers and rushed to the backyard. Mo Lao couldn't stop him, so he had to let him go. Only in this way, he made a big mess, because he was not used to the sound of laughter, and kicked a door open. This is extremely rude and rude behavior, anyone can hardly swallow this cowardice, not to mention he also drove a clever word, the guest in the room is Linghu Yubao. Linghu family is full of fire, their eyes have always been born on the forehead, if there are people in the world dare to find fault with them, Inflatable bouncer , inflatable water slide , this person must be the God of longevity hanging neck, impatient to live. Today was an accident. The young leader of the Beggars' Sect found fault, but Shu Zhao never thought that the guest inside would be the third son of Linghu. The Beggars' Sect is not afraid of Linghu Family, but they don't want to make such a strong enemy easily. Although they have had several conflicts more or less in the past, none of them wants to have another accident in Xianyang City. So Shu Zhao was in a daze. He immediately hugged his fists and said, "I'm sorry, Third Childe. I didn't know it was you.." Linghu Yubao laughed wildly and said, "If you knew it was me, would you set fire to this house?"? Hum, you are too crazy, surnamed Shu, today committed in the hands of this childe will not forgive you! Shu Zhao's face sank and he said, "I'm not afraid of you. If you don't know what's good for you.." Shu Zhaoyuan was a very scheming man, and he clearly wanted to take the opportunity to embarrass Linghu Yubao, but he wanted to say that he was being wronged, so that once it came to his master's ears, he would not have to bear the charge of making trouble. He expected that Linghu Yubao would not give up. On the surface, he pretended as if nothing had happened, but in the dark, he had already gathered his strength. He did not guess wrong, and after a shout, a figure flew over.
"Cough, third Childe, I'm unintentional. I've already apologized to you. Why are you so serious?" He is dodging the attack, at the same time constantly debate, a pair of sharp eyes such as electricity but implies a fierce killing machine, as long as he finds the flaw, he will inevitably set up a killer. How could the arrogant and ignorant Linghu Yubao think of the immediate crisis? He thought that the Linghu family deterred the universe, and today he had to call Shu Zhao a disgrace. Flash more than 20 strokes, Linghu jade leopard out of the limelight, Shu Zhao seems to be overwhelmed, the situation appears to be very awkward. In the end, Linghu Yubao named the unique skill of "Double Axe Felling Mountain" in the palm method of this school. The two palms were separated and combined, and the cross chain was split. This kind of palm is not only abstruse and skillful, but also as powerful as a giant axe. Shu Zhao did not seem to think that the power of the other side's palm was so powerful that he turned over and fell to the ground with a cry of surprise. Linghu family prestige illustrious, Linghu jade leopard with a single palm method to knock down Shu Zhao can not be counted as an accident, the accident is in Shu Zhao fell at the same time, the three childe unexpectedly issued a cry, also followed Shu Zhao fell down. There were many spectators, but most of them were dumbfounded, wondering why Linghu Yubao would fall down after winning the victory. Whatever the reason, this battle Linghu family is planted, because Shu Zhao is only seriously injured, Linghu three childe can no longer climb up. Linghu Yubao was accompanied by his second elder brother. Unfortunately, Linghu Yuhu was drunk, and he was in another courtyard. When he sobered up, it was the end of the song, and he could not recover the pain. This was a fuse, and when it was ignited, it formed a situation that was difficult to deal with. Linghu Family wanted to avenge their son, but the Beggars' Sect said that they had made concessions again and again. At this time, they could not bear it any more. Therefore, the two world-famous sects had two large-scale fights in succession. As a result, the Beggars' Sect suffered great losses, and Linghu Family did not take much advantage. Now they are preparing for the third round of the confrontation, and the black and white in the city of Xianyang are almost involved together. This is really jittery, Inflatable mechanical bull , grass and trees are soldiers, heavy air pressure enveloped the city of Xianyang, make people a little breathless.

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