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Fanucci     Založený: 13.01.2023   Príspevky: 11  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-01-13 06:10
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"What's wrong?" Sheng Yao's heart is a little afraid, but also a little happy; afraid, perhaps Wang Feibi saw a terrible defect in his fate, happy, since he knows what the defect is, there should be a chance to make up! "Don't come any closer!" Wang Feibi was so frightened that he kicked over the chair and stopped Shengyao from pulling him up. Is my palm print weird? Where is it strange? Sheng Yao was suddenly afraid of his palm print and did not even dare to look at it. I'm sorry! I told you I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please go away! Wang Feibi cried hysterically, and tears almost fell down. In such a strange and horrible atmosphere, Shengyao himself trembled with fear. Fear seems to spread from the palm of the hand, into a magic object that can be touched, and what is more terrible is that it grows on its own body! "What should I do?" Sheng Yao had some difficulty breathing and asked loudly. Go, go, go! It's my fault! It's my fault! Wang Feibi begged, but did not take to his heels to run away. Could it be that his feet were weak? At this time, all the other fortune-tellers in the underpass gathered together. They were curious about how Wang Feibi, who had always been domineering, could have fallen to the ground and screamed. Could it be that the abduction of money had been exposed? Help me, uns s32750 sheet , everyone! Help me! Wang Feibi almost screamed. "What's all the fuss about?" Said the tall and thin old fortune-teller, glancing at Shengyao, who was sweating all over. A fat, bald-headed fortune-teller laughed. His name was Fat Bagua, and drawing charms to suppress evil spirits was his specialty. He said, "No matter how terrible it is, 316 stainless steel plate , it's only seven failures and nine defeats. Either it's a gathering of dead evil spirits, or at most it's a lonely star!". Wang Feibi, with a pale face, did not answer, but sought to flee the scene. Please help me.. Please help me Sheng Yao nervously opened his palms and raised them to his chest. "*** you!" Fat Bagua roared, quickly took out a stack of ghost charms from his bosom and scattered them to Shengyao. He jumped back and hit a fat bare head against the wall. My palm print is horrible? Help me! Sheng Yao was almost dizzy, especially in the fluttering butterflies. One of the other fortune-tellers closed his eyes and chanted sutras, one crazily made various Tantric handprints on his forehead, and one actually ran away, although he fell down as he ran. The only one who could be called calm was the tall and thin old fortune-teller, who, 321 stainless steel sheet , x56 line pipe , despite his trembling feet, looked like a tall man. Old man! You must save me! Sheng Yao cried and was about to prostrate himself at once. The old fortune-teller was shocked and shouted, "Don't kneel!"! I'll take a look for you! "Really?" Sheng Yao could not help but look happy. The old fortune-teller sighed and led Sheng Yao to his stall. "I'm no big deal," he said. "I'm not any better than the others in the same trade. I'm just better than my age." Sheng Yao thought to himself, "If you are a little older, you really have the demeanor of an outsider.". "It's no big deal that the old man lost a few days, huh?" The old fortune-teller laughed. In fact, he was scared to death in his heart, but he had a good heart. He could not bear the young man to face the terrible death alone. I.. I'm in the end ?」 Sheng Yao's lips turned white and he wiped his tears. He did not understand that he was not a bad guy, so why should he carry such a horrible motorcycle palm print. "You don't have a palm print." The old fortune-teller held the teacup and trembled. Before the teacup was ready, the tea spilled out of the cup. "I have!" Sheng Yao stared and confirmed his palm print with fear. The palmprint lies flat and steady in the palm, and the collaterals are clear. "That's not a palm print." The old fortune-teller took a deep breath and said with courage. "What else is it?" Sheng Yao's tears fell down again. "That is the face of the devil." The old fortune-teller's false teeth were quivering. The empty underpass suddenly blew a dark wind. Sheng Yao opened his mouth wide, sweat pattered on the wooden table, and the old fortune-teller moistened the cinnabar pen and motioned to Sheng Yao to open his palm. "This palm print is the face of a demon." The old fortune-teller used a cinnabar pen to draw an extremely horrible devil's face on Shengyao's palm along the vein of the palm print. Sheng Yao's left hand trembled violently, and the bright red cinnabar, like the brand of the call of death, burned deeply in his palm. But, boy, it's not the face we're afraid of, it's the desperate and horrible breath that comes out of your palm when you open it.
The old fortune-teller put down his cinnabar pen, closed his eyes, and said, "This is very direct. Anyone who has had a few years of spiritual practice can immediately detect it. That's why everyone is so afraid!" Can it be saved? I I have more ...... How many days to live? ?」 Sheng Yao bit his lip. "To die, you should already be a dead man." The old fortune-teller broke off his cinnabar pen and threw it into a paper basket beside him. "But, boy," he said, "such a desperate life has come to you, but you haven't been able to die yet. So there's a lot of truth in that." I see.. I ...... I don't think it makes any sense. !」 Shengyao is totally incomprehensible. The old fortune-teller said thoughtfully, "Tell me about you."? Anything you feel you should say. So Sheng Yao gave a brief account of his miserable life and added the horrible formula he had summed up. The old fortune-teller listened and felt nervous. He had heard nothing more strange than this in his life. It was much more terrible than any fierce ghost. "That's all." Sheng Yao himself was horrified and said, "Can I be saved?"? Or should I just kill myself? "I don't know. I've been running a stall here for more than 20 years, and this is the first time I've seen this kind of evil palm print and this kind of life." The old fortune-teller said honestly, "Maybe if I look through a few books these days and study them, I can get some guesses. The longer you live, the more you can corroborate my guesses." Unable to hold back, Sheng Yao said in a loud voice, "Can't you give me some advice now?"? Or draw some amulets and stick them on me? Or cut off my palm! "None of that will help, 347 stainless steel ," said the old fortune-teller. "You can't get rid of it except by dying." "I'm sorry," said Sheng Yao, who had lost his temper. 。

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