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phpMyEdit Configuration     Bodhi Plunder-Dugu Red _ txt Novel Paradise
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Palerma     Založený: 13.01.2023   Príspevky: 12  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-01-13 06:04
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Zhang Yihu said with a sneer, "But don't forget, my binding has been loosened, my hands are free to take the initiative, and my body is not subject to other prohibitions!" De Rong said with a smile, "You should also see clearly that besides the head guard of the Jiumen Prefect's Office beside you, there are five tiger generals under my command outside the hall." As soon as Zhang Yihu's face changed, he kept silent. Suddenly, he flew up without a sound and kicked Ah Buduo in the lower abdomen. "You're asking for it, sir," said De Jong with a smile. "I'll leave it to you." A Buduo should "obey the order", the body moves horizontally, a flash then evades that leg, the single palm is upright like a knife, cold hum oblique wave, cut to Zhang Yihu that kicks out the leg. You've been taken in! With a sneer, Zhang Yihu let go of his legs and clapped his hands. He hit Abdo's head on his neck, forcing Abdo to lower his head and avoid it. But Zhang Yihu suddenly gave another sharp laugh and fluttered back. He rushed to the hall door like lightning. He was really going to slip away. At the right moment, however, five figures stood across the door of the hall, blocking the way, each as majestic as a God. Dai Yong shouted, "Where are you going? Why don't you see where this is?" With a wave of a single palm, the cattail fan-like palm clapped in the void. Afraid of the power of Dai Yong, 12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm , Zhang Yihu did not dare to take the sharp edge lightly. Just as he was waiting to dodge, Ah Tong and Qi Timu, who were around Dai Yong, shouted angrily and put their palms together. They did not allow him to dodge, forcing him to withdraw and return. As soon as he retreated, he heard a cold hum behind him. A Buduo had already followed him. He turned pale with fright and wanted to turn around to resist the enemy. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his back waist and eyes. His whole body was out of strength and his limbs were weak. He could no longer stand. His body shook and he fell to the ground with a bang. The five tigers followed with Hatai and kicked him in the thigh, "Bah!" With a sudden sound, his leg bone was broken. He screamed out in pain and immediately fainted. When he woke up again, brushless gear motor , he was lying in front of De Jong again. Although the pain in his leg had stopped, his leg was numb and unconscious. It seemed that life was not his. Then he saw a Buduo standing aside coldly, while the five tiger generals stood side by side behind him. One of his legs was useless, and it was difficult for him to move. He immediately became cold, and his face was ashen. At the right moment, De Jong smiled and said, "I said you can't walk!"! How Although Zhang Yihu was a cripple, his ferocity was not diminished. The eagle stared at him and said in a harsh voice, "Don't talk nonsense. I will cut myself to pieces." De Jong raised his eyebrows and said, "What a hard bone! I'd like to see if you're a King Kong made of iron or an arhat poured with copper. A Buduo, give him a taste of the wrong bones and tendons!" A Buduo answered and clapped his hands to grab it. But suddenly listen to Zhang Yihu a stuffy hum, suddenly face livid, covering the stomach rolling all over the ground, a leg kicking, full of teeth clenched. De Rong and others were stunned. Before they could figure out what was going on, Zhang Yihu suddenly screamed again. His limbs were twitching, his seven orifices were bleeding, Planetary Gear Motor , gear reduction motor , and his body twitched again. After that, he was silent and motionless. It was obvious that he was dead, and his death was very tragic. He was very afraid of people. Several people turned pale with fright and froze for a long time before they came to their senses. Ji Ze hurriedly said: "Baylor, this is..." With a frosty mask, De Jong snorted coldly and said, "What a cruel heart! What a poisonous means! This tiger has taken a slow poison in advance, and has died of the poison so far. We want a dead man, and we haven't asked anything at all!" Ji Ze was suddenly enlightened, and before he could speak, Dai Yong gave a loud shout and turned to walk out. De Jong promptly shouted, "Stop, Dai Yong. What are you going to do?" Dai Yong stopped and turned around. "Sir," he said, "Dai Yong is looking for them." "It's nonsense," said De Jong. "Do you know who did it?" Dai Yong snorted and said, "Who else could there be besides those people in the Hekun Mansion?" "Of course they're the only ones," said De Jong, "but what evidence do you have against them? Don't make trouble for me, I don't want to be bitten by them! Dai Yong did not speak again, nor did he dare to move again. "Baylor," said Ji Ze, "if they ask us for someone again.." As soon as De Rong's face changed, he raised his eyebrows and said, "Kill him. It's no big deal to kill a fugitive in Jianghu who falsely accuses Beijing officials." In fact, only to say so, Ji Ze frowned and did not speak again.
De Rong snorted and said, "Now it seems that this matter is not simple. I have to think of a way to make it clear as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be very troublesome in the future. Ji Ze, apart from burying this tiger, you don't have to ask about other things. You can do what you should do as your nine prefects. I'm leaving and waiting for my news at any time!" Then he got up and left his seat and led the five tigers out of the hall. Ji Ze also knew that the situation was serious and did not ask him to stay. He personally led a Buduo to the Jiumen Prefect's Office and watched De Rong and the five tigers get on the horse. With a heavy heart, he turned around and returned to the office. De Jong returned to belle mansion, immediately ordered five tiger will, want them to find Zhu Hanmin whereabouts separately, he did not explain anything else, as long as they tell Zhu Hanmin, if possible, had better leave Beijing as soon as possible. Dai Yong and five others got up early the next day. Each of them, dressed lightly, went out of the inner city in the twilight and went to look for Zhu Hanmin separately. Beijing is a hundred Li around. How big it is! To find a person within a hundred Li of the outskirts of the city is like looking for a needle in a plum. It's not easy at all. For a whole morning, five people could not even run down half of the city of Beijing, but at noon, one of them gave up the city and ran up the Longevity Hill. It was Dai Yong. Longevity Hill, also known as Jingshan, is well known for the hanging death of Emperor Chongzhen in the late Ming Dynasty. It is located in the north of Shenwu Gate, less than a hundred steps away from the palace city. At that time, Jingshan was regarded as a big town. It was said that coal was stored under it in case of danger, so it was also known as Coal Mountain. In fact, this Jingshan was a mound built by digging the moat of the Forbidden City in those years. It was surrounded by two miles and only tens of feet high. Behind it, trees were planted in the mountains, and all the pavilions and pavilions were prepared. This famous Jingshan Mountain welcomed and saw off the rise and fall of several generations. When Chongzhen was hanged to death on this mountain, Yi Huai issued a posthumous edict, saying, "I am cool and virtuous and humble, micro gear motor , and I have been blamed by Heaven. As a result, the rebels have gone straight to the capital. All the ministers have misled me. When I die, I have no face to see my ancestors. I take off my crown and cover my face with my hair. Let the rebels split up without hurting any of the people." 。

denisbeta     Založený: 25.08.2023   Príspevky: 1981  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2024-04-28 07:45
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