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phpMyEdit Configuration     Painted by a bone-painted woman
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His face sank and he said lightly, "Second Sister, after drinking this cup of tea, I will ask Wang Ye to send someone to take you back to Jinjiang early." "Hm?" Chapter 383 tear off the mask. Chapter 383 tear off the mask. Ji Yunshu suddenly said a word that made Ji Wanxin stupefied. Yunshu, why do you suddenly say this? I'm not in a hurry. When you're well, we'll go together. And the people accompanying you are all men. The rough men don't take care of people carefully. If I'm next to you, it's more convenient for you now. I haven't finished yet. "Second Sister." Ji Yunshu interrupted her. Looking at her worried and weak face, Ji Yunshu's eyes deepened and he said in a deep voice, "Since I was a child in Ji Fu, besides Mammy Zhang and Luan, my second sister is the best for me. Yunshu will remember this feeling for a lifetime. If I want to return it, I'm afraid I can't count how many." "You and I are sisters, and we should treat you well." "Second Sister has always been gentle, and she never quarrels with anyone in the house. In addition, she is not in good health, so she just stays in her own courtyard all the year round. According to reason, it is your yearning not to fight, not to rob, and to cultivate your moral character. In the future, you will marry a good family, help your husband and teach your children, and live a stable life. It is always happier than conspiring and calculating all day long." Ji Wanxin shows a face of muddled appearance, but faintly, seems to be aware of something. But did not point out, pretending to be ignorant! Ji Yunshu poured another cup of tea, pushed it in front of her again, took the previous cup of tea back, CSD filling line , and said, "Don't wait for the tea to cool before drinking, herbal tea into the stomach, it will be very uncomfortable." Naturally, he picked up the cup of herbal tea and poured it directly on the ground! Ji Wanxin quietly listened to her words with deep meaning, and watched her pour out the herbal tea, just pursed her lips, in the end did not speak. Just nodded and took a sip of hot tea! Then he got up and said, "I'll get you a dress." She went to the screen and took off a light blue cloak, but instead of rushing over to put it on Ji Yunshu, liquid bottle filling machine , she stood for a while, seemingly tidying up the folds of her clothes, drooping her eyebrows and eyes, all in her mind. Finally, I couldn't help it and made a gentle sound. Yunshu, if you have something to say, just say it. Never looked back! Maybe I dare not. Ji Yunshu also did not turn his head to look at her, his eyes stayed on the empty teacup in his hand, and for a long time, he propped himself up and walked to Ji Wanxin's side, grabbing the cloak in her hand. Put it on yourself! He said, "There are some things that need not be said clearly." "How can I understand if you don't tell me?" Ji Yunshu smiled faintly and held her hand. "I remember the night of the fire in Ji Fu. I asked you if it was you who told my father what I said to Ji Pei under the plum blossom tree. In fact, how you answered at that time was not important to me, because it was over and I didn't want to pursue it." Ji Wanxin pulled her hand back, "why did you suddenly say this?" Ji Yunshu did not answer her words and went on to say, "The day you and your elder sister went to the city, in the Rouge shop, I thought it was really the elder sister who pushed Miss Liang, but when I saw a trace of blood on her clothes, PET blowing machine , PET blow moulding machine , your hand was scratched again." At this moment, Ji Wanxin understood what she meant and was surprised. Yunshu, do you suspect me? "Yes, I do doubt you, but this bold guess, I did not continue to guess, but I did not expect, because I repeatedly believed you, thought you were unintentional, the result, in exchange for the numerous casualties on the high mountain village, that one life after another, are all because of you." "Yunshu, me." "Ji Wanxin, has your conscience been eaten by a dog?" Ji Yunshu tightened his palms and questioned loudly. Ji Wanxin surprised footsteps staggered, back a few steps back, staring at the eyes in front of the fierce Ji Yunshu. She bit her pale red lips, her eyes were watery, she shook her head and said, "Yunshu, I don't know what you're talking about."? I really don't know who told Dad what you and Ji Pei said, and I don't know why you think I pushed the elder sister, which caused Miss Liang to fall down and die, and what happened in the so-called high mountain village has anything to do with me? Yunshu, you misunderstood me. Tears fall, pitiful! Ji Yunshu sneered and pressed forward.
As a result, Ji Wanxin was forced back to the pillar behind her. Ji Yunshu a pair of cold eyes, staring at her tearful eyes, a horizontal heart, asked, "the two mountain bandits who were caught at that time were able to escape, was it you who let them go?" Ji Wanxin shook her head desperately! "The rope was cut off by a knife, but you deliberately left it to them after you went in. On weekdays, you carry a handkerchief in addition to a jade pendant. How can you carry a knife?"? Besides, those people know that if they catch me, they can blackmail King Rong. Who else can there be besides what you said? Ji Yunshu listed everything for her. All the things that happened, not because she was stupid, not because she did not know, but because she wanted to believe this lovely second sister, but it turned out that her belief, in exchange for such a bad result. Ji Wanxin cried, "I don't have me." "This attack on the mountain, Langbo said it was the order of the county magistrate of Shanhuai, I think, which you also made a big fuss about it?"? The purpose is to provoke those people and kill me. "I didn't, Yunshu, you really misunderstood, Wang Ye went into the high mountain village to save you, life and death, I just said a few words to Lord Zhang, and Lord Zhang was also worried about Wang Ye's accident, so" Pow Ji Yunshu slapped her in the face. The sick beauty was so weak that she was thrown directly to the ground by the slap. She bent down and cried so hard that she almost lost her breath. She trembled and covered her red face. She looked at the strange Ji Yunshu in front of her in great shock, and her tears kept pouring out. Ji Yunshu stood in front of her, looked down at her, clasped the heart of his fist, and said, "This slap is not for the people you killed, but for yourself. I hope it will wake you up. Don't be unrepentant and go on a road that can't be turned back. Good and evil will be rewarded in the end. You won't fail to understand." Without substantive evidence, Ji Yunshu's oral testimony alone could not judge her fault at all, water filling machine , otherwise, she would throw the evidence on her one by one. In the face of Ji Yunshu's accusation, Ji Wanxin was always unwilling to admit that she was wronged to the extreme.

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