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The Ming and Qing Dynasties were looking past the ministers to the northwest outside the main hall. As soon as he lifted his clothes, he knelt down and kowtowed in that direction. His face was filled with great reverence. He said with heartfelt emotion: "The imperial concubine, for the sake of the country, did not hesitate to kill herself at the cost of her reputation. She was willing to bear thousands of infamy and risk her life to help the emperor achieve thousands of miles of rivers and mountains.". Such a courageous and knowledgeable woman really makes me and other men ashamed! She deserves our respect from the bottom of our hearts! She is the only person in the world who can stand shoulder to shoulder with the emperor in this court. I am proud that we have such an imperial concubine in the Southern Dynasty! The hall was suddenly quiet, many ministers were ashamed to bow their heads, they had doubted the authenticity of the matter, but many people testified on the spot, they never thought that it was the arrangement of the imperial concubine. Think of them that day. Do not choose the words of abuse, the heart is feeling guilty and uneasy. In the territory of the Southern Dynasties, a magnificent carriage was driving on the official road leading to Jiangdu. The carriage was followed by a few riders. The situation was not big, but they were not ordinary people at a glance. When Mantian opened his eyes, what came into view was Zong Zhengwuyou's extremely handsome face, but now it was extremely haggard, with sunken eyes, bloodshot pupils, dull lips, pale lips, and blue stubble on his chin, which seemed to be the result of more than ten days of sleepless worries. "Worry-free," she exclaimed. "Why are you like this?" Zong Zheng woke up carefree, his eyes suddenly brightened, and a great joy passed through his eyes, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock , but he just smiled and said softly, "You're awake." She nodded and tried to sit up, but as soon as she got up, she felt dizzy and was about to fall. Don't move yet. Zong Zhengwuyou hurriedly supported her, pulled her over, then sat behind her and ordered, "Stop the car.". Tell Xiao Ke to come in. The carriage stopped at once and looked around at the wide space. The carriage was as big as a room. She asked doubtfully, "Are we in the carriage?"? Are you going back? "Yes." Zong Zheng Wuyou answered softly and held her in his arms. Xiao Ke soon came in and called her "Princess Sister" with a smile. Then he checked her pulse condition and said to Zong Zhengwuyou, Edible oil filling machine , "It's all right, so he got off Ma Feng. She has been hanging her head, without a superfluous word, with the former lively and lovely Xiao Ke like a new person. Although all over the sky feel strange, but also only when there is Zongzheng worry-free, Xiao Kecai so, she did not think much. Leaning in her arms, she moved her body, feeling that her bones were sore as if they were falling apart. She frowned and raised her hand to rub her waist. It hurts! Zong Zhengwuyou looked at her frowning and said softly, "We'll be in Jiangdu in half an hour. You can bear it again.". , All over the sky, Jiangdu? In her memory, before she fell asleep, she was still in the King's Palace of Dust Wind, thousands of miles apart, how could she arrive in Jiangdu in a twinkling of an eye? She opened her mouth in surprise and asked, water filling machine , PET bottle Mold , "How long have I been sleeping?"? "On the fifteenth." Zong Zhengwuyou helped her with her waist, and the strength was moderate. She was so comfortable that she gave a light "hmm". This sleep, actually slept for fifteen days! Longer than ever. Have a headache before, drink medicine, it is good to sleep for one night, how to lie between a year, have a relapse again, should sleep on 15 days unexpectedly? She has a headache. It's so strange! She shook her head, only to feel that her head was as heavy as lead, and her chest was a little stuffy. She took a breath and turned to look at his thin and round face, only to see that there was a deep sadness between his eyebrows and the bottom of his eyes. She frowned and raised her hand to smooth it. Worry-free, we leave, Qianyi know? Have any of your tracks been spotted by anyone, steed? "Don't worry, it went very well this time." I'm relieved. She smiled and suddenly remembered something. She asked Xiao, "That night, you and Ersha suddenly appeared. Did the Lord of Tianqiu Gate catch you?"? , Let him get away. One day, I'll catch him again. Speaking of the Lord of Tianqiu Gate, his phoenix eyes narrowed, and his eyes suddenly became fierce and sharp, as if he hated him very much. All over the sky slightly stupefied, catch again? So you caught him, but he got away? It is rare to run away from him. "Well," said Zong Zhengwuyou, "you just woke up. Don't bother too much." "恩 .
"Mantian leaned on his shoulder, looked up at him, and raised his hand to rub the blue stubble on his chin, which was hard and prickly.". In this way, his face looks a little less immortal, a little more mature man's charm, but more charming. She suddenly laughed and said, "You look so haggard that you haven't had a rest for many days. You don't think I'm dead, do you?" "Nonsense!" Zong Zhengwuyou's body shook, her eyes suddenly opened, her voice was slightly hoarse, and there was a trace of trembling in her harsh voice. All over the sky one Zheng, see his complexion is ugly, busy way: 'I just say casually, see you do so seriously what? Zong Zhengwuyou frowned and his face darkened slightly. "You can't talk about it casually," he whispered. He was really angry, slightly surprised all over the sky, and looked at him doubtfully with wide eyes. Zong Zhengwuyou curled his face. When he turned around again, his face had softened. But he lowered his eyes. She could only see his black and thick eyelashes. She could not see the look in his eyes. She only heard his overbearing words: "Don't mention that word in the future. Your life is mine.". Mantian raised his eyebrows slightly and said with a smile, "Who said that?"? Why don't you say your life is mine? Zong Zhengwuchen thought about it and nodded earnestly, "Well, my life is yours, too." "That's fair." Looking at his serious appearance, she could not help laughing out loud, smiling happily and sweetly. Is your waist still sore? "Better." "Ah Man.". , "Well?" "You said you would always be with me, water bottle packaging machine , remember?" Mantian nodded in his arms and raised his eyelashes slightly, feeling that he seemed a little strange today, and that he seldom had such an emotional time. "Why did you bring that up all of a sudden?" She asked softly.

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