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phpMyEdit Configuration     Opening the Coffin with Joy: The Hades Beg to Let Go
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Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-01-13 05:56
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Shen Ye put the gun away and looked back at Zhou Yuhao: "Who is this?" "He is the ghost I raised." I say. Shen Ye's eyes changed: "Is he a ghost?" "Don't worry, he has a contract with me and will only obey my orders." I hastened to say, "If you want to deal with hidden killing, he is indispensable." Shen Ye nodded, as if he was not afraid of ghosts. Out of the room, Zhou Yuhao returned to the mahogany nameplate. I said, "Mr. Shen, there should be something underground in this room. You call a few people to dig it up and have a look." Shen Ye's housekeeper has already arrived, he ordered a few words to the housekeeper, the housekeeper soon called a few professional workers. Although the house was built in Ming and Qing Dynasties, after renovation and decoration, the floor in the room was built with cement once, and then covered with solid wood floor. Several workers knocked open the floor, broke the cement, and then dug down to five meters underground. Nothing was dug. Did the workers still dig? Shen Ye nodded and said, "Keep digging." Dig down a few meters again, suddenly a worker cries: "Dig a thing." "It looks like a corpse!" "Change a broom." Workers used brooms to sweep away the earth, revealing a skeleton that looked at least a hundred years old, with a broken piece on its head, which should have been beaten to death. "Sure enough," I said in surprise. Shen Ye asked, "What's going on?" Chapter 91 ghosts and ghosts. I said, "I once read in an ancient book that in the Tang Dynasty, ultrasonic molten metal , someone was drunk and slept in bed with one hand hanging on the edge of the bed. As a result, a hand reached out from the ground and grabbed him underground.". The family dug up the ground and found a body underneath that had been dead for hundreds of years. Shen Ye asked, "Then what?" "There is no record behind it." I said, "No one knows where the body came from, and where the owner who was pulled into the ground went." Shen Ye says: "Say so, is this concealed kill done?" "It doesn't look like it." I said, "Who used to own this house?" Suddenly, I noticed the strong Yin Qi, ultrasonic handheld welder , and a black gas came out of the white bone's eye socket. The spell I stuck on the door shook twice and burned with a crash. Not good I turned my head sideways and said to the housekeeper, "Take Mr. Shen away quickly." The housekeeper nodded, and then four heavily armed bodyguards rushed up and escorted Shen Ye out. The nameplate in the bosom shakes for a while, Zhou Yuhao shows figure, the hand takes black whip, say to me: "You go protecting that gigolo, this thing I deal with." I was a little worried and said, "Can I do it alone?" Zhou Yuhao said, "This thing has been pressed here for a hundred years. It's not something you, a novice, can deal with. Hurry up and go!" I gritted my teeth, turned to follow Shen Ye to leave, I could not help but look back, the room has been completely filled with black gas, a skeleton came out of the black gas, eyes flashing black light. I feel cold all over. This old ghost is a green ghost! The first time I saw a real green ghost, ultrasonic dispersing machine , ultrasonic sonochemistry machine , even a glimpse of it made my whole body cold and my hands tremble. And Zhou Yuhao in the face of such a terrible existence, unexpectedly without the slightest fear, his back straight, the body suddenly burst out of amazing momentum. Handsome. It's like a dream that such a handsome and powerful man should be my lover. Yu Hao, be careful. I said silently in my heart and kept up with Shen Ye. I ask Shen Ye: "You this curtilage, had done transformation recently?" Shen Ye took one look at the housekeeper, the housekeeper hurriedly said: "The young master likes this house very much, we dare not change without authorization." I frowned, since Zhou Yuhao said that the green ghost was suppressed under the house, there must be something in the house to hold it, now this thing is certainly not there, otherwise why did the green ghost come out today? And so on, Shen Ye was hidden to kill, but it happened that the suppression of the green ghost under the house came out again, is there any conspiracy in it? I asked again, "Maybe it's not a big change, but moving a stone or cutting down a tree or something.".
” Shen Ye seemed to suddenly think of something and said, "The bamboos in my bamboo garden seem to be missing a few." The housekeeper exclaimed, "Is there such a thing?"? Young master, you can rest assured that I will thoroughly investigate. Shen Ye nodded, we have gone out of the second door, to the gate. There is a huge water tank in the courtyard where the gate comes in. In the water tank, a lotus plant is planted and two carp are raised. This has a fastidious, generally in the ancient deep house courtyard, there will be such a water tank, specially used to raise carp. The ancients built houses and paid attention to geomantic omen. The four mythical beasts of the town house were the blue dragon, the white tiger, the basalt and the rosefinch. Therefore, the pets of the town house were the white cat corresponding to the white tiger, the tortoise corresponding to the basalt, the rooster corresponding to the rosefinch, and the carp corresponds to the blue dragon. These were all the pets of the house. Because the carp jumped over the dragon gate, once the carp jumped over the dragon gate, it was a. When I saw the water tank, my heart missed a beat. I reached out to stop Shen Ye and whispered, "Be careful." The lotus in the water tank was still beautiful pink during the day, but at this time it turned black, and a strong Yin Qi was winding in the water, at least reaching the level of a fierce ghost. When I picked up the peach wood sword, a human head suddenly appeared in the water tank. The head rolled in the water, and the swollen pale face was facing me. Then I opened my mouth and let out a scream. The sound was so horrible that everyone covered their ears in pain and curled up. I quickly took out a piece of "Ghost Crying Charm in the Town House" and quickly recited in my mouth: "The sun is the sun, the moon is the moon, one Yin and one Yang, creating the universe, gathering together, without replacement or interest. I hold the recitation today with sincerity." After reading, the amulet popped up, the amulet flew to the front of the ghost, burning up with a crash, the ghost crying suddenly went down, Shen Ye several people's face expression a little relaxed, ultrasonic spray nozzle , I picked up the sword and stabbed the ghost in the past. The fierce ghost showed some fierce light in his eyes, and when my sword was stabbed, he opened his mouth and bit the tip of the sword.

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