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Li Qiye smiled and was too lazy to say anything else. Since the nine holy demon door people examine him, then, he also wants to see how many details are left in the nine holy demon door! Unconsciously, Li Qiye came to the duel field of the Nine Holy Demons Gate, which is also the place where everyone in the Nine Holy Demons Gate can come. When stepping into the duel field, it immediately makes people feel small! The duel field is huge, a person standing in this vast duel field, feeling extremely empty, like an ant standing on the vast land. Today, the third more to send, in the happy reading, please move the mouse, cast a valuable vote for the author. Chapter Eight Nine Holy Demon Gate (Part Two) ? Chapter Eight Nine Holy Demon Gate (Lower) The duel field is filled with mysterious and powerful power. The whole empty duel field is paved with black rocks. Each black rock is flowing with the inscription of Daxian. The power that permeates the duel field emanates from the black rocks. The whole duel ground is covered by this power, so as not to break the place when fighting! "The duel field of Daxian level!" Not the first time to come to this duel, Nan Huairen was once again shocked by the empty and solemn atmosphere. And the disciple surnamed Zhang could not help feeling a little proud and said, "This duel arena was built by our Patriarch himself, and it can withstand the strength of the Great Virtuous to fight!" Daxian level duel field, this can indeed see the deep foundation of the Nine Holy Demons Gate, which for many schools, is indeed a matter of pride. "Nan Huairen could not help saying, ultrasonic dispersion machine , but his voice was very low, and then he stopped and did not want to say any more.". Indeed, Xiyan Ancient Sect has a duel field of Daxian level in front of Jiusheng Demon Gate. Legend has it that this duel field was moved back directly by Emperor Akihito from the depths of the distant and incomparable starry sky. Legend has it that this duel field can even withstand the suppression of the invincible power of Emperor Akihito! Unfortunately, later, for some unknown reason, the duel field was closed, and no one could open it again! "Four Elephant Stone Men." Li Qiye, who was standing beside him, ultrasonic cutting machine , did not hear them at all, and his eyes fell on the huge stone carvings at the four corners of the duel field. On the four corners of the duel field, each corner stands a tall stone carving, each stone carving is a hundred feet high, like a giant. These four stone carvings have different expressions, but each stone carving is lifelike and incomparable, as if from the hands of a famous artist, the knife skill is natural! This is what Li Qiye wants to see most. He has never been to Jiusheng Demon Gate since Jiusheng Daxian sat down, and he is too lazy to come again. Unexpectedly, after countless years, the four stone figures are still there! In Nan Huairen, he chatted with his friends and did not notice Li Qiye for a while. However, after a while, the disciple surnamed Zhang could not help frowning and said, Ultrasonic emulsifier machines , ultrasonic cutting machine , "What is that idiot doing?" Nan Huairen could not help but look, he saw Li Qiye actually climbing a huge stone carving in the east corner, but Li Qiye's strength is limited, this stone carving is a hundred feet high, Li Qiye tried to climb up several times, but failed. By this time, many disciples were already standing outside the duel arena. Seeing Li Qiye pinching and touching the huge stone carving like a country bumpkin, even whispering and nagging, as if he had never seen such a huge stone carving in his life, many disciples standing beside him burst into laughter. Such a scene embarrassed Nan Huairen. Although the four stone carvings were not sacred objects of the Nine Holy Demons Gate, Li Qiye was like a country bumpkin, touching here and pinching there, even climbing to the top of the stone carvings, which made him stop Li Qiye. When Nan Huairen was embarrassed, Li Qiye waved to him and asked him to come over. Under many eyes, Nan Huairen did not go, nor did he go. He had no choice but to go to Li Qiye in the end. This stone carving is a little high. Send me up. Under the onlookers of so many people, Li Qiye was still very idle and ordered Nan Huairen to say.
"Er-" Nan Huairen was speechless at once. He really doubted whether Li Qiye was neurotic or an idiot. Under the onlookers of so many disciples of the Nine Holy Demons Gate, he even wanted to climb up this huge stone carving like a country bumpkin. Isn't this throwing out the face of the ancient school? "Are you going to send me up or continue to let everyone see the monkey show?" Li Qiye is indifferent, a light look, calm and calm, as if he is the real person to see the play. In the eyes of so many people, what else can Nan Huairen do? He could only bite the bullet, pull up Li Qiye, and go up the huge stone carving in one breath. But Li Qiye is the old God, sitting on the shoulders of the huge stone carvings, looking into the distance at the Nine Holy Demons Gate, taking in all the mountains and rivers. Nan Huairen was not as thick-skinned as Li Qiye. He jumped down and stood aside. At this time he wanted to go away, but he could not leave Li Qiye alone here, otherwise, if Li Qiye could not come down, he would hang him on it, which would make him lose face. As for Nan Huairen's friend surnamed Zhang, he didn't want to stay here and lose face. He didn't even say hello. He turned around and left. Hum, the people sent by Xiyan Gu are rude and rude country bumpkins! Some disciples of Jiusheng Demon Gate looked at Li Qiye sitting on the stone carving and said disdainfully. A disciple of Jiusheng Demon Gate snorted coldly and said, "Bah, he really thought he was a big shot, but he dared to sit on it without urinating and looking at himself!" Many disciples of Jiusheng Demon Gate are very dissatisfied with Li Qiye's extraordinary behavior! Li Qiye, on the other hand, did not care at all. He sat on the shoulder of the stone man, shaking his feet leisurely and carefree, and chattering as if he were chatting with the stone man. Li Qiye's behavior is an idiot in the eyes of others! Things that don't know whether to live or die! The scene made Nan Huairen, who was standing aside, very embarrassed. He wanted to leave now, but he couldn't leave Li Qiye alone. But Li Qiye sat on the top, ultrasonic welding transducer , but there was no shame at all. He was leisurely and carefree on the top, chatting with the stone man, as if he were talking to the stone man.

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