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At this time, Sanqingzheng and Mingyu Zhenyuanzi explore Tianwaitian with yuanshen, looking for insights. The Jade Peak of Kunlun Mountain is full of brilliant light and dazzling golden light. As soon as Guang Chengzi entered the boundary of the Kunlun Mountains, he saw it and felt a burst of joy in his heart. He set up a cloud and flew to Yuxu Peak. But Yuxufeng has the Eight Diagrams Array laid by Taiqing Taoist, how can he pass it. The temporarily helpless Guang Chengzi had no choice but to kneel down at the foot of Yuxu Peak, hoping that the superior on the mountain would feel his sincerity and bring himself under his door. The boy in white was hidden in the Eight Diagrams Array. He respected the words of yuan Shi Tianzun and did not make a sound, nor did he go to see Guang Chengzi. Staring at him in the array, although the Kunlun Mountains were occupied by Sanqing, there were still some ferocious beasts. Some of them are Taiyi Jinxian can not deal with, the boy in white in the array, beware of these ferocious beasts rushed into Yuxu Peak. Mingyu had opened her eyes three times and lowered her head to think. This time I opened my eyes again, and the primordial spirit completely returned to Zifu. A golden airflow emerged from the top of my head and rolled into a Qingyun. The three flowers appeared and disappeared, and the Qingyun disappeared again. It's like coming out to get some air and going back quickly, which makes people mistakenly think that there is a hallucination! "I don't know how you feel about this trip to the sky." Zhen yuanzi suddenly asked Mingyu. I don't have any insights, but I have gained a little. Like you and me, it's not so easy to think of something. Water mill time, the accumulation of the sun and the moon, perhaps thousands of years later, digital touch screen board , can be an epiphany, and then progress. Mingyu shook his head, and when he reached Da Luo Jinxian, he had already reached the top. Had it not been for the fact that these people were all at the time of the creation of heaven, and that the way of heaven sensed all things and transformed them, and that they had taken advantage of the innate opportunity, it would have been impossible for them to practice at this stage. Which one of the ordinary creatures is not breaking through Taiyi step by step, interactive whiteboards in the classroom , and then to Da Luo. Unlike them, as soon as they were born, they were the big Luo Jinxian, the innate God, which gave them a chance to break through again. Younger Martial Brother, the predestined person at the foot of the mountain has been kneeling down for more than a thousand years. It's better to let the White Crane Boy introduce him to the Yuxu Palace quickly. This man is predestined with you, but he will take charge of your Yuqing vein and inherit the orthodoxy in the future. Taiqing Taoist said to yuanshi Tianzun. As it should be, we are just a witness. Daoyou established the same line of orthodoxy in Yuqing from here, and his sunshine gate is also a good story. Zhen yuanzi was very satisfied with the man who came to learn from him, not to mention how he knew about Kunlun Mountain and how he found it. Just to see him kneel down at the foot of Yuxu Peak for thousands of years, such perseverance is rare, and this person's family background is also extraordinary, 65 inch touch screen , interactive digital whiteboard , with deep and lasting luck, just as a disciple of inheritance. If so, I would like to congratulate you on getting this good disciple. Mingyu chuckled. This person said that he had a fate with me, but he didn't expect that he would really come to the foot of Daoyou Mountain for thousands of years. Hearing Mingyu say that he knows the person who worships his teacher at the foot of the mountain, Sanqing and Zhenyuanzi look curious. Mingyu then told the four people about Jiuxian Mountain, and they all suddenly. But Ming Yu said to the crowd again with a ashamed face, "The original meaning of the poor way is that he has a road to heaven. I didn't expect that the three Taoist friends would move away from Mount Buzhou by mistake.". I think this man must have suffered a lot on the way, otherwise he wouldn't have entered Taiyi Avenue for more than a thousand years. yuan Shi Tianzun was already very satisfied. He didn't think much of Mingyu's words. He laughed and said, "You don't have to be a Taoist friend. This is the first time he has been there.". "Let the white crane boy lead him up the mountain, and you will be a witness with me." yuan Shi Tianzun finished, and sent a message to the White Crane Boy, who was hidden in the Eight Diagrams Array, and asked him to bring Guang Chengzi to Yuxu Palace. Unexpectedly, after hundreds of millions of years of practice, there will be a day when a poor man can be a teacher. Ha ha ha yuan Shi Tianzun sighed with emotion for a moment and burst out laughing. The three Taoist brothers set up a mountain gate here to collect disciples and pass on the Sanqing orthodoxy, which is a matter of heaven and earth. The law should not be passed on lightly, and the way should not be given indiscriminately, which is determined by the way of heaven. Taoism, like Sanqing Zhenyuanzi, has already been sensed from the secret of heaven, so Mingyu has not received a disciple. It's not that we can't accept it, but the time is not right, and these disciples will suffer a lot in the future. Now that the opportunity of Sanqing has arrived and the secret of heaven has appeared, Guangchengzi can come to the foot of Yuxu Peak in Kunlun Mountain. After the white crane boy received the message from yuanshi Tianzun, he went to the Yuxu Palace to worship in order to receive the decree. Step out of the Eight Diagrams Array and come to Guangchengzi. At this time, Guang Chengzi had been kneeling at the foot of Yuxu Peak for more than 1200 years.
This time the secret guided him to come here, and it was not easy to meet the place where a superior man lived. How could he leave easily. Whether he can be admitted or not, Guang Chengzi has to see the master of this place before he can give up. This Guang Chengzi is also pure and thick now. He should have all his magical powers sealed in his body. He has reached the limit only by relying on his body and immortal body. Suddenly, there was a wave of aura, and a boy dressed in white appeared in front of him. He buried his head and kowtowed without looking. He shouted, "I have seen the Lord!" The white crane boy did not dare to accept his gift, so he quickly dodged by mistake. This will be the disciple of the three masters in the future. He is just a boy guarding the palace gate. How can he be worshipped by him? Don't worship me, don't worship me! The white crane boy hurried out and shouted. Guang Chengzi didn't expect to hear a child's voice as soon as he kowtowed. Looking up, I saw a boy in white, twelve or thirteen years old, jump up to avoid his worship and shout loudly. I have seen Elder Martial Brother. I am the boy guarding the gate of Yuxu Palace. Elder Martial Brother, you can call me the White Crane Boy. I don't deserve to be honored. When Guang Chengzi heard the words of the white crane boy, he was stunned and dared to worship the wrong person. With a flushed face, he stood up and looked at the boy. The heart is not surprised, just a boy guarding the palace gate, Taoism unexpectedly higher than him, interactive flat panel display , is already the realm of Taiyi Jinxian. "It is true that there is a master in this mountain dwelling." The disciple had seen Elder Martial Brother Baihe. The disciple had traveled hundreds of millions of miles to come here just to worship an enlightened master. I wonder if there is such a chance? Guang Chengzi looked at the white crane boy with a hopeful face and asked. Elder Martial Brotherther can call me a white crane. Elder Martial Brotherther is absolutely not allowed. "Your lordship has issued a decree asking me to take you to the Yuxu Palace." After hearing the words of the White Crane Boy, Guang Chengzi was stunned and suddenly overjoyed. He repeatedly bowed to the White Crane Boy and thanked him. Come with me, Elder Martial Brother. There is a big array set up by the elder master to protect the mountain. It's really fierce. You have to follow me closely. Guang Chengzi nodded repeatedly and carefully followed Bai Hetong to the Yuxu Palace.

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