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phpMyEdit Features     Tengu swallows the sun in online games
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Gaudenzia     Založený: 13.01.2023   Príspevky: 11  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-01-13 05:44
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Wind Forest Volcano only felt a burst of anger in his heart, but thinking of the family, Wind Forest Volcano had to suppress his anger and said in a deep voice: "Brother Xiaoyao, many of the players of Thunder Studio are like-minded brothers in previous games. I don't have much binding force on them. If I let them die, I'm afraid someone will leave." Xiaoyao Hou said with an indifferent face, "Now that Thunder Studio belongs to the Xiaoyao family, what I need is someone who can absolutely obey the family. Others can leave if they want to!" A feeling of humiliation spread in the heart of Fenglin Volcano. He understood the meaning of Xiaoyao Hou. Xiaoyao Hou was warning him that everyone in Thunder Studio, including Fenglin Volcano, must obey Xiaoyao Hou unconditionally. And Xiaoyao Hou to do so, the reality because the family interests are bound by the wind forest volcano can not refuse, can only let the members of the studio to die, that wind forest volcano in the thunder studio's prestige will be greatly reduced. In that way, although some people will leave the Thunder Studio, Xiaoyao Hou will quickly take measures to win over the remaining people, and his years of hard work in Fenglin Volcano will make wedding clothes for others. After wanting to understand this, Fenglin Volcano's face suddenly turned gray. He said helplessly, smart board touch screen , "Brother Xiaoyao is a good means. I will quit the management of Thunder Studio voluntarily in a few days. I hope Brother Xiaoyao can treat these brothers kindly." With a bright smile on his face, Xiaoyao Hou said, "I will. Brother Volcano is very strong. In the future, the family will need more efforts from Brother Volcano." Fenglin Volcano nodded numbly and turned to face the player of Thunder Studio. He felt his eyes were hot and forced to calm down: "Come out ten brothers to try to pick up the Sword of Slaughter." Ten players of Thunder Studio came out silently. Over the years, Thunder Studio has been in the forefront of major games with more than 200 players, precisely because it takes the elite player route. Among the ten players, digital interactive whiteboard , the acquaintance of Qi who took the lead in coming out, the Terran player who went to kill the Five Elements Ghost with Lu Xiaoqi, was thunderous. Thunderbolt walked up to Fenglin Volcano and said with a reluctant smile, "Boss, this is the last time I call you that. I know your difficulties.". However, in just a few hours today, I have too many reasons not to stay in Thunder Studio. In the past few years of the game, today I booked the first time to practice, my eldest brother let his brothers die for the first time, and we carried out stupid orders for the first time.. I carry out your last order, boss. I go to fetch the sword of Tu Wu, but from now on, 4k smart board , 86 smart board , I have nothing to do with Thunder. Thunder Wanjun said to take the lead in the direction of Tu Wu Jian. He was one of the backbone members of Thunder Studio. The nine players who died with him also said similar words to Fenglin Volcano. After that, they followed Thunder Wanjun to Tu Wu Jian with an indifferent face. With a wave of his folding fan, Xiaoyao Hou said to the remaining players of the Thunder Studio: In the future, the Thunder Studio and the Xiaoyao Family will become one. The treatment of all members of the Thunder Studio will be increased by 50. Those who are willing to stay must unconditionally obey the orders of the Xiaoyao Family. Those who are unwilling to stay can leave now. Soon, more than 20 people came out of the team of Thunder Studio again. These people did not leave directly, but went to the front of Fenglin Volcano and said: "Boss, we are going to leave, too. Like Brother Wan Jun, let us do it for you for the last time!" Looking at the more than thirty people walking toward the Sword of Slaughter, Fenglin Volcano's body trembled uncontrollably. His eyes were moist and he said incoherently, "You.." You will always be my good brothers. These more than twenty people also went to the Sword of Slaughter. Thunder Wanjun, who was the first to go to the Sword of Slaughter, grabbed the hilt of the sword. The miracle did not appear. Thunder Wanjun soon turned into white light and disappeared. In just two minutes, more than thirty people all hung up, leaving only the wind forest volcano with a blank face. After more than 30 players die, the system prompts them that their souls have been absorbed into the Sword of Slaughter and will be imprisoned for an hour. These people were greatly surprised that the members of the Xiaoyao family were imprisoned for three days after being eroded by the evil spirit of the Sword of Slaughter. They did not know why they were imprisoned for a much shorter time after being eroded.
Lu Xiaoqi could not control the evil erosion of the sword. Although he did not want to kill the more than thirty players, Lu Xiaoqi could not help. The only thing he could do was to keep their souls imprisoned for the shortest time. After more than 30 players of Thunder Studio died, Xiaoyao Hou, who had achieved the goal of subjugating Thunder Studio, stopped the act of letting people die. He walked up to the sweeping army and said, "Haha, I can't collect the Sword of Slaughter on the ground. Now it's Qianjun's turn to show his power." Sweeping thousands of troops shook their heads and said, "Brother Xiaoyao, there are so many elites in the family that they can't collect this Sword of Slaughter and Sorcery, and my people can't do it any more. Whoever likes to collect this Sword of Slaughter and Sorcery will collect it!"! I'm not interested. Volume 1 Lich Wars Chapter 138 Raging Xuanming The stars in the sky soon expressed that they were not interested in the Sword of Slaughter. Countless players fought for the Sword of Slaughter for a long time, but no one wanted it on the ground. This is really a great irony. Just as everyone looked at each other with a wry smile, the beautiful woman from the north, who had been standing quietly in the rear, suddenly stepped forward and said, "My younger sister has a puzzling question. After the death of the sword protector of the demon clan, I was worried that the souls of my sisters had no place to pay. Just now I asked them to try to pay their souls, but the system prompted that the sword protector had received their request to pay their souls." The place of payment was set at the trading place of Mount Buzhou by the Sword Guard. Sweeping away thousands of troops and others, Xiaoyao Hou was even more livid and said, "So the sword protector of the demon clan is still there, and his qualification as a sword protector has not been cancelled?"? However, just now the sword messenger has been killed, the system did not announce that someone completed the task of assassinating the sword messenger, smartboards in classrooms , so everyone thought that the task of obtaining the Sword Sword was completed, now how can the system still recognize the identity of the other side's sword messenger? The stars in the sky suddenly said, "Maybe we all fell for it. The Black Bear Spirit is not the real Sword Protector. The real Sword Protector hides around and manipulates the Sword of Slaughter.." 。

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