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Gaudenzia     Založený: 13.01.2023   Príspevky: 11  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-01-13 05:42
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The forty guards behind her, covered in white rhinoceros armor, stood in place like a javelin, looking at Bach and the hundred dragon-inlaid guards behind him. The only exposed eyes showed a haughty and cold light. However, when the Hundred Star Satellite Ring was released and the Thunderbolt Star Sword was split out, the arrogance in the eyes of the Forty Star Satellites was immediately swept away, replaced by endless surprise and faint fear! One hundred dragon inlay star guard casually pull out a, star power is not under them, that's all right, the key is that even if people wear star armor, equipped with equipment, unexpectedly they are more than a grade, this has always been proud to be born in the main hall of stars, the rest of the army in the western frontier, star guard in front of a sense of superiority of forty star guards, heart extremely embarrassed, depressed, Even gave birth to the feeling that the heart was dead. They couldn't help wondering whether the master of the hundred dragon-inlaid star guards, the nominal commander of the four provinces of Western Xinjiang, yuanyuan, was from a violent family? And looking at the overwhelming set of 100 sets of "ninety-nine serial thunderbolt stars," the forty satellites were even more frightened, and their whole bodies trembled uncontrollably, artificial grass panels , but they were all very clear about the power of these things. These one hundred sets of star swords can not only blow up forty of them. Guess, call the mouth to make the foot of the mountains, under the explosion collapsed, razed to the ground, is also a mother of stomach suspicion. Although Bach's instinctive heart was afraid and frightened of the deacon of Ava, he no doubt did not think that she had the ability to take over a hundred sets of "thunderbolt star steps" at one stroke. So he looked relaxed, folded his arms and looked like a spectator, and even he was ready to let the hundreds of overseers standing at the back clean up the battlefield. Although there was no conflict or quarrel between the main temple of the stars and the command house after yuan yuan took office, Bach undoubtedly knew that yuan yuan had absolutely no intention of letting go of the main temple of the stars, large artificial blossom trees , so he had no psychological burden at all to kill Ava Deacon and the 40 star guards of the main temple. It was known that the "Thunderbolt Star Sword" was less than 30 meters away from Ava and the star guards of the main temple of 40 stars. The surprise on Deacon Ava's face suddenly subsided, replaced by a look of sarcasm and disdain. A pair of small hands, pink and crystal, almost breakable by blowing, clenched into fists, and their bodies flew up like paper kites, and went straight out to a hundred sets of star swords. () As she waved her fist, suddenly the space barrier clearly emerged layers of pale white ripples and fluctuations. Before each set of "Thunderbolt Star Sword", there was a huge fist with dark color, which was purely condensed by the vitality of heaven and earth, and contained the violent power of thunder. " Bang! A hundred fists hit a hundred sets of star swords at the same time, and they exploded with an earth-shaking muffled sound. A group of dark and green violent air flow suddenly surged around and crashed out. The whole mine of marrow jade trembled violently, cracking a huge and shocking crack, while the rocks below, which were too close to each other, were directly crushed into flower powder by the air waves of the explosion. Half of the hill on the side of the mountain collapsed directly, large palm trees for sale , silk cherry blossom tree , rumbled down the mountain, and rolled down the mountain stream with a terrible momentum. When everything was calm, Ava stroked her little fist, quietly floating in the air, looking coldly at the opposite Bach and others, a hundred sets of powerful and inexplicable "ninety-nine serial thunderbolt star sword," was so easily taken down by her fist. Seeing this strange scene, the coquettish woman who he had just shouted to kill alive was so tough that he smashed a hundred sets of star swords with a casual punch. Bach's straight eyes did not jump out, and his heart was filled with an absurd feeling; And welcome to see that woman outside, blue, blue, dark blue, black, red, deep purple, milky white, bright silver, a full eight star rings floating.
Connect one gas, congeal one, like a round tube to cover her body inside, huge and stagnant, like the pressure of mountains, Bach could not help but face bitter, pointing to her "eat" way: "You, you, you are actually a Tuojun?" "Now that you know, do you want to kill me now?" Ava's cold and merciless face changed, and she teased Bach with a soft smile, and then her face was cold again. "Cut yourself," he said in a murderous manner. Bach took a long breath and thought of his duty, but he had no intention of retreating. He turned around and saw that, except for the hundred dragons and star guards, the other hundreds of supervisors were all swept to the ground by the air waves just now. He could not afford to struggle for a moment and shook his head. He shouted in a low voice to the hundred subordinates who were still standing behind him, but whose faces were also shocked and changed greatly: "Fight!"! Even if we die, we must not let this coquettish woman succeed! Said the star ring flying rhythm, the golden net pestle waving like the wind, flying up. At first, there was no place to go, and there was no way to go back. He suddenly attacked Ava. Hundreds of dragon and mule star satellites are not ambiguous, all of which are the release of star rings and the condensation of star instruments, closely following behind. Ava saw that the stars knew they were going to die, but they rushed in, and their eyes were a little surprised, and then they were replaced by the cold murderous look of the blade. With a wave of their hands, more than a hundred huge wind dragons with 50 meters long and several meters thick blood suddenly appeared in midair, baring their teeth and claws. He pounced on Bach and the hundred star guards. There is no suspense at all about the contest between Xingzun and Xingjun, and the gap between their star power and rank can not be remedied by the advantage of the number of people. Hundreds of stars, including Bach, were all attacked by the wind dragon. The next moment was like a stone smashed by a powerful stone machine, until it flew out, splashed with blood, smashed the star ring, artificial plant wall panels , hit the hard rock wall heavily, and sank deep into it, like a specimen.

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