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Gaudenzia     Založený: 13.01.2023   Príspevky: 11  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-01-13 05:42
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Zhao Yulan went in and just wanted to ask them if they knew what had happened to his brother's family. Unexpectedly, as soon as Zhao Wangshi saw her, he began to pour bitter water, "Your brother can make us angry to death." Ah? Zhao Yulan Leng, Niang is the most distressed this younger brother, move such a big gas is really rare. Zhao honestly put things away, can not help but come over to complain about his wife, "Cheng Dong is spoiled by you." "What the hell is going on?" Zhao Yulan sat down and listened to her parents, and probably understood the matter. He couldn't help clenching his teeth. "He didn't live up to expectations, so he didn't say anything else. His sister-in-law worked so hard to raise so many horses. As a result, they were wasted in his hands.". There was a noise when someone threw it into the water, but it was all right for him to be stolen without saying a word. I can't blame him for not having the face to come in. Eh? As soon as Zhao Wangshi heard this, he said, "is Cheng Dong here?" Zhao Yulan is kind in the end, the younger brother is like this, that is, what is the benefit of beating him and scolding him again? After all, he is such a big man, so we must give him some face. At that moment, he covered up the past for him. "What I just met at the door was that he was so drunk that he didn't dare to enter. He ran away when he saw me." "Then why don't you keep him?" After all, Zhao Wang loves his son dearly. "It's so late. Is there anyone around him?"? Is it a horse? What if I fall? Zhao honestly said angrily, outdoor palm trees , "such an unfilial son deserves to fall." Zhao Wang knew that his wife was angry, and it was not easy to persuade her. Zhao Yulan this time not to help Niang, but also to help father add oil and vinegar, "Niang, father is right, Cheng Dong really should be taught a lesson.". Think about it, if such a thing is put on me or my brother, what will you do to us? If you don't break our legs, cherry blossom wedding centerpiece , it will be strange. You have been protecting him since he was a child, and you are always afraid that he will suffer losses. How are you now? Have you suffered a great loss? "That is," Zhao honestly took over the words again, "the other day Ah Ci came, ran two steps and fell, I want to help, you also said me, said the child can not be too spoiled, Ah Ci is a boy, have to let him climb up by himself. But what did you do to Cheng Dong? Zhao Wangshi criticized the father and daughter so much that they bowed their heads and kept silent, but what Zhao Chengdong had done this time really touched her heart. It was not that she did not understand some things in the past, but she was blinded by maternal love and could not see what was going on. But this time such a big thing happened, it was like lighting a lamp in a dense fog, so that she could see some truth clearly. However, faux ficus tree , artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings , Zhao Wangshi is more worried, "Cheng Dong now let him do?"? Don't you live? "Why can't he live?" Zhao Laoshi is angry to be angry, also still had thought this problem, "his elder brother did not return to buy two mu of land for him?"? Still have a few horses, this cannot raise a horse, farming always can? It's almost spring now. Let him go back and figure out how to do it. He can't starve to death. This is also an idea, Zhao Wangshi first brightened up, and then started to worry, "Cheng Dong's arrogant temperament, can you still farm well now?" "Niang, your words are not right," Zhao Yulan gave her an angry look, "why can't Cheng Dong farm? Didn't our family farm for generations? "How can he learn to be good if he doesn't let that boy sweat a little?" That's exactly what Zhao honestly meant. This time he suffered such a big loss, he should learn to be good. "Zhao Wangshi can't bear it. Now the whole family is living a good life. Let him go to the earth to dig for food alone. It's a bit embarrassing.". She had another idea in her mind, and now she opened her mouth carefully. "Yulan, aren't you familiar with your uncle Zhang?"? Can you ask them for help? Zhao Yulan understood, Niang this is the idea of hitting sister-in-law horse farm again, but how is this possible? She did not make a statement, Zhao honest first shouted up, "also thank you have the nerve to say?"? Speaking of which, I really need to talk about you. How did a successful daughter-in-law act in the past? Cheng Dong was the first to go to work in Jueweizhai. You encouraged him to steal something, but he didn't admit it. Jinbao was beaten innocently and almost lost his life.
Waiting to be a horse farm, you are disliking this and that again. Let's not talk about Jinbao this time. Even Xiaodie, a girl, deals with horse #### and horse urine all day long, but she wants to look good and let Chengdong learn to be a veterinarian. But now you take a good look, Xiaodie is alone in such a big place as Yonghe Town, how is she doing when she is not familiar with the place? Look at Cheng Dong again. He was given so many good things when the family was separated. What did he do? Now you ask Yulan to beg her daughter-in-law. How many more things do you want her to share? Is given to Cheng Dong, can he hold it? Her daughter-in-law was able to do what she did today because she had worked so hard to get it back. That is to say, when the horse farm was flooded, where was Cheng Dong when she took her own brother and sister to guard it desperately? This really touched Zhao Wangshi most unwilling to face the embarrassing past, bowed his head and kept silent. Zhao honest still angry, said excited, "you think, although you are not intentional, but it is you who let Chengcai and divorce, so good daughter-in-law to drive out, why do you let others help you now?"? Did she owe you in a previous life or something? Yulan, don't open that mouth. We can be shameless at our age, and we can't let our children do such shameless things. Zhao Wangshi is completely flameout. Today, Guizi rarely got up early, and took advantage of the cool to get one more chapter. Are you good? Volume II (449) In Adversity (449) In adversity Yan Bozhai today after the court suddenly received the imperial concubine in the palace, named Zhu Shi to assist in the wedding of Princess Yuzhen, he immediately knew that Qiao Zhongda they were playing tricks in the back. But as Mencius said, can he not promise? I have to bow down and thank the emperor for his grace. After dealing with his official business, he went back to the mansion first. A servant replied that Qiu's housekeeper had gone out to work, but he didn't take it to heart. After taking some things from himself, outdoor ficus tree , he went to the other courtyard where Zhao Chengcai was imprisoned. After changing the sedan chair twice along the way, I was sure that no one was following me, and then I was relieved to step into an abandoned garden.

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