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phpMyEdit Features     Winner is king _ Lin Hai Tingtao _ txt novel paradise
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Gaudenzia     Založený: 13.01.2023   Príspevky: 11  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-01-13 05:41
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Even Magath thinks so. With so many injuries in Valencia this season, he doesn't believe that Valencia has not been affected. But obviously, this is a mistake of not knowing much about the enemy. If they know enough about La Liga, Valencia and Chang Sheng, they will understand that it is nothing to encounter Real Madrid and Barcelona in succession in the league! It's easy for Valencia to win these two teams. ※※※ German media believe that Stuttgart's "Little Tigers" can defeat Valencia with youth and momentum. And Valencia naturally has a way to deal with their youth without limits. Four days before the start of the game, after the end of the league match with Barcelona, Chang Sheng told everyone at the beginning of training what they had to do about the game. In the face of those aggressive opponents, we use the tactics of controlling the ball. Keep the football firmly under your feet, so that they can't rush, so that they can't run. In this way, their physical advantage is almost non-existent for us. Chang Sheng said to his players. So this game is no big deal, play according to our tactics, just like any other game before. Remember, as long as we can control the football at our feet, we can win no matter who the opponent is! Valencia's tactics against Stuttgart are to control the ball. He kept passing the ball back and forth so that Stuttgart couldn't rush out. No matter how much strength Stuttgart has, you won't get the ball at all! Of course, this game will not be very good, fake blossom tree , it is estimated that both sides will not shoot too many times, because the pace is slow, so the scene will not be exciting. But Chang Sheng doesn't care so much. He is never responsible for the appetite and vision of the audience. He is only responsible for winning. Although his team plays the best tactics in Europe, he is a very utilitarian man in his bones. In order to win, he can stop at nothing, but the scene is ugly, what is it? ※※※ When Stuttgart came to Valencia, large ficus tree , they were full of confidence. Magath's tactics are simple, that is, to score away from home, the result is not important, as long as the goal is scored again. Use the impact of Stuttgart to wear down Valencia and make them collapse physically. In this way, by the time of the next round, Valencia is basically the last straw. When the time comes, what can't be done in Srangat's own home court? Magath has such confidence in his team. Because his team is the hardest team in the Bundesliga league, but any player who can stick to it will not be physically bad. It is said that Valencia, who always wins, is also a team with high training intensity in the middle of the night. However, at present, fake ficus tree , fake ficus tree , Spain's overall training level is not as good as Germany's. It is said that Valencia, who practices the hardest, is just so so. Magath's confidence lasted until the game. Then the game started, and he was not in the right situation. After the start of the game, Valencia kicked off, and then they took advantage of the kick-off to keep the football firmly under their feet. Just pass it back and forth, pass it back and forth.. , Stuttgart is really young and invincible. At the beginning, he ran like a dog chasing his prey, chasing the football that was constantly shifting. Wherever the ball was passed, they chased it. It's like you don't know how tired you are. Even if Valencia passed the ball back to goalkeeper Canizares, they would have to chase it. They thought they could put enough pressure on Valencia's players to make mistakes, such as passing back to the goalkeeper, but the goalkeeper didn't receive it. , But unfortunately, they think too beautifully. After 15 minutes of chasing, they only finished two shots, and most of the time, they were led by the nose by Valencia. Chang Sheng watched Stuttgart's players running so tirelessly on the sidelines, with a sneer on his face. Valencia from the day he came to the team, the main content of training is two things, one is physical fitness, the other is to receive the pass. This kind of training content is still the main part until now. Plus his training skills.
Now the passing ability of these Valencia players has improved qualitatively compared with more than two seasons ago. Even the number of goalkeeper Canizares is 75. Valencia's formal training program "monkey teasing" is different from the general team's monkey teasing, rich and varied, full of tricks, Chang Sheng and the coaching team spent a lot of thought on it, from three people to five people, and then to eleven people. From a small range, to a large range, from one person to three people. , There are all kinds of things, just to simulate all kinds of situations that may occur in the game. Their training intensity standards are more stringent than in the competition. So Chang Sheng is not worried about Stuttgart's closing down at all. This kind of closing down can only make Stuttgart's players feel tired quickly, but it is impossible to grab Valencia's ball. It's a good thing to be young and aggressive, but it's not a good thing to rush around like a headless chicken. As long as they continue to pass like this, Stuttgart will not be long, and their physical fitness will reach a bottleneck. No matter how full of energy they were before. The fiercer Stuttgart runs now, the worse it will die. (~ novel Txt, Tang) Chapter 264 drag. Magath soon realized this. In the first ten minutes, he let Stuttgart's players go like this. He felt that such a rush should force Valencia to make a mistake in passing. That's Stuttgart's chance. But ten minutes later, Stuttgart had nothing to gain, only one shot, or an attack from the back, which had nothing to do with stealing from the front. Then five minutes passed, silk ficus tree , and Stuttgart still had no good way to face Valencia's constant passing, just running behind the football. If the first ten minutes of closing down is intentional, then the five minutes of closing down has become inertia.

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