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JacobThompson     Založený: 09.01.2023   Príspevky: 11  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-01-09 06:10
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At the end of a cloud cycle, the first change is the breathing of the two people. When Qi Yue exhales, he inhales clearly. When Qi Yue exhales, he inhales clearly. Between huff and puff, their bodies gradually form a larger cloud cycle, and their cloud forces enter each other's bodies, forming a wonderful cycle. This is inadvertently groped out of the practice method, in the two homologous cloud power constantly running, Qi Yue and Mingming originally nervous and excited heart gradually become stable down. Even Qi Yue's restraint is no longer rampant, a peaceful and noble breath of invisible operation, they gradually entered a wonderful realm, in this realm, with the gradual blurring of mind, unexpectedly as usual practice into the state of meditation. Touching each other's chest, four lips meet, such a method of practice is probably unprecedented. I don't know how long it took, Mingming slowly woke up from the misty, she and Qi Yue still had four lips, the warm hands in front of her chest still existed, the cloud power in her body had turned into a faint breath at this time, and was constantly running, the cloud power did not seem to have improved too much, but it seemed that there had been some changes compared with before. Specific changes reflected in where clearly also can not tell, this is just a feeling, two people four lips meet, naturally can not use the mouth to breathe, nose breathing because the distance is very close to be able to clearly feel, is still a person breathing, industrial racking systems , and the heartbeat is also very rhythmic with each other. The right hand presses on Qi Yue's left chest, obviously can clearly feel Qi Yue's heartbeat and own unexpectedly exactly the same, does not have the slightest deviation. In the heart one joy, think clearly and secretly, it seems to have succeeded, however, what kind of method is this in the end! It's a shame. He's okay. Ah! What did he say? Can't he leave him fifty kilometers in the future? If that's the case, then.. Mingming just thought of this, Qi Yue also woke up because of Mingming's Qi traction. Slightly move, four lips gently separate, heavy duty cantilever racks , perhaps because the kiss time is too long, two people's lips some adhesion, this separation can not help but feel a slight pain between the lips. Qi Yue, are you better? Mingming asked softly, and when she asked this sentence, she had lowered her blushing face. Qi Yue still hugged Mingming, pressed her big hand in front of her chest, and could not help scratching it. The feeling of elasticity was so cool that when he grabbed it, Mingming could not help groaning, but she did not dare to pull Qi Yue's hand rashly. She was shy and went into her bosom. Her right hand was still pressed on Qi Yue's chest, but her left hand subconsciously hooked his neck. Mingming, I'm all right. Do you feel it? Our heartbeat has been exactly the same, from a certain point of view, we can be said to share a heart from now on, you have to be responsible for me ah! Hey, hey. "Disgusting." Mingming thumped him on the shoulder, and her heart was very confused now, but at this time in Qi Yue's warm and secure arms, she really didn't want to think much about anything, heavy duty rack manufacturers , shuttle rack system , but hoped to stay in his arms forever and forget all the unpleasant things. Qi Yue, do you like me? Mingming murmured. No, I don't like you. There was a smile on Qi Yue's face. What did you say Mingming raised her head, the hand that had been around Qi Yue's neck had turned to his ear, grabbed it, and looked up at him viciously, but what she saw was Qi Yue's gentle eyes. Silly girl, I love you! How can this be replaced by the word "like"? Although there is no practical experience, but Qi Yue's theoretical knowledge of chasing girls is very rich, obviously how can such a pure girl be his opponent. Mingming released his hand with a red face and wanted to beat the annoying ruffian twice more, but when he thought that his body had not recovered, he said that he could not do anything, "Qi Yue, do you really love me?"? But, why do you look at which girl's eyes are so ugly? When did you love me? "This.." Qi Yue hesitated for a moment, he really did not know how to answer Mingming's question, even he himself did not know when he fell in love with Mingming, as for looking at beautiful girls, this has become a habit in his life.
Of course, it is also the habit of most men. Mingming shook his head gently and said, "OK, no need to say.". I get it. Master Zaglu once said that every generation of Kirin is synonymous with the word "romantic", which is the negative influence that Kirin blood gives you the ability as well as the negative influence. I just hope you have me in your heart. But if you have another woman in the future, you can't bully me, do you hear? Qi Yue looked at Mingming dumbfounded, Leng Leng said: "Do you mean that I can be ordered to pick up girls in the future?"? Mingming, in fact, I'm not as lustful as you think. Mingming giggled and said, "OK, don't you often say that men don't explain?"? To explain is to cover up. Let nature take its course. I won't force you to do anything. Similarly, I hope you won't force me to do anything, okay? Qi Yue's heart tightened, but soon he smiled, "Yes, of course.". I have no other request, as long as you remember that I am already your person, you have to be responsible for me, for our common heart to keep beating, you can not leave me 50 kilometers. He can be absolutely sure of one thing, that is, obviously absolutely reluctant to die, although it feels a little mean, but for their own future considerations, Qi Yue has to make good use of this. Mingming glared at him and said, "You are really a rascal." Qi Yue's eyes suddenly more than what, "Mingming, in fact, I know very well, no matter from the appearance or identity, I do not deserve you.". However, you also know, I am a hooligan, is a ruffian, when you lay in front of me, for me to block the stab, I know, I rely on you. Not a day, not a year, but a lifetime, a lifetime. Qi Yue's words were very firm. His hand moved away from Mingming's chest, mobile racking systems , encircled her beautiful waist, and hugged her tightly, so that her body fit her completely. He lowered his head and gazed at Mingming's eyes at a distance of less than ten centimeters.

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