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phpMyEdit General     Liuhu Xiayin-Huanzhu Landlord _ txt Novel Paradise
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The words have not yet, suddenly heard a roar of the place, the mountain wind outside the cave, sand and stones flying, is the momentum of the first wake up. The girl exclaimed, "They have come back successfully. They are already home.". Why does Lian Qiao still want to show his power? I'll take a look. Before he had finished speaking, he suddenly felt the breeze blowing, and in the flickering flames of the lamp, he suddenly saw a handsome young man in a white shirt with a sword hanging from his waist. The girl stood up and said, "Is it over?"? Why did you go in the middle of the night? Is it almost dawn? The boy snatched his mouth and said, "That thing is very stubborn and fierce. We don't understand animal language. How can we refuse to accept it?". We didn't want to hurt him, so we trapped him with a trick and called Lian Qiao to help him, but he refused to surrender. The first thing he saw was that he begged for pity and refused to surrender. Unexpectedly, he would be in a hurry and try his best to spray out the elixir that had been refined for many years together with the poisonous fire. Even Joe, who was born to restrain himself, was almost seriously injured, and when he came back, he was still roaring. If he didn't try to defuse it, the two things would never give up together sooner or later. Later, it was the elder brother who guessed its intention. Apart from the fact that it had to never leave the baby, a rare treasure left by its owner and a protective card used to seal the hole were also often hung around the baby, which could not be taken down or given to it for preservation. Naturally, we promise. At the same time, Ceramic ferrule for stud welding , the baby is really clever and courageous. Because it had been closed for a long time in the cliff cave, the air was stuffy, but after we turned it away, we said it across the cave, and then we promised. As soon as Ren Bilo roared and stopped on the cliff, he ignored it and moved the card to open the hole. The teacher's wife went down, removed the stone that sealed the hole, went into the hole herself, picked up the baby and the clothes in the leather bag, Ceramic Bobbin , and brought them up. Although he was willing to come out, he also promised to come here with him, but as soon as he saw Bilo trapped, he was furious, desperately scratching with both hands, and trying to hurt people with his father's treasures, all of which were forbidden by the teacher's wife. The teacher's wife hurriedly used good words to comfort her, and told her how to be happy and have fun here. Then she turned to be obedient and forced Bilo to submit. In order to strengthen his confidence, the teacher's wife personally returned the treasure and let it hide itself in the neck bag of the mouth. Only then did she believe that we were all well-intentioned. She was so happy that she knelt down in front of the teacher's wife and shed tears. The teacher's wife was pleased that he had saved the orphan and was loyal to the Lord. She was very comforting. She gave him some elixir to eat, and then took the bamboo box and turned around together. It is now placed in Big Brother's cave. But Lian Qiaoxian was not obedient. Seeing that Bilo had crossed his heart, he still wanted to control it with Dan Qi in his abdomen. As a result, both sides were hurt. I also love the power of Bilo, which is much better looking than Lian Qiao. I don't want Lian Qiao to become enemies with him in the future, so I quietly made a wish: He has made a great contribution to saving the enemy today. As long as he makes up with Bilo in the future and is no longer an enemy, I will give him one of the elixirs my sister got last year. You love Lian Qiao on weekdays, and you praise him every day. Surely you won't refuse? The girl said angrily, ceramic bobbin heater core , alumina c799 , "I gave up my face to the old man Qingshan and asked for the elixir. Apart from giving you two pills, I didn't even give it to my elder brother. But you made the decision for me and gave it to the animals to eat. You said you made a small wish.". This elixir was refined by the old man himself and synthesized with more than 300 kinds of elixirs. It took many years and took a lot of trouble. Its efficacy is much stronger than ours. Although he has a lot of refining, it is not easy to ask for more. The old man had a strange temper and was the best to me. He only gave me a dozen pills. Can really be reborn and brought back to life. In addition to two pills of filial piety to your mother and six pills for you, there are only six left here. Have you forgotten what the old man said years ago? How can you spoil it casually? Listen to what you said, Lian Qiao and Bi Xu are just spouting alchemy. It's a bit of a loss. It's not a big loss. You'll recover in the future. What do you want to do at the expense of others? "Good sister," said the young man with a smile, "you know I never break my promise to anyone, let alone a beast. The word has been spoken, and it has been thanked. Wouldn't it be a shame to break your promise? "I understand what you're thinking," the girl said angrily. "If you discuss it with me first, you won't agree. So say it first. Knowing that I've always helped you, I'll never make you lose face, won't I?" "I've always been honest with my sister," said the boy. "You're right. Promise me at least once." "That's why you cheated me," the girl said angrily. "You're so bad, but you're still honest." "I'm just relying on my sister's kindness to me," said the boy. "If I have the intention to cheat, it's too unfair." As he went on, he glanced at Zhao Lin, paused a little, and then said, "Isn't my sister going to see the baby?"? How about going together? "I know what you're thinking," said the girl with a smile.
I have always acted in a bright way, and my heart and words are the same. If I have something to say here, why should I carry it on my back? "When a foreigner is here, he doesn't ask for advice. He's in a hurry and quarrels as soon as he enters the door. What's it like?" The boy took one look at Zhao Lin and was about to open his mouth when the girl said, "You don't have to look down upon him. He was invited by the old man in Qingshan. He knows how to achieve something in the future." "I already know the origin of this brother Zhao," the boy quickly argued. "Because he was busy asking for medicine and you didn't allow me to say anything, I was worried and didn't bother to say hello." "Not long after I asked," said the girl, "how did you find out from outside? Is that the name again? "It was the old man in the green shirt who sent the seven sisters to say it," said the boy. Passing by here, he figured it out early, and people returned to the mountain early. Last month we asked for an interview, but for many reasons, it was not the right time. "The seven elder sisters told the visitors to talk about their peers, and the old man's meaning was also to give each other." The young girl said with a smile, "I thought the old man was so old that he didn't know where the visitors were. But it's hard to say about the old man, so it's not certain that he will be handed over. So I haven't called him yet.". This brother Zhao is very loyal and upright, very much like the people of my generation. The scenery of his Willow Lake is quite good, and I want to go there another day. "If my sister is going," said the boy with a smile, "I must go with her." The girl laughed and said, "Brothers, you're the only one I hate.". People have been avoiding the place for many years, but they may not want outsiders to come to the door. When Zhao Lin heard that the young girl had the intention of visiting the Willow Lake, he thought to himself, "If such a strange man makes friends with you, he will benefit a lot, not to mention the grace of saving his life.". Back to the village master Qixian fight, not waiting for the door, Ceramic Band Heater , first send a special person to meet, to show respect. With his own prestige and that of Zhu and Wang, he can also make half an idea. How can he worry about him? Wen Yan hurriedly replied:.

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