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phpMyEdit General     The Chinese parasol tree lacks the moon
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Kimberly1     Založený: 09.01.2023   Príspevky: 10  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-01-09 03:04
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"What?!" Unexpectedly, when Huo Wuheng heard the number, he suddenly stopped, turned around and walked back. He asked Wang Tianyi, "How much did you say?" "One thousand taels," said Wang Tianyi, bowing with a smile. Come with me Huo Wuhen actually grabbed Wang Tianyi's arm and pulled him into the gate next to the "bamboo rain", but it was the backyard of the front storefront. As soon as Huo Wuhen came in, he shouted, "Old Song!"! Old Song! Come out! Come out "What are you roaring about, you loafer?" In front of an echo, but Wang Tianyi made a jumpy, he really did not expect that someone dared to say one of the seven male childe. Song Nanzheng was still carrying the teapot, but he was no longer walking as leisurely as he saw Wang Tianyi. Instead, he seemed to rush out. When he saw Huo Wuhen, he laughed and cursed at the same time: "You, the child of Jiankang, disturb my quiet as soon as you come!" "Old Song, how can you cheat my subordinates?" Huo Wuhen pointed to the surprised Wang Tianyi and shouted. Song Nan steam did not see Wang Tianyi, only to Huo Wuhen rushed all the way, heard this, just a pause, pointing at Wang Tianyi a Leng. Then he laughed at Huo Wuhen and said, "Don't bully the old man. When did I cheat him?" Pointing at Song Nan's steamed nose, Huo Wuhen shouted, "Don't pretend. The fake of Jiang Fanghan you sold him is clumsy and low-minded. For the sake of paint and paper, it's not bad for me to reward the painter with one or two pieces of silver. You dare to sell it for one thousand taels. You're too black!" Hearing what Huo Wuhen said, Yan Xiaoyi's bodyguards were stunned at first, best whirlpool tub , then looked at Wang Tianyi and burst into laughter, but Wang Tianyi became a wooden chicken first, and then was embarrassed and annoyed by the laughter. If his arm hadn't been dragged by Huo Wuhen, he couldn't wait to find a crack in the ground. Song Nanzheng was exposed by Huo Wuhen face to face, but there was no sense of guilt. In Wang Tianyi's view, he was a little elated. He said to Huo Wuhen: "Huo Langdang, I didn't cheat him, because for you, this is a fake and a cheap fake; but for him, that painting is worth one thousand taels of silver!"! Don't you think so? Huo Wuhen stayed for a moment, then suddenly burst out laughing. He patted Song Nan on the shoulder with his steamed bones bulging and shouted, "That's right. Why don't you call them all over here? For the sake of your words, let's have a big drink." Song Nanzheng immediately turned around and asked the servant to invite the guests who had strange nicknames and did not know why. Then he took out a silver ticket from his bosom and handed it to Wang Tianyi. But he said to Huo Wuhen with a smile, "You boy are going to be fined a large cup today. One word has thrown away a large sum of my ill-gotten gains!"! I have a lot of gambling debts. But Huo Wuhen said in surprise, whirlpool hot tub spa , jacuzzi swim spa , "Why should I give it?"? For him, it's really a golden work. "Nonsense. You've said it all. If you don't return it, my nephew will make noise in my ear again. Is it better to be quiet than a daughter?" "These Jianghu people are too annoying." Huo Wuhen shook his head with the same feeling. Take the money and go. Huo Wuhen said to Wang Tianyi, then ignored him and walked toward the backyard, looking like he was already familiar with his own home. Wang Tianyi looked at the back of the young leader, and then looked at the silver ticket shaking in front of him. He did not go to pick it up, but bowed to the smiling and silent Song Nan in front of him, and made a respectful gift. What's the matter? Thank me for giving you a long mind? Song Nanzheng laughed and said, "If you buy a painting in the future, you will have to find an expert to follow you. Take it. If I don't give it to you, Xiaoqun will really come to me." "You're right. That painting is really a masterpiece for me." Wang Tianyi bowed down and said sincerely, "I don't dare to accept these coins. It's just that the younger generation admires the elegant people very much, but it's true that they want to study paintings. Can I come here to ask you about the principles and skills of paintings in the future?" "What elegant person? I'm just a vulgar old thing." Song Nan steamed Hei Hei smiled and tucked the silver ticket back comfortably. Please teach me. Wang Tianyi arched his fist and bowed his body. I can't teach you. I have no time. You'd better study your martial arts. Song Nanzheng did not have the slightest enthusiasm for Wang Tianyi because he took the silver ticket, so he turned around and walked away.
Where can Wang Tianyi let him go? He grabbed Song Nan's bony arm bone, and then let it go in a panic, because his iron hand really almost crushed the old bone. With a snort of pain, Song Nan turned around and said angrily, "What on earth do you want?"? "Sorry!"! Sorry! Would you please teach me how to identify the fake? Wang Tianyi asked, while wiping the cold sweat, just now he was unintentional, did not consider that he did not know how many times stronger than the other side in the body. Have you ever planted flowers? Buy yourself a few pots of peony to see, fake empty type where there is God?! Song Nan steamed away. When did you add this hobby? Yan Xiaoyi asked with a smile. Wang Tianyi shook his head, wiped his cold sweat, and asked, "Why are Song Nanzheng and the Young Sect Leader calling each other like this? It's really terrible. If I don't know outside, I must draw my sword and rush up." Yan Xiaoyi burst out laughing and said, "This is the style of refined scholars in the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the ancient style." Wang Tianyi, of course, did not have the qualifications to serve that group of refined scholars. He walked out of the "bamboo rain" with a dusty face. As he walked, he opened the scroll from time to time and looked at the painting. Sometimes he scolded, sometimes giggled, sometimes surprised, and sometimes held his breath and watched intently, which attracted many passers-by to turn around. When he came back from the flower market, he looked up and saw a strong horse on the rampage. Wang Tianyi, holding a scroll in his left hand and a pot of peony in his right hand, stood in the street. The horse was strangled three feet in front of Wang Tianyi, and the knight immediately rolled his saddle and dismounted. What's the matter? Wang Tianyi asked coldly. The knight in the brocade robe bowed hurriedly and said, "Report to Si Li. Someone had a conflict with our brocade robe team at the dock." "Who?" "The other side does not report the name, the subordinate is hard, and unexpectedly is the initiative provocation, Tai Dun and Liu Dingqiang blocked him in the dock Wangjiang Tower, he wants to see the steward, we dare not move, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers , had to come to you." "Yes." Wang Tianyi gave the painting and the flower to the knight in the brocade robe. He mounted his horse, turned the dock, and sped toward Wangjiang Tower like an arrow. Volume 8 Jiankang Vertical and Horizontal Section 19 Noble Old Friends.

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