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phpMyEdit General     Listen to the wind when the snow falls -- Xuefu Yunting
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When Zhao Ting heard the word "Yao Shuer," his eyes suddenly cooled and his voice was particularly cold and hard: "That woman really has no conscience at all." Seeing that Duan Chen turned his head to look at him, Zhao Ting paused and showed a bitter smile: "Forget it. I also know that boy's temperament. He must have bullied others a lot before.." These two are a perfect match. If others were so tortured by the person they liked, they would have died long ago. Both of them were tenacious and persistent. They seemed to be competing for who would give up first and toss each other to death. Duan Chen recalled the words that Zhou Yufei had sighed in a low voice before, and could not help frowning: "He was badly hurt." Zhao Ting pursed his lips with a light smile, and a faint sneer appeared in his eyes: "The throwing knife stabbed the shoulder blade slightly inward, and then two fingers past was the heart, and it was quenched with poison.". It was the woman who shot the throwing knife with her own hands. When Duan Chen saw what Zhao Ting said before, he thought the injury was not vital. Hearing this, he was surprised: "Has the poison been cured?" Zhao Ting nodded, rubbed his eyebrows and said with a sigh, "Later, the second head of the family personally came to the door to deliver the medicine, but the woman didn't even see a shadow.". The people in the government office were all there, and the best doctor in the city was also invited. Chu Hui came over just now and said that he had come to his senses, but he kept his eyes closed and did not speak. As Duan Chen listened to this, there was a mystery in it. The more he frowned, the tighter his eyebrows became. "Is there no understanding that the second door is in charge?" "Uh-huh.". He was just a rookie in the 37th place. Door Lord is the original ranking of the second killer, Yao Shuer is now wanted by the dark flower, regardless of black and white, as long as people can be captured alive, outdoor hot tub , give three thousand taels of silver. As Zhao Ting spoke, he gave a sniff and raised his eyebrows to Lao Gao. "That guy surnamed Li is sure to make a profit this time. He has done a neat job of cleaning up the house.". It was no more than an hour before and after, and the door of ignorance churned up, hurting some of its vitality, and it was willing to bow down. It was said that it was safer than before. Duan Chen was silent for a long time. Then he asked softly, "Have all the people in the Meiliu class been brought back to the government office?" Zhao Ting's eyes had a momentary wandering, and he answered with some melancholy: "One ran away." Afraid that Duan Chen was worried about this again, outdoor spa manufacturers , Zhao Ting hurriedly promised: "It's the head of the class.". The city gate has been set up there, Hangzhou city said big is not big, eight streets are posted portraits, this person certainly can not run away. Duan Chen gently nodded, and looked at him with a smile, Feng eyes flowing out of a touch of gratitude. Zhao Ting was in a daze because of the color of his eyes. He pulled out a smile from the corner of his lips and said, "Don't look at me like that." There was another brief silence between them. Finally, Zhao Ting took a breath, looked at the person lying quietly on the bed, and said in a low voice: "If not, maybe I will really be desperate, even if that person is a good brother, even if you like that person more than me.." But it happened that Zhan Yun was the best brother in his life, the man who knew Duan Chen better than him, and the man who Duan Chen had delivered his heart. No matter how much Zhao Ting resented and hated, endless swim spa , endless pool factory , he could only laugh it off, who let this person be Zhan Yun, who let him really compare with Zhan Yun! Duan Chen never quite knew how to respond to this kind of conversation. After a long silence, he said softly, "I have already treated you as a friend." Hearing this, Zhao Ting sighed and asked with a smile, "Weren't you a friend before?" Duan Chen shook his head honestly and looked at him very seriously: "I don't like royal people." Zhao Ting simply did not know whether to cry or laugh: "Can I understand this as if I were not surnamed Zhao, in fact, there is still a chance?" Duan Chen frowned and thought, still unable to separate Zhao Ting from the identity of his little prince, the look of serious consideration made Zhao Ting laugh out loud. The woman he liked was so honest that even though she was exquisite and quick-witted in solving cases, she did not know how to say polite and comforting words in other things. He lowered his eyes and laughed in a low voice for a long time. The corners of his eyes gradually became moist, but he heard the man on the bed suddenly make a sound. His voice was as hoarse as a broken Gong: "What a funny story the dust has told. Can it make our little prince so happy?" Both of them are happy at the bedside. Zhao Ting hurriedly got up and reached out, and Duan Chen also reached out to cover the pulse of Zhan Yun.
"Yes, how do you feel?" Show cloud smile slightly, open eyes still faint red, look is Pure Brightness very: "is a little tired.". I wanted to sleep a little longer, but someone laughed too loudly. A helpless look between the words is really a little flat, but in fact it is trying to appease two people not to worry about themselves. Zhao Ting also did not argue with this person, went to the door shouted, beckoned before Li Qinglan sent the servant to bring the medicine. Duan Chen also got up to help him pour water, but Zhan Yun reached out and grabbed his sleeve. As soon as Zhao Ting turned around, he saw the entangled look between the two men. He hurriedly turned his eyes away, unclosed the door with his backhand, and walked a few steps to stand in the courtyard. Zhan Yun pulled the cuff with one hand and sat up with the other arm supporting the bed, eager and guilty to see the look of Duan Chen. Duan Chen, however, seemed to have guessed the man's mind, turned his face and looked out of the window, but did not brush his hand away, but stood on the edge of the bed and ignored him. Someone tapped on the door and said, "Mr. Duan, the medicine is ready." Zhan Yun was afraid that she would be angry, so he let go of his hand and let Duan Chen go outside the door to get the medicine back, feed himself spoonful by spoonful, and finally pour a cup of warm water to gargle. After some tedious work, he held his shoulder and motioned him to lie down. Zhan Yun hurriedly took the opportunity to hold the man in his arms. "Dust," he called out with forbearance and grievance. Duan Chen originally did not get angry with this person, and after Zhao Ting's explanation before, he could better understand the state of mind of Zhan Yun at that time. If in another place, Duan Chen admitted that he would lose his normal state, even if he was not as crazy as Zhan Yun, he could never spare the person who took him away. In addition, Li Linke has such a mind for himself, although Zhan Yun is not jealous, she has been protecting her treasure-like heart, outdoor endless pool , and has been on guard against Li Linke. Seeing himself being held horizontally in his arms and obviously touching the acupoint, even if he was as broad-minded as a cloud, it was hard to swallow this tone.

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