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phpMyEdit General     Save the white moonlight villain
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Kimberly1     Založený: 09.01.2023   Príspevky: 10  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-01-09 02:59
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Under the cold street lamp, he had a kind of ascetic beauty, which made her want to touch, but she was afraid that tearing the seductive beauty would release the evil and arrogant devil. It was so cold that she felt cold even if she wore so thick clothes, let alone him? "Jiang Lei, put on your clothes." She said, no matter what else, she went up and prepared to put on his clothes. Looking at her face, he felt that his consciousness was almost blurred. Touching her hand, the beast locked in chains in his heart suddenly broke free from the cage like a God. He held her tightly in his arms, gently lifted her chin with cold fingers, bowed his head and kissed the softness, and wantonly absorbed her beauty. She was confused, completely lost in his gentle, the bottom of my heart trickling more and more, and finally rushed into a river... Chapter 55 It took him a long time to let her go. She was too ashamed to look at him when she thought she had almost fallen. He took the sweater from his hand and was about to ask him to put it on, only to find that he was unbuttoning his shirt. Jiang Lei, what are you doing? She hastily buttoned his shirt back. Let me show you.. "His voice was slightly hoarse, and he tried to control himself not to touch her, Whirlpool bathtub , for fear that he would lose control again." It's so cold now. What should you do if you catch a cold. Even if we want to see it later, we can also find a hotel to see it, why do you do this.. "She was anxious and angry, already lost her sense of propriety, where can we take into account other things.". She was relieved to see him put on his sweater. What Viv just said.. Is that true? ?” Jiang Lei looked at her with a smile and asked earnestly. Take off your coat and put it on him. Liu Yuwei was afraid that he was frozen, where did she remember what she had just said. Asked by him, I was stunned: "What did I just say?" "You said you could go to the hotel later.." Jiang Lei let her help her button up, a faint reminder. Her hand paused and whispered, Chinese spa manufacturer , "You must have misheard.." When did I say that? To a hotel? I Am I crazy? ? "Weiwei buckled it wrong." Jiang Lei looked at her panicked appearance and patiently reminded her. As soon as he reminded her, she realized that she had made a mistake in buttoning a button, and hurriedly lowered her head and prepared to unbutton the button. The more anxious she is, the more she can't untie it. The more she can't untie it, the more anxious she is. She was close to him, a pair of small hands stubbornly struggling with the button, her warm breath mixed with a touch of sweet straight into his nose, so that he wanted to ignore it. Viv, how long are you going to torture me? Afraid that he would not be able to control himself if he went on like this, he raised his hand and gently unbuttoned the wrong button: "Now it's OK.." After gathering her mind, this time she finally buttoned the button smoothly. Thinking of the scene just now, she couldn't help blaming herself: "Am I too stupid to even button the wrong button?". Under the street lamp, her petite body was wrapped in a soft white mink sweater, outdoor whirlpool , hot tub wholesale , and her sweet little face was as beautiful as a dream. Afraid that she would be cold, Jiang Lei took her hand and whispered, "I'll take you back." Feeling that she was in a bad state today, she nodded and followed him. Along the way, neither of them spoke again, but in the palm of their hands, the faint tide betrayed each other's mind. Two people have a tacit understanding, just hold each other's hands tightly. Jiang Lei, if.. This is where we end up. I'd rather be drunk for a long time. When she returned to the dormitory, Lu Yanmin had not come back. Thinking that she had not reviewed her lessons all day, she simply tidied up and sat at her desk and began to review her lessons. This year's winter is much colder than in previous years. On Sunday morning, she was still sitting on the Chuang reciting, only to hear a burst of cheers from downstairs: It's snowing, it's snowing.. She got off the Chuang, wore slippers and went to the window to open the curtain. Her fingers gently wiped away the fog on the glass window, only to see that there was already a snow-covered world outside. Smiling, she lowered the curtain and turned back to Chuang. Seeing that it was still early, she decided to recite the book for a while before getting up.
It was the first snow this year, and the students were so excited that they didn't even sleep late, so they went down to make a snowman with a dustpan and a shovel. All of a sudden, there was the sound of shoveling snow outside, and everyone was talking and laughing one after another. Lu Yanmin was so noisy that she couldn't sleep. She didn't even open her eyes. She asked casually, "What are you doing outside?"? Why is it so noisy? Thinking of the scene of making a snowman, Liu Yuwei answered briskly: "It's snowing outside, and everyone is making a snowman!" "Snow?" When Lu Yanmin heard this, she suddenly lost all sleep. She lifted the quilt, put on a thick pajamas and rushed to the balcony. Pushing open the glass and seeing the pure white world covered with snow outside, she shouted excitedly: "Yuwei, it's really snowing. It's snowing heavily.". I'm going down to make a snowman, too. She said and turned to run into the room, but she stepped on the snow that had just fallen through the window and fell to the ground. Hearing a muffled sound outside, Liu Yuwei lifted the Chuang curtain and asked, "Lu Yanmin, did you just hear something?" Lu Yanmin, who had been thrown firmly, rubbed her poor Bigu and stood up with difficulty: "Of course, the fall..". It's killing me. ....” Are you all right? Liu Yuwei said and hurried down to help her. Holding her arm, Lu Yanmin limped. At first, she was able to hold on. However, after a few steps, she couldn't help muttering: "My poor little fart valley." Holding back a smile, Liu Yuwei whispered, "How can you not be careful? How can you make a snowman like this now?" "It's all right. I'll be all right in a minute. You go and change your clothes first. We'll go together later." Lu Yanmin helped Chuang to sit down. Liu Yuwei did not have time to remind, only to hear a wail came, 5 person hot tub , she could not help holding the forehead: "I said, sister, you are not just fell?"? Can you sit down here?! I.. Didn't you forget it? ?” Lu Yanmin said that the tears of pain almost came out.

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