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phpMyEdit General     The Department of Repaying Wishes of Quick Wear
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Ye Zhiqiu saw Xiaobai's magical expression and chuckled: "Don't laugh at Xiaobai. As the saying goes, those who do big things don't stick to trifles. Your boss is a person who does big things, so don't care about these details." While talking to Xiaobai in her heart, she accompanied several children to practice. About an hour later, the old man's breakfast was ready. The courtyard is calm and peaceful, but outside the courtyard, chickens fly and dogs jump. After Xiao Kun took over Hanjiang City, he was ambitious to gather all the refugees in the city and began to recruit from door to door. Ye Zhiqiu looked at the people standing in the yard with a cold face. Qiu Hang shouted, "Are there only a few people in your family?" Lu Fanxiang nodded hurriedly: "Yes, Master Jun, it's all here." Qiu Hang a face of disgust, old old, small small, the only two men are less than eighteen years old, none of them can be elected. His eyes shot around. Uh. There is a problem. The city of Hanjiang has been short of food for some time, and the whole family has a ruddy complexion. It seems that they have hidden a lot of good things. He rolled his eyes and said, "Since your family can't draw out people to serve the city of Hanjiang, let's pay for it." "Right, right, right. It's an eventful time now. The common people in Hanjiang City have to have money to pay, brushed stainless steel sheet , food to pay, and people to pay. Otherwise, they can't defend the city. You won't have a good life if you are beaten in by the dog thieves in Yangzhoubang." Qiu Hang's Ao Shun immediately understood the meaning of the boss, immediately help. Lu Fanxiang bent over and replied humbly, "Master Jun, it's not that the younger generation doesn't hand in the food. It's really that the whole family is running out of food. There's no food to hand in.." When Ao Shun heard this, he was furious and kicked the old man with his big feet. "You're an immortal. You're full of nonsense. I think you're tired of living." Since the two officers and soldiers entered the door, Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe , Ye Zhiqiu has been staring at them, see him start, immediately move, quickly hold the old man back a few steps, calmly avoid the attack of soldiers and bandits. Ao Shun was surprised. Qiu Hang was also surprised. Qiu Hang shouted, "Do you want to rebel?"? How dare you resist the will of the Lord of the city. Ye Zhiqiu sneered. She forced a pile of feet, the ground under her feet suddenly cracked, and then said coolly: "See?"? I don't mind stacking you all up in a pile. What the hell? Qiu Hang and Ao Shun looked at each other, two people frightened, met the hard stubble. Move reinforcements? The two of them ran out at the same time. Ao Shun lost a cruel word as he ran. Don't run away if you have the ability. When I bring my men, I will destroy your whole family. What enmity? A word of disagreement will destroy others. Lv Fanxiang and Lv Ruiwen were frightened. Lv Xiaoshu and Lv Xiaomiao were also frightened. But Lv Jiaojiao clapped her hands and shouted, "Ah Jie is so fierce. Ah Jie is so fierce. She has driven all the bad guys away." Ye Zhiqiu touched her hairy little head and motioned to Lu Xiaoshu to take her and Lu Xiaomiao to the room. "Tigress, what should I do?" Asked Lu Fanxiang with a sad look on his face? Why don't we run away now? He did not think that the army was so hostile now, or let them move the grain away, Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet , 304 Stainless Steel Sheet , after all, life is important. Grandpa's fine. They won't come again. We just have to be careful. Lu Ruiwen, who had always been silent, heard Tigress's answer and immediately asked, "Really?" "Really, you have to believe me." The two old men lifted their hearts and put them down. Ye Zhiqiu has been cultivating his position in their hearts and in the hearts of children over the past few years. "Trust me." These three words are the psychological hints she does all the time. She wants to establish an absolute sense of security and prestige in the hearts of the elderly and children. Now, the results are very satisfactory. Ye Zhiqiu looked at the two old people and went to prepare lunch with ease. Then he asked in his heart, "Xiao Bai, did you mark it?" "Don't worry, boss, their spirits have been locked, and when they return to the barracks, if they really bring people to kill, I will kill them first." "No, the present period is very sensitive. The death of two people at a time will attract people's attention. Do you have any way to erase their memories in the courtyard?" Small white: "Have idea, boss.".
” Ye Zhiqiu: "Does the erasure of memory affect them?" Xiao Bai thought about it and then answered, "I don't know if it has any effect, because I haven't used this skill yet." Ye Zhiqiu thought, "Let's do it." ―――――― () Chapter 155 the beginning of War 41. ―――――――― She didn't care what would happen to the people who would kill her family if they didn't agree with each other, no matter what the consequences would be for them. All right, boss. "In addition, Xiaobai, you set up a maze array, now eventful autumn, hide the small courtyard." "All right, boss." In the twilight, the frost and the cold wind, Ye Zhiqiu closed the gate of the courtyard and returned to the kitchen. Lu Ruiwen cooked a big pot of porridge in the evening, steamed a few steamed buns, and placed a dish of pickled cucumber and a dish of hot pepper on the table. The world is not peaceful, and food has to be saved. Lv Xiaoshu and Lv Xiaomiao have long known that the situation in Hanjiang City is not normal now, so they did not say anything about the change in food. But Lv Jiaojiao is still young, usually elder sister and brothers will take her out to play, but now can only stay at home, she feels very boring. And there is no meat to eat yet, and she feels very painful without it. Sister, there's no meat tonight. Jiaojiao doesn't like pickles most. Jiaojiao won't eat them. It is easy for adults to go from simplicity to luxury, but difficult for them to go from luxury to simplicity, let alone a child. Ye Zhiqiu did not reprimand Lv Jiaojiao for her small temper. She gently took away the small bowl in front of Lv Jiaojiao and said, "If you don't eat, don't eat. Just as the second brother always said that he was not full, your share will be given to the second brother." Lv Jiaojiao was even more unhappy. "I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat," she pouted. Lv Fanxiang could not bear to see the child's grievance. He picked up a bowl of porridge and scooped up a little bit with a spoon. He coaxed softly, 304 Stainless Steel Wire , "Little one, be good. Grandpa's porridge is very delicious tonight. You eat a little bit. If you don't eat, you will be hungry later." 。

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