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Then the fox, who seemed to have a body of steel, slowly raised his head and looked down at the bell with his pale golden eyes. His voice was deep and dignified: "This sentence is returned to you as it is. Human beings, don't provoke your enemy before you know the strength of your opponent." The look of horror under the bell's visor drew back. And Damian had pulled out his sword. The boy's tone was as cold as the snowy blade. "Then it's my turn, Slade," he sneered coldly. With a loud shout, he rushed straight at the bell without hesitation. "Dastardly traitor, do you think these defeated monsters alone can stop me?"? You think you can beat me, you loser in the heir contest? Your arrogance is a disgrace to Grandpa! "Shut up!"! Kid! If you want to stop me, it's okay to let the fox around you come, just because of you, huh?! The knell gritted his teeth and fired at him. However, Lei Xiaogu was able to block several people's/guns/mouths with his own blade. Damian, who was taught by him, was not weak. He quickly rushed to the knell and forced him to abandon the hot weapons that he did not adapt to in close combat and compete with him with his/warrior/sword. Puff won't interfere. This is my fight with you! Damian was not influenced by this clumsy provocation, but by his pride and self-confidence as the grandson of Lei Xiaogu and the son of Batman's blood, which made him not allow the fox to intervene in the battle, Precision steel tubes , because it was his battle. The boy held the knife and chopped it down fiercely. However, he is still a little young, even though the style of the battle is fierce, the moves are strange, and with a lighter and agile body, he has suffered a lot, but in fact, impact beam tubes , he will inevitably fall into the disadvantage. When Batman arrived at that moment, the death knell was holding a broken blade fiercely, trying to insert it into Damian's left arm. Batman did not hesitate to throw out a bat dart. Faster than the bat dart to stop the bell was a fox's tail, which was so flexible that it curled up the sharp blade and kept it in place-it was not the first time that the bell trembled with anger. Damian seizes the opportunity to return him a elbowing, and then he draws a knife to counterattack, not forgetting to shout to Batman: "Father, go to see mother!"! Wilson, give it to me! I'll make him pay.. In your way, absolutely! Batman picked up Talia, examined her injuries, and then breathed a sigh of relief. Talia had been interrogated, but in order to attract Damian, side impact beams , Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes , the death knell left her alive. Under the special care of the fox, the fatal shot did not hit her vital part. She was only in a short coma due to blood loss, and her life would not be in danger for a while. The fox also withdrew his tail and squatted beside Batman and Thalia, watching the Dark Knight hug his lover to give her first aid, while Damian fought with the bell. Batman and Fox watched the battle together, which brought great psychological pressure to the death knell. His forehead broke out in a cold sweat unconsciously, but the movements of his men could not be seen. In the end, Damian beat him. The bloodthirsty son of the devil really did not like before, fighting to forget the promise of Blues, he put away the blade, did not hesitate to give up the option to kill the enemy, a turn to jump on the fox: "the base is about to collapse, father, we quickly get out of here!" Thalia put her arms around Batman's waist. "My love.." Batman picked her up and shot a claw hook out of the cave, leaving the Lhasa Road Pool and the base at the bottom of the sea forever. Damian also grabbed the hair on the fox's neck. "Let's go, Puff …" Wait a minute. What the hell did Grayson do to you? Is your hair getting thinner?! The knell of the grievous wound looked at them: "…" A real question came into the knell's mind: "Wait a minute, brother, what's the difference between killing me and killing me?"? The fox knew he wouldn't die here, so the moment he jumped out of the cave, he turned his back to Damian and released a life-harvesting fox fire. The purple flame swept behind him, and the fox stepped on it and jumped out of the base.
Two bat planes were parked in midair above the base, and Nightwing operated one of them to inject large quantities of the antidote to the bat potion into the bats that had collapsed and rushed out of the sea, watching them return to human form. Dick quickly connected Batman and Thalia to the Batplane and said, "I guess I came just in time." He received a communication from another Batplane, from Damian, who was dissatisfied with the autopilot function. Dick pressed the connect button, not looking behind him at Talia, who was trying to rekindle his love affair with Batman, and the silent Batman himself, and asked, "What's wrong, Damian?" Damian's angry growl came from the mouthpiece: "Damn Grayson!"! What did you do to my puff! Why does its rich and beautiful fur suddenly become so thin? Dick paused. "Well, listen to me …" The boy gnashed his teeth, and his emerald eyes burned with anger: "Where is his big scarf?!"! Winter is coming soon. Do you want to freeze my fox to death? Dick: I can really explain this … "Go and explain to Puff!" Damian snapped off the phone, frowned and rubbed the fox's neck, and began to think about asking Dick, the babysitter, to atone for his sins and knit a bat-patterned fur collar for Puff. Fox There is a kind of cold that makes the master think you are cold. Chapter 147 a small excess (police). Twenty-three did not stay too much in the world of Batman's son. After Damian chose to leave his mother and stay with Batman, he soon left Gotham and returned to the main world in the name of "the crisis is over and he continues to live in seclusion". She came out of the swirling door of time and space, stainless steel tube 304 , switched her consciousness back to the body, and with the withdrawal of the skill chip, the tasker seemed to relax all over.

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