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phpMyEdit General     The Reborn Love of Gods and Demons
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Amexar     Založený: 04.01.2023   Príspevky: 11  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-01-04 02:23
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Nie Feng's shock is indescribable! He began to realize that his trap with Bu Jingyun was not only dangerous! Not only is it incredible! And the enemy they face is even more unexpected! Just because the true face under the veil of the mysterious strong man is. However, even though Nie Feng already knew the true face of this person, I believe there is no chance to inform Bu Jingyun in time! He had begun to faint and feel weak, "plop"! Finally fell heavily into the water of the West Lake! Fall into the boundless trap of the West Lake! Is that the end of him? At the same time when Nie Feng fell into the lake, his brother Yun had already chased him out. A mile away! Bu Jingyun persevered and chased him all the time. The figure in white did not know whether it was lack of strength or did not want to avoid it any more. Finally, it stopped in a dark forest and stood with its back to Bu Jingyun, who had caught up with it later! Bu Jingyun only felt a little strange. If this figure in white was Lesser Snow, even if he refused to recognize him, he should always withdraw and refuse to recognize him in the end. Why did he suddenly stop waiting for him? Could it be that she has changed her mind? Rao Bu Jingyun is full of doubts, after all, the artist is bold; even if the name is cheating, so what? Now that he has chased here, he must see if this person is Xiaoxue! So can not help but say, "Fu"! Step Jingyun has been swept by lightning to the figure in white who has already stood still, and asked in a deep voice: "You-" "Is it Lesser Snow?" The figure in white didn't even open his mouth to answer! Because She answered with action! "Peng"! Suddenly, the figure in white turned around with a wave of his sleeve, and there was a dark thing in his sleeve that smashed into the clouds! Bu Jingyun actually felt different early and had been on alert all the time. With a slight flash at the moment, he had already escaped by himself! Only. Although he had known for a long time that something was different, he had not thought about the dark thing that attacked him.
It turned out to be a -- Foreign object! A hairy claw! Ah? The figure in white has an animal claw? So this figure is..? Just as Bu Jingyun frowned, he saw the face of the figure in white at the same time! See, "her" face, where is Xiaoxue's face? The face of this figure is not a human face at all! But the face of a fierce beast! He saw that the figure had a miserable face, CNC machining parts , his eyes turned white, and his face was full of ferocity and violence! Although she was dressed up as a woman, she did not know whether she was a man or a woman, whether she was a man, a beast or a ghost! It is not so much a figure standing in front of Bu Jingyun at the moment as a shadow of a beast! "Beast-" "Slave?" Bu Jingyun also did not know why he first saw the face of this figure, unexpectedly would blurt out these two words! It seemed that in the depths of his mind, he had also seen a foreign body that was not like a human being-a beast slave! The beast slave was obviously sent by the mysterious strong man, but. Beast slaves were originally slaves of "God", why did they reappear? Could it be that the mysterious strong man is..? The scene in front of us is very strange! That is to say, the name is cold and motionless step Jingyun, when he first saw this ferocious beast slave, his face could not help but be moved! But, deep draw stamping , non standard fasteners , teach him more moving things, still in the future! Just when Bu Jingyun knew that he had been trapped by the enemy, he suddenly realized that his feet seemed to have been made. He could not help but look down and see that his legs were wrapped tightly by two things! As far as common sense is concerned, the cultivation of Bu Jingyun should never be entangled by two things, but can be silently entangled, just because the two things are: Two pieces of fish thread as light as yuan Wu! And the man who used these two filaments to make the feet of Bu Jingyun was standing twenty feet away at the moment, and Bu Jingyun glanced at the man and found that he was actually- The old man who was fishing by the West Lake just now! So even he is the man of the mysterious strong man? But listen to the old man's high-spirited way: "Hey, hey!"! Bu Jing Yun! Surprise, huh? My Fangweng's silver rope is the lightest and most powerful thing in the world, and it also contains the'soul-stirring 'drug I've been given, which is powerful enough to pass through my clothes. Now you can't escape from my palm by half a step and half a minute if you're wrapped in my silver rope! Ah? So the old man was called "Fang Weng"? And his fishline is even more soul-stirring? Rao is so, step Jingyun is still calm in the face of danger, he asked without expression: "You-" "Why-" "Deliberately seduce me-" "Step into a trap?" Put Weng see step JingYun legs are made of their own silver wire, already have a plan in the chest, answer: "Because we want to lure another person into a trap with you!" "Who?" "The person who loves you the most in the world is also the person you once loved the most." "Snow!" "Fate!" As soon as the word "yuan" came out, that Fang Weng suddenly spread out his body and jumped, and with a wave of his right palm, he was already carrying the overwhelming force of his palm toward the startled cloud and the spirit of heaven! At the same time, the beast slave, who is not like a man, is also extremely ferocious, and has firmly embraced Bu Jingyun with his arms and waist in one hand! The beast slave is originally "the God" becomes the slave by "the Lu pill" to the ordinary person, they do not have the thought, but the strength is stronger than the ordinary person ten times! This time, the beast slave hugged Bu Jingyun tightly around the waist, coupled with Fang Weng's "silver rope to capture the sky" which had been tightly wrapped around Bu Jingyun's feet, Bu Jingyun could hardly avoid it at the moment! Put weng see step startled cloud is bound to be his palm split in the spirit and faint, and then be captured, not sneer at: "Hey, hey!"! When my master tried his best to send the beast slave to lure you to fall, it turned out that death without crying was just such a cowardly and vulnerable role! If I had known this, I alone would have been enough to release you. "Give me your hand!" In the midst of the cold laughter, Fang Weng's palm was already very close to Bu Jingyun. However, Fang Weng underestimated the enemy too much! Because his conscience is more rational than he is! Calm! Clever! There must be no omission in his master's calculation! In a moment, suddenly heard the sound of "crack"! Fang Weng Zhai found that the hands of the beast slave's waist and arms had cracks in his skin, and then.
The beast slave suddenly gave a cry of "bang" to the sky! See its a pair of arms, unexpectedly to step Jingyun hard to earn. Tear it off! All of a sudden, titanium machining parts , the sky is covered with blood! Broken hand bone blood flying, the situation is extremely sad! And while Fang Weng was in a daze, there was a shadow of his palm in front of his eyes!

denisbeta     Založený: 25.08.2023   Príspevky: 1990  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2024-04-28 23:05
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