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phpMyEdit General     If he takes pity on [wear quickly] (1)
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Zachariasz     Založený: 04.01.2023   Príspevky: 9  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-01-04 01:29
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"Yo Yo, don't you even believe me?" There was a sad look in his eyes. "I promise I won't hurt you, okay?" The kitten seemed to hesitate, first reaching out a paw and touching his finger, then quickly withdrawing it. The soft touch of fur, the pitiful eyes. Duan Feng's heart has melted. Come to me. Don't be afraid. She finally slowly came out from under the bed and carefully climbed onto his hand. At the moment when he gently took her out from under the bed with both hands, the original kitten suddenly turned into a girl, crying and getting into his arms. Duan Feng put his arm around her. "Don't be afraid. It's all right." Still like a small animal, she cried and trembled all over, crying and saying in a thin and weak voice: "Yes." I'm sorry I was hungry, so I ran away. You Don't be angry. The author has something to say: Although I know that many little angels are fattening, or waiting for the end of a story, there are also many people who do not like the subject and abandon the article, and there are fewer and fewer comments every day, but when I update late at night every day, I can still see familiar names and flowers. Seeing you, I think I have to insist on 6000 words a day this month, spill plastic pallet , no matter how hard I work! Chapter 34 How could he be angry? At the moment of seeing her curled up in the corner of the kitchen to eat bread, Duan Feng had already begun to blame himself and feel distressed. He could almost imagine the kitten jumping out of bed after he fell asleep, too hungry to sleep, and running all the way to the second floor to find something to eat in the kitchen. She must be very hungry. After he came back from the hospital, he didn't feed her much, because the doctor said that she could just feed her a little of her favorite food today. He saw that she had no appetite, plastic pallet manufacturer , so he didn't feed her much, but she was hungry all the time. Duan Feng was so distressed and self-reproached that he regretted it at the same time. He shouldn't have disturbed her when she was eating. He should have waited for her to finish. It's my fault. Don't cry. Duan Feng touched her hair to coax her, "I'm not angry, good." "…… Ture She raised her head sobbing. At such a close distance, you can see her face completely, as if God's carefully carved face, every arc and detail is extremely beautiful, can not find a flaw, even those female stars who are famous for their beauty in the entertainment circle can not compare with her. Between her eyebrows and eyes, there is still a girl's tender, but beautiful almost strange, long small fan-like eyelashes, plastic bulk containers , heavy duty plastic pallet , that pair of eyes like a kitten, the pupil is still beautiful and moist blue. Duan Feng knew he should look away now, but he couldn't do it at all. He reached out uncontrollably and gently cupped her chin. Her skin was soft and white, only her lips were delicate pink. He gently wiped the tears from her chin with his thumb and stopped uncontrollably at the corner of her lips. …… Master As soon as she opened her mouth, Duan Feng suddenly came to his senses. At that moment, there was a flash of discomfiture in his eyes, but then he squinted dangerously. Don't call me that. He whispered in a husky voice. She tilted her head and looked at him in puzzlement. Duan Feng's hands trembled, and suddenly realized that she was not wearing clothes now, only her long hair covered most of her body. His hands were on her shoulders and hair, and he could even feel her soft skin. But she looked at his eyes, only at a loss and grievance, and a little pitiful dependence. She did not realize what it meant to be so naked in front of a man. Duan Feng reached out and pulled the blanket on the bed over her body and picked her up at the waist. She is very light, and holding her like this is no different from holding a kitten. Duan Feng did not dare to look any more, put her on the bed and turned around to open the wardrobe to find clothes for her. There was a rustling sound behind him. "Just wait," said Duan Feng. She stopped moving at once and waited quietly for him. Only Duan Feng's own clothes in the wardrobe, Duan Rong never lived here, so there were no women's clothes in the villa for her to wear, he could only take his own clothes.
When he turned around, Duan Feng paused. Half of the blanket that had been draped over her body slipped off, revealing a large area of skin in the air, which was called snow-white by light brown hair and crimson blanket. The tail, which was hidden under the blanket, moved, emerged from the blanket, and quickly retracted. . As if suddenly a little shy, her face turned a little red and her tail shrank. Duan Feng coughed and handed her the clothes. "Put this on." Will you wear it? She took the dress and looked at it over and over. Then he put it on the bed, bent over and put his head in. Duan Feng: ".." In five minutes. Duan Feng struggled to button her shirt one by one. She is very clever, so motionless looking at him, Duan Feng raised his head just to her eyes. Are you still hungry? She nodded. "Hungry." Duan Feng touched her head, "then you wait for me here, and I'll get you something to eat, OK?" She nodded. "Yes." Duan Feng closed the door, but did not immediately go downstairs. He pressed his back against the door and was quiet for a long time. Obviously the appearance is motionless, but his heartbeat is so obvious that even he can feel it clearly. He never knew.. It turns out that there is such a lovely girl in this world. He was so cute that he was at a loss. Even the heartbeat is out of rhythm. Someone rang the doorbell outside the door, and the security guard came. Mr. Duan, what happened to your family? "It's all right, you can go." The security guard was not at ease, and in order to avoid the possibility of being threatened, wholesale plastic pallet , he asked again. Mr. Duan, is it not convenient for you to open the door? Duan Feng opened the door and let them take a look. "Sorry, I just had a nightmare and sent a message carelessly." 。

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