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phpMyEdit General     Quickly wear the female companion: the sick and charming bos
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Zachariasz     Založený: 04.01.2023   Príspevky: 9  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-01-04 01:17
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What's more, Su Shi is silent, she is to take the silent soul back! Chapter 9 of the main text Yunshan chaos. Didn't you stop her bleeding? When you are your father, my old eyes are dim. Su Xun is discontented, if the son says well with him, so early starts to want to fool him, that waits for him to be a little bit bigger that still gets? "Yes, Dad, you see, I'm not wrong, it's not that your daughter-in-law doesn't serve me well on weekdays, but that she doesn't appreciate me at all!"! You're still looking forward to Shi Yun giving birth to a big fat boy for your Su family! Cloud clothes finally seized the opportunity to break out, usually really endure Su Shi endure enough, today do not thoroughly vent, she felt unworthy of the surname cloud! At least her family is a big family in Meizhou! At the beginning, her father was a little unhappy about her marrying the Su family! Su Xun frowned more tightly, "you can take care of your friend, give it to Zeng Gong, you go back with me now!"! Try it quickly, and you still regard it as a child's play! Later, it was already the tone of a reprimand. yuan Zhi Xi is because I am injured, I can not abandon it, this is not a gentleman, father you usually teach us like this? Su Shi felt that he was not clear about his cheap Lao Tzu at the moment, and the key was that Yunchang had been dragging his hind legs behind his back. Suddenly, stainless steel toilet , yuan Zhi Xi opened his mouth, "Su Shi, you don't care about me, put me down and go back, I can support myself, it's all right." "Did you hear that, Xianggong?" Yunchang sneered? They don't want you to hold them. You'd better not take the opportunity to bully their sister, right? "You!" Su Shi glared, he really can't stand the cloud clothes, Flushometer valve , this kind of person without a little basic empathy, he will absolutely go crazy if he stays with her for another second! Su Xun also felt a little inappropriate at the moment, this cloud dress is a bit too much today, the difference between men and women is to be fastidious, but the old saying also said that sister-in-law to cross the river, uncle can carry the past, as long as each other's hearts put down, heart without hindrance, act properly. yuan Zhi Xi will never let Su Shi still entangle the silent soul even a minute, she wants to return is to complete the silent soul, she does not want Su Shi and silent between there is a little bit involved, she wants to let Su Shi and silent off completely, without any obstacles. Mr. Su, after all, Yunchang is your fiancee. You go back and live a good life with her. When I recover my strength, I'll leave on my own. yuan Zhi Xi does not want to play the play of lust, she just wants to achieve the purpose of the heart. Say that finish, yuan Zhi Xi felt, Stainless Steel Shower Tray , Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo , Su Shi did not even a little to put down her meaning, palm holding her more gentle, holding her more to force, this power, absolutely not Su Shi this scholar can give, not silent consciousness awakening is what? yuan Zhi Xi smiled contentedly, this smile, and pulled to the pain, grinning teeth that is no problem, now it is impossible to worry about what the image of a lady. Cloud clothes see momentum is not right, Su Xun that old man seems not to speak, "phase." As soon as she opened her mouth, a man who looked like a servant hurried in. Isn't that a small place? Yunchang felt something was wrong. How could the most fluent servant in the family be sent here? Is there something wrong with the family? As soon as Xiaodi saw that Miss Yunchang was here as expected, he did not care about anything else, but hurriedly said a few words in her ear. Su Xun found that his right eyelid jumped several times, a cloud of sadness in his heart, I am afraid it is not good news. Yunchang listened, hesitated for a long time, and took a piece of paper handed over by Xiaodi. She cleared her throat and smiled at Su Xun and Su Shi. "Well, since everyone has different ways, then break off the marriage. Everyone goes their own way of sunshine. I'll go back to my home." Su Xun ears like a bolt from the blue, did you hear right, a girl's family actually proposed to break off the marriage? Aren't you afraid of her own reputation? Su Shi had seen through this woman for a long time. He looked as usual. He said to Su Xun lightly, "Dad, you heard that. We can't keep this kind of woman in our family. We don't want her either. In order to preserve her moral integrity, we'd better give her a divorce document. Just find a reason on our side.".
” yuan Zhi Xi did not open his mouth, quietly observed, silently began to work seriously, she was always willing to appreciate and praise beside him, he did not take the initiative to ask her to help, that he felt he could handle it himself. Ha ha ha! Su Shi, what kind of beautiful words do you say at this point! Use your words to deceive the ignorant girl in your arms! Cloud clothes insolently laughed, a year, only now, she felt that she was carefree, originally, her temper had been suppressed for so long, almost a little forget what she was free before her engagement. Yunchang stopped laughing and said ferociously, "Old man Su, your son is either a pervert or a pervert. I don't think he's an ugly woman, do I?"? A living woman who has been engaged for a year, and he has no interest in getting close? Do you think he's sick?! When Su Xun saw the ferocious "face" of Yunchang, he realized how much of a bastard he had engaged his son to. But fortunately, fortune and misfortune depend on each other, and now their family has taken the initiative to break off this marriage, which is also a virtue. I'll write a letter of divorce in calligraphy, and you can take it and help yourself. Su Xun is now looking for pen, ink and paper. yuan Zhi Xi had long guessed what was in Yunchang's hand. No need! Yunchang stretched out her hand and brightened the document she had taken. "My father has already written it, so I'll give it to you in vain!"! No thanks! Su Xun hurriedly swept all the "divorce" title documents of Douda, and saw that they finally slowly calmed down. yuan Zhi Xi can not help but secretly praise, can personally teach Su Shi Su Zhe two great literary giant son, he himself is one of the three Su, even if the parallel space how different, as expected or a little inside information. Su Xun said thoughtfully, "I have no objection to anything else, Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin , but for your consideration, do you want to add a statement on this? Su Shi and you have never consummated their marriage, and you are still perfect. This will not delay your future.." 。

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