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Yang Dou hesitated and agreed. He didn't care who he was working for. He just wanted to hold Shi Guo in his hand. The two attendants revealed their identities. They were killers sent by the Dragon King. As part of the deal, Yang Dou had to take them to the main account. Yang Dou hesitated again after also agreed, in order to recapture the prime minister's position, he has used all kinds of means, try to assassinate also just as well. In this way, Gu Shenwei hid his true face with the lotus woman. Under the watchful eyes of the sentries, he entered the main tent within ten paces and was stopped by a killer who came here on patrol. The lotus female controls two killers one after another with the centering finger and Indra incense, Yang Dou pretends to speak mysteriously in a low voice, in order to deceive people. A person who inhales Indra does not immediately lose control of his body and is still able to walk, but only needs someone to pull him. Yang Dou warmly took the two killers on his arm and said in a flattered tone: "Thank you, thank you, great kindness can not be repaid..." After a few words, he had pushed the two men to the door of the tent. Coincidentally, the white staff officer's speech was finally over, and the relieved generals filed out of the tent, not paying much attention to Yang Dou standing outside the door, but a little surprised to see him holding the arms of the two killers affectionately. If other killers saw this, they would immediately become suspicious. There are also two killers patrolling outside the tent, who will soon come over, and the lotus woman is outside, responsible for dealing with them. Yang Dou took the lead in entering the account and said loudly, "Mr. Song, I beg you to come." The white staff officer was very angry. "What are you doing here?"? Get out The killer standing in the corner drew his knife and fell to the ground after only one step. Only then did Mr. Song, a white-clothed staff officer, notice the two killers with different expressions and the strangers behind them. Mr. Song was familiar with the way of Jinpeng's killer, so he knew that his life and death depended on the next moment. "I have something to say." The stranger did not start immediately. Mr. Song went on, 16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps , "An army is coming to Xiaoyao Sea. If you want to know the time and route, don't kill me." Staff officer in white also has a time of fear, Yang Dou to Jinpeng Fort only a little respect disappeared, snorted, "every month Jinpeng Fort will send an army, to now also did not see many people, is this hundred or so supervisor." The white staff officer's eyes were fixed on the stranger dressed as an attendant. "It's true this time. The king has made a plan not only to conquer the Stone Kingdom, but also to annex the other four countries." Gu Shenwei was surprised. He thought there was still time to reorganize the army and prepare for the battle, but he didn't expect the army of Jinpeng Fort to come so soon. Chapter four hundred and twenty The white staff officer of Jinpeng Fort revealed important information before he died, but he refused to tell all the information. How many people are there in the army? When will it arrive? Which route to take? Not a word more. Therefore, the accuracy of this information has been questioned. Just bring him back for questioning. It's not easy. Fang Wen was a little sorry, but he was blaming the Dragon King for being too quick. In the palace Council hall, Gu Shenwei was discussing the unexpected information with Zhong Heng and Fang Wen. Back to the scene at that time, Glass Cosmestic Containers , Glass Cream Jars , Gu Shenwei had no choice. He knew very well that the staff officer in white would not open his mouth again. The other side threw out surprising news. The only purpose was to gain time to wait for rescue. He was afraid of death, but more afraid of the king alone. He would never betray easily. Assassinations can take a long time to wait before they begin, and once they begin, they must cut the Gordian knot, dragging their feet for any reason, which may lead to fatal consequences. In order to kill the staff officer in white with the lotus girl, Gu Shen left several Jin Peng killers who had lost their minds in the main tent and quickly evacuated. Yang Dou was impressed by the two killers'neat tactics and finally guessed their true identities. "Dragon King, wait for my good news. Tomorrow morning, five thousand allied forces will turn enemies into friends. Please remember what I did today. This is a risk to my life." It is not reliable to pin hope on a person, especially when the man's position is questionable, Gu Shenwei sneaked into the barracks to assassinate the commander in chief at the same time, Zhong Heng has selected five hundred soldiers, equipped with all the horses in the city, hiding behind the gate at any time. Gu Shenwei left the Council chamber and joined the five hundred soldiers before the result of the white staff officer's words was discussed.
The soldiers were surprised and excited that the Dragon King was going to charge into battle with him, and the whispers were like a warm wind in early spring, blowing everyone's confidence. Indeed, the Dragon King is not as tall and powerful as they imagined, nor does he seem to have magical magic, but he is brave, calm and approachable beyond imagination. Gu Shenwei slowly pushed from the end of the line to the front, nodded to everyone, and whispered "keep up with me" every few soldiers passed by. Although many of the soldiers were middle-aged, Gu Shenwei still felt childlike enthusiasm from them. Yang Dou promised to persuade the generals to surrender before daybreak. At the end of the night, more than half an hour before the appointed time, five hundred soldiers, led by the Dragon King, rode quietly out of the gate and launched a surprise attack on the allied forces. Gu Shenwei did not want to wait passively. Approaching the enemy camp, Gu Shenwei sounded the horn and issued the order to charge. Five hundred people shouted in unison, causing confusion among the enemy. As a matter of fact, the allied barracks were already in a mess. The body of the staff officer in white was found very soon. The generals of the four countries looked at the second commander in chief of their own loss with a pale face. What made them panic even more was that the five Jinpeng killers were not dead, nor could they be considered alive. They were like walking corpses, standing in the main tent, turning a blind eye to all people and things. There were dozens of people stationed in Jinpeng Fort, but none of them were particularly prominent. They quarreled with each other first, and then with the generals of the four countries, not to fight for command, but because no one was willing to take over the ominous army. Yang Dou felt that the time had come, personally visited the main generals of various countries, conveyed the conditions given by the Dragon King, and advised them to surrender immediately, "Prince Kang has nodded, what are you hesitating about?"? The Dragon King said that those who surrender will protect the country and the king, and those who do not surrender will destroy the country and the king. The change was too sudden, Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale , but some wise people had already thought of it, so they vaguely agreed, and the only one who did not nod was Prince Kang.

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