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Lesley     Založený: 29.12.2022   Príspevky: 12  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2022-12-29 02:11
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There is no comparison with the previous one. Thousands of times the mass of the Milky Way, tearing time and space together, sucking everything into it, and turning it into the most primitive elements or quarks! Despair comes from the heart. Whether it is Zheng Zha or other people together. Looking at the huge black hole that made them unable to hold their bodies from a long distance and drew the stars in their field of vision closer, the absurd scene made them almost lose the ability to think. However, this is not the end. One breath to create such a horrible thing, unexpectedly oneself has not been sucked into the replica, I do not know when to become dozens of times larger than the original replica is a dangerous'black hole 'in the hands of a pinch. The thing that can't be compressed is forcibly transformed into something more dangerous than a black hole. "What a strong energy reaction!" The only one who knew something about this phenomenon, and Chu Xuan, who held both the Deification of the Gods and the East Emperor Bell in his hand, found his feelings and murmured with an unusual gaffe. It's like the Big Bang-yes, there was a hypothesis in the origin of the universe, when the mass of the whole universe was concentrated in a singularity. It will once again stage the birth of the universe'Singularity Big Bang ', and open up a new universe from the singularity again. But with such power, how could he master such power? How is that possible? Now that it has appeared, nothing is impossible. Not like Chu Xuan, Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale , who knows the situation very well, but knows that the situation is very dangerous, my warm-blooded Luo Yinglong roared loudly from the bottom of his heart. How could it be easy to get hit! Don't stand there and try to keep it as a target!!! This is advice. But it doesn't make sense. Infinity.. Singularity Big Bang ……” Call out the name of the profound meaning in a loud voice, and the replica wields the strongest blow! The dark galloping light brought up the endless darkness. Everywhere, whether heaven, earth or anything else, was drowned by the darkness, Blue Bottle Serum , as if the light and everything in the world were just a layer of false skin illusion, and this dark lightning tore the superficial camouflage apart and restored the world to nothing. Devour everything, annihilate everything, the most primitive darkness, the most absolute nothingness. The original dark.. Doomsday storm !!!!! “…… You fools, bear the karmic fire of the birth of this eternal universe until existence itself is completely destroyed! Grief, anger, curse, hatred, regret.. A split second. Fall into the abyss of despair. However, when the burning karmic fire annihilates the whole cosmic space, glass cream jars , Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale , most of the reincarnations who have nowhere to escape do not hold on and scream directly into the dust of the universe, and the consciousness of people who still do not give up begins to blur with the endless pain directed at the soul. That's the end of it? That is It's absolutely impossible! Labored, the voice came. It is absolutely false to say that you are not afraid. No one is afraid of death, especially those who have already died once, and they want to live anyway. But there are times when you can't give in even if you die. Zheng Zha! Dead perhaps more than once, carrying more than one person to pray for Zhao Yingkong, resolutely rushed to the front of the girl shouted, "here." Leave it to me! Zhao Yingkong's ability is energy absorption. Zhao Zhukong's ability is to fold space. Absorbing the light of his brother's soul to complete himself, the girl named Zhao Yingkong stepped forward at the end of the abyss of despair! In an instant, the light bloomed. Has the petite stature, the lovable sweet girl, has grown up suddenly in the twinkling of an eye.
In the doomsday storm that destroyed everything, there appeared a figure several times larger than Zhang Heng's "shooting the sun wizard" before, with the same dark color as the oncoming doomsday storm, and in the moment of appearance, countless huge tentacles like "black holes" grew from his body. The indomitable stop before the doomsday storm that annihilates everything and destroys everything, and it is incredible to let the posture of destruction that ends everything stagnate a little! Look carefully, her surface is actually densely packed with countless distorted spaces, and you can directly see that countless spaces are being formed and fragmented, which is simply countless dynamic black holes with life-like constant absorption of energy. Tianyuan Breakthrough. Supra suction collapse ! “…… This kind of thing, stop it! (To be continued) Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian'tang Chapter 868 sings the last elegy. co The battle is over (Chapter 868 of the Infinite Final Demon). Around the same desire, obviously has even more than the fetters of blood, but they have to fight each other with the goal of completely eliminating each other, two people with the same name and origin. Such a battle, finally. Draw down the curtain here. This is obviously very absurd, but blocked all the confrontation, how long it lasted, Xiao LAN has not remembered. However, I thought I would be bound forever, but it was not as heavy as I expected. It just happened. Experienced the past. Just a short moment, it seems to have become a distant memory. One thing is for sure, though. This past, which has passed away, will never be forgotten, will never be discarded, the same. And it won't happen again. The swords exchanged sparks. The atmosphere of mutual repression and split silk. After an unknown length of attack and defense. It can no longer be called the skill of fighting, abandoning all the skills, extremely clumsy, 30ml dropper bottle , just desperately denying the life of the other side. But it was something like that that left an indelible mark on his life. That is the impossible sword and halberd. The body, which was cut by the sword and was close to being broken, was full of wounds.

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