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Breast milk is the perfect source of nutrition for almost all babies. It meets essentially most of the nutritional needs of full-term babies until approximately six months old when solid foods are often put into the diet. Breast milk even offers important health advantages for premature babies.


Significance of early breastfeeding — You should start breastfeeding within the very first few hours after birth, whenever possible. Early and frequent breastfeeding following the birth is very important because:

Colostrum benefits – During the very first couple of days after birth, your breasts naturally produce colostrum, or "first milk," which is really a gold or yellow liquid that is full of nutrition and healthy antibodies that help protect your child from infections. Although the quantity of colostrum is small, it offers every one of the nutrition that the child needs in the initial couple of days so long as they're receiving it frequently. During this time period, your breasts won't feel full or different, since the colostrum is concentrated in a small volume.

Establishment of milk supply – Frequent breastfeeding (or pumping) signals the breasts to make more milk. This can be a natural "demand and supply" system, in which your body adapts to meet up your baby's needs. During the first couple of days after birth, frequent and effective suckling (at least 8 to 12 times in 24 hours) offers the needed signalling to your body. It's important to make use of good breastfeeding methods for your comfort and to safeguard your nipples from rubbing and compression, as discussed below. (See 'Breastfeeding technique' below.)

After several days, your breasts will transition to making larger quantities of mature milk. This is sometimes called the "milk to arrive," though that is a misnomer because colostrum can be breast milk, just in an early on and concentrated form. This usually happens between three and five days after birth. Frequent breastfeeding (or pumping) is important to help this transition happen.

At birth — You are able to usually start breastfeeding just after birth as part of "skin-to-skin contact" (figure 1). Most babies will instinctively get the nipple and start sucking, which supports them practice feeding and gives them their first meal of colostrum.

If you need to be separated from your child for medical reasons, you are able to still get started by expressing the colostrum or "first milk" from your own breasts, either yourself or with a breast pump. The expressed milk can be fed to your baby. Hand expressing or pumping also provides the required signalling to your system to make more milk. You must start expressing milk the moment possible, ideally within the initial someone to six hours following the birth. More information about expressing and storing milk is available separately. (See "Patient education: Pumping breast milk (Beyond the Basics)"


While breastfeeding is a natural process, it's normal to feel different or awkward at first. It is definitely helpful to keep some basic principles in mind and anticipate to handle common problems and/or seek help when they arise.

Positioning for comfort — You can breastfeed in numerous positions (figure 3). The most crucial determinant of a great job is that you and your infant are comfortable. You will probably look for a favourite position, but it's helpful to try different positions, particularly if you are experiencing any discomfort or if your infant is having any problems feeding.

Helping your infant latch on — The important thing step in breastfeeding is when your baby "latches on" to your breast, so that their mouth forms a seal round the nipple, covering much of the areola nearby the baby's lower jaw (the areola may be the dark area of skin around your nipple). Having a comfortable latch protects your nipple from pain or irritation during breastfeeding and provides for good milk flow by preventing nipple compression.

firisi1000     Založený: 04.12.2021   Príspevky: 2894  
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