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phpMyEdit General     Where Can I Find Information for a Graduation Project?
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karljrockwell     Založený: 11.04.2022   Príspevky: 7  
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Where Can I Find Information for a Graduation Project?


So - you are a student of the last year of the university and you need to start working on a diploma. Where to start? This article will help you with this.  Before sitting down to directly write a graduation project, you need to go through the preparatory stage. This includes choosing a topic and finding  sources on which to base your work.


Remember that the quality of writing depends on the chosen topic. After all, the work will go faster and more efficiently if the topic of the graduation project is interesting and close to you. And after choosing and approving the topic, you can move on to the literature for the diploma. And this is where the wandering and searching begins.


Teacher help


Who can help you with information for the graduation project? Of course, your supervisor. He can give helpful advice like no one else. After all, it is the teacher who makes a list of topics for the diploma, and he knows exactly where and what information can be taken for work.


Typically, research supervisors recommend two or three books to their students that are the basis of the topic. Also, the  sometimes advises taking material for a diploma from scientific articles, magazines and other alternative sources. It often happens that scientific supervisors themselves make a list of references for a diploma or say which textbooks to pay attention to. Either way, don't be afraid to ask for help.


The old-fashioned way to the library


Who said that libraries are the last century? They contain a huge amount of information that is useful for writing a diploma and it is simply stupid to neglect this opportunity.


When you go to the library, make a list of keywords for which you will search for the books you need. As a rule, modern libraries have electronic catalogs through which you can find a book on a given topic. If there is no electronic search, contact the employee of the  temple of science and name the topic of the graduation project. He will definitely write a list of scientific publications and articles related to your topic. After that, photocopy important pages or take the books home to work.


When working with library sources, remember that all information must be up to date. In this case, it is necessary that all the books you use be no older than 5 years. Sometimes the supervisor announces that publications published in the last 2-3 years will be considered relevant. If you need a text in electronic format, use ABBYY FineReader. Just scan the pages you need and the program will automatically convert images to text.


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