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phpMyEdit General     Distinctive Features Of Empirical Research Methods In Pedago
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lincolnmullis     Založený: 30.11.2021   Príspevky: 2  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2021-12-01 17:15
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If we are talking about a specific science, in this case - pedagogy, then there are more types of empirical methods than in others. Of course, the main ones are repeated, however, they have a number of distinctive features, which will be discussed below. Don't forget that all these complex steps are handled by the company if you pay someone to write my paper  which makes this option all the more attractive. The object of observation in pedagogy can be both a group and one of its representatives. The first type of empirical method is observation.


Due to the fact that our objects are people, the researcher will be able to observe them in two different ways: being included in a group or not being included.  In addition, he can do it openly or secretly, choose as an object one representative of the group or all of its members. Not so widespread in other fields of knowledge, but acceptable in pedagogy, a survey (orally or in writing) also provides certain information about the object of research.


The survey can be built within the framework of a face-to-face conversation, an interview, or a questionnaire (with open and closed types of answers to questions). Prepare to format the information by consulting on  with experienced editors. Often, this type of empirical methods is able to provide more reliable information than observation or experiment, because it is possible to collect information about a large number of objects in a short time and exclude their mutual influence in the process of collecting on each other. Testing is no less important in pedagogical work.


It involves the identification of a certain type of object in a particular type of characteristics, expressed to a greater or lesser extent, which can be assessed by means of pre-developed tasks, situations, questions and a scale of indicators, with which the obtained values are compared. Popular and not new is the method of rating or expert assessment, which includes evaluative actions performed by a certain circle of persons (experts) regarding a process or phenomenon.


By the way, it is very similar to the expert assessment that is given in the investigating authorities in the event of any crime that has occurred. Speaking about a pedagogical experiment, mention should be made of its varieties, which completely depend on the goals of its implementation. So, to determine the real pedagogical situation, you should free some time by paying someone to take my online classes for me  and conducting a formative experiment with the aim of further developing the team.


By the way, in this case, for the reliability of the experimental data, it is necessary to have two groups of subjects. The experiment can be carried out in natural (ordinary educational environment) and artificial conditions (modern educational standards at the beginning of their implementation in the structure of general education). Do not forget about such a method as generalization and study of pedagogical experience.


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