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phpMyEdit General     The Legend of Seven Nights of Naruto
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Adalgisa     Založený: 13.01.2023   Príspevky: 10  
Príspevok Zaslal: 2023-01-13 05:49
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After seven nights of such an explanation, they were relieved, but careful Sasuke and Ningji did not see it that way, they clearly knew that even if Konoha's dark part was strong, it would not be strong enough to surpass Sanren. But at this time, I saw Pure Brightness hands suspended in the air, drink a way: "Come … …" Chakra of the first crane.. Ah I've been looking forward to this moment for 100 years. Come on The first crane. Give me all your chakras. As soon as the voice fell, the tiger-headed eyes on the chest of the Pure Brightness were red, and all the people present immediately felt a strong suction, and Chuck began to lose constantly. Seven nights more do not answer, quickly knot seal: "Earth Dun, Earth Land Return!" As soon as the voice of the seven nights fell, with a slight tremor of the earth, dozens of earthen walls rose from the ground, surrounding all the people, successfully cutting off the suction of Pure Brightness's armor. Tornado with a thousand faces! The Pure Brightness gave a light shout, and a strong tornado mixed with the Chakra Wind Blade dismembered the whole land of the seven nights. But seven nights still have the last move, only to see a thousand tornadoes in the encounter seven nights hands to support a golden round shield, then no inch. How interesting What an interesting ninja. The dark part of Konoha. See seven nights to block his attack, Pure Brightness and not much surprise, is still light tunnel: "however, Slate Wall Panel , although you again strong, also can't resist my development of the level of tolerance." After a pause, Pure Brightness continued: "after cleaning you up, I will immediately declare war on the five powers. So far, those ninjas who have bullied the craftsman village, I will let them well accept the humiliation that our craftsman village has suffered for more than a hundred years. Therefore, it is inevitable that you will become my sacrifice." "Are you kidding me?" "I'm not sure who will win," said Qiye. "Oh.." The Pure Brightness laughed and said, Grey Marble Slab , "Confidence is good!"! But ninjas can't overcome everything with confidence alone. After a pause, Pure Brightness continued, "in my opinion, Ninjas are tools that don't need feelings at all. Like the Ninjas made in our village, they are all made for fighting.". Only those who obliterate their emotions can gain more powerful power, and only powerful power is the only justice in the world. "It seems that we have different opinions, so let me see who is the truth between your ideas and mine." Say, seven nights more do not answer words, fast knot seal. Everyone only felt a flash of gray in front of their eyes, and seven nights had appeared in front of the Pure Brightness in an instant. Is that the technique? Naruto and Sasuke Dengshi shouted out in unison, "Yes, it's the Golden Flash of Seven Nights.". Both of them thought to themselves, "What kind of person is this in the dark department? He knows the art of the Five Dynasties." After seven nights approaching the Pure Brightness, the sword in his hand waved three times at the Pure Brightness, and then flashed back to the front of the crowd. Great speed, Calacatta Quartz Slab , Calacatta Nano Glass , but it didn't work in front of my ninja. Seven nights light tunnel: "That is not necessarily oh..." As soon as the voice of the seven nights fell, the armor of the Pure Brightness was divided into three parts. Suddenly felt all over the strength is a lot of loss of Pure Brightness incredible tunnel: "impossible, how can you..." Seven nights way: "Lost the identity of the ninja, as the final weapon of resurrection you will never understand..." Then, in a shrill wail, the Pure Brightness turned into tiny dust and disappeared into the air. Originally seven nights in order not to expose their identity in front of Naruto and others, forcing themselves not to use Naruto they recognize the art, and seven nights also take this opportunity to try the power of the eye of fate. As soon as the eye of fate was opened, the seven nights saw the Pure Brightness and the life cutting line on his armor, so the seven nights simply waved their swords three times and then cut the stone-level ninjas that Pure Brightness relied on for confidence. Seven nights, however, did not expect him to use the golden flash for a while, leaving a big question in the hearts of Sasuke and Naruto.
After solving the Pure Brightness, Seven Nights felt that Kakashi would come to the scene soon, so he said: "The task has been completed, I have to hurry back to report to Tsunade adults, so do you, then, Sayulala.." With that, Seven Nights disappeared in front of everyone without even giving Sasuke and Naruto a chance to ask. Sasuke, do you think.. Naruto asked Sasuke. Sasuke nodded slightly and said, "Did you notice that, too?" Naruto: "When we go back, we must ask Tsunade's mother-in-law about the information of this dark department." At this time, a lazy voice came from the height of the cliff: "Ah, very not easy to come all the way to help, did not expect the task has been solved..." In the chapter Chapter 014 undulating leaves. "Teacher Kakashi?" Naruto looked at Kakashi, who was standing on a high cliff, and then at Sasuke, who looked at Naruto with the same eyes. Naruto, too strange, it is reasonable to say that Lord Hokage sent the dark department to support, should not send Kakashi teacher to come, that is to say. Before Sasuke had finished speaking, Naruto took a meaningful look at Sasuke and shouted, "Let's go together and see if this Kakashi-sensei is real." Say, in the eyes of the people surprised, Naruto and Sasuke one hand spiral pill, one hand Lei Che without warning to attack Kakashi. Two people are extremely fast, and without warning, Kakashi did not expect two people will suddenly attack themselves. At this critical moment, Kakashi quickly flashed his kaleidoscope eyes and moved Naruto and Sasuke aside with his unique power of time and space transformation, which was enough to escape the blow of the two men. Kakashi said, "Hey, I said, did you two make a mistake? Why did you attack me at random?" But Kakashi's heart was already full of ups and downs at the moment: "Have these two little devils grown up to this point?"? It was really close just now, if it hadn't been for that move. Everyone blamed Naruto and Sasuke, Agate Stone Price , saying, "Why did you two suddenly attack Kakashi Sensei?" Then Shikamaru said, "You can't blame Naruto and Sasuke for this. I also think what happened just now is very strange. Why did Rokkaimu send a secret department to support him and send Kakashi Sensei to the finale?"? Isn't it strange for everyone? 。

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