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Since then, in some inaccessible wilderness (mostly islands), there have been many strange creatures, such as Gala crocodiles, Balon tigers, straw snakes, giant 6 sharks.. All kinds of strange things have appeared in the world. According to the scientists: "This is a test of an existing ecosystem. Please don't worry." All in all. For these twenty-fifth century humans, if they want to.. Even King Kong can be made. So finally, back to the original question, why are these animals not deadly? That's because.. All these creatures born through the "biological improvement program" have been implanted with a "special gene", and the only function of this gene is to make them lose their advantage against humans. For example.. For example, mosquitoes, if human beings in this universe want to exterminate mosquitoes, they can manipulate their genes and turn mosquitoes into animals that "will be poisoned to death as soon as they touch human blood". Similarly, the products of biological improvement programs have carried similar genes since their birth. For them, human pheromones, body odors, blood, flesh.. They are all things to be avoided. When they encounter humans, they will run away immediately out of instinct, even if they want to resist, they will be poisoned to death quickly. Do you remember the conversation with Bell before you were deaf? All right, all right. I know. We chose the venue together, remember? I've seen the list of animals there.. And, to be honest, I don't really care.. What hyenas, black wolves.. It doesn't make much difference to me. In our opinion, the attitude of not being deaf at that time may be a little cold, but in that universe, most people have this "do not understand, do not care" attitude towards animals. Because animals have become something like "clothes" that can be mass-produced and adjusted at will; there is no longer "endangerment" or "extinction", there is only "overpopulation". As an aside here.. Fortunately, it is not clear that the technological level of the universe has reached such a high level. The script he experienced happened to be born in the wilderness, the most technological product he had ever seen so far. It's just the levitating camera next to the clam. If you let brother Jue know. In other parts of the planet, there are portable magnetic rail guns, ants (a kind of nano-robot technology in the universe), anti-gravity fighter armor and other sophisticated products, the consequences are really unimaginable.. At that time, what game will he be in charge of? It must be the right way to kill the Dolphin directly, take hostages and contact the local government to send him some arms. &#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230; So, after understanding the background setting, come back to the story. "Kevin, Narrow aisle rack , go over there and kill it." After seeing the giant shadow, Feng unconsciously gave up the idea of coming forward completely. A few minutes ago, he did think, "If possible, help Kevin properly," but now.. The thought has gone away. All right A second later, Kevin answered in a normal tone and strode forward. The seal, on the other hand, stays where it is and gives spiritual support. Kevin is indeed a legendary summoning creature with his own equipment. In this swamp with a depth of more than one meter, he carries a video camera (although it has been damaged by bullets, Kevin still insists on carrying it), and still strides forward. For him, the storm is like a breeze blowing on his face and a girl spitting water. His tall body is like an iron tower, which is not affected by the wind and rain at all. Roar- Suddenly, a low roar of thunder came from the front. The roar, as if it had substance, tore through the thick air and penetrated the deep darkness. This is the king of this swamp, who is giving the final warning to the "enemy" who is close to him. It is a pity Kevin won't pay any attention. The instructions he gets are very clear. There is no possibility of flinching. (To be continued) Thriller Paradise Chapter 622 Seeking Poison in the Wilderness (18) As the saying goes, things are unpredictable. <&#65293;&#12299; At this time, the seal unconsciously, deeply realized the meaning of this sentence.
Physical discomfort was nothing to him. His lower body was soaked in the muddy marsh water for a long time, and his upper body was baptized by the rainstorm. He can put up with all this. What he could not bear was the spiritual "response", that is, the development of a thing was greatly beyond his expectation, and the outcome made him feel inexplicable.. " Novel "novel chapters update the fastest." For example, "Mist", "1408", "Bone Bag" and so on. Well, except for Ellen.. Beyond the slope Brother Joe versus Stephen.. Kim's opinion is also very big. The two things he most wanted to say to the latter were: "WTF?" And "What do you have against Maine?" To get back to the point, the thing that makes brother Jue feel uncomfortable at the moment is. Kevin's dead. Then Gala crocodile is dead, too. Besides, he doesn't zhidao why on earth. &#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230; A few minutes ago, when Kevin rushed to the front of the Gala crocodile, Feng unconsciously thought that there would be a "Dragon Quest" type of battle. As a result, there is no.. After that powerful roar, the Gala crocodile actually chose to turn around and run away. This scene is simply incredible in the eyes of brother Jue. In the human world, this is like: a in the third grade of primary school goes to fight with B in the third grade of junior high school. When B sees a coming, he grabs a kitchen knife and plays a set of gale knife skills in front of the other side, and then.. A is not weak, but B runs away. This kind of thing, in the animal kingdom keneng? At that time, Feng was thinking unconsciously: "Can it be said that &#8230; &#8230; Did I underestimate Kevin's strength? In fact, his fighting power is far beyond my imagination. And the Gala crocodile relies on animal instinct. He was keenly aware of this, so he chose to run away. By the time Juege thought of this, Kevin had rushed after him, jumped on the back of the Gala crocodile, and used a "camera beating". The next second, the Gala crocodile twisted over. With tons of his own body, he crushed Kevin in the moor.

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