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The Many Benefits of Travel Protection Plans Autos Articles | May 5 Gabriel Landeskog Womens Jersey , 2005

Many people purchase insurance thinking I want full coverage and once I get it I will be covered for every event that may befall my vehicle. But then they begin to question if every type of incident is covered with full coverage. Some events that people question if they are covered for are: if my car breaks down what about towing costs or if I need a rental car does the insurance company pay? Towing service and rental service is not an automatic service that you are covered for but it can be easily added to a new policy purchase or during the renewal process.

There are many benefits for you with the travel protection plan that is offered with auto insurance policies. First of all this optional coverage does not cost you anything more on your initial down payment. That's right, nothing extra on your down payment. Whether you decide to add it or not you still pay the same down payment. This service is 100% financed into your monthly payments and for so much coverage the cost is very small!

The benefits for you are these:

If you are in an accident or if your car just breaks down, this service will reimburse you for towing service up to $50 each time you use it! If you need to be towed multiple times during your term no problem, you can use this towing plan as much as you need it. You are not required to use just one company either; you are able to use any company you wish.

Another benefit is that if your vehicle is disabled due to an accident or is stolen Nathan MacKinnon Womens Jersey , you will be reimbursed for rental expenses up to $25 a day for as long as 10 days! If you are traveling, for example visiting family and are 250+ miles from home, this plan will also reimburse you for up to 5 days to get home at $25 a day. Again you may use any company you wish for your rental. In addition any personal effects in a rental car that may be stolen or are lost due to fire in a rental car will be covered up to $300.

Many people, during their busy day Matt Duchene Womens Jersey , find themselves accidentally leaving his or her keys in their car just as they close the door. Normally one panics and wastes time trying to find a way to break into their own car or calling for some to come bring that extra key from home. Most likely you still end up calling a locksmith to unlock the car and you won't be getting that money back. The travel protection plan saves you because it will reimburse you up to $25 for lock out service if this happens to you.

If you are unfortunate enough to be in an accident that requires you to be taken to a hospital, this plan is also helpful. When an ambulance is sent out to the accident site, you have to pay a service fee but the plan will reimburse up to $100 for this situation.

The final benefit worth mentioning is the bail bond service it provides. This plan will reimburse for up to $10,000 of bond expense if you are in a situation that would cause you to be incarcerated due to traffic violation. You may think you never get in trouble Matt Nieto Jersey , but what if you were pulled over for driving with a suspended license because you failed to pay that old parking ticket you had forgotten about? Or what if you had a glass of wine at a nice restaurant and was stopped and considered to be over the local legal alcohol limit? You are not a criminal, but things like this sometimes do happen. If any of these examples occur, it is nice to know that you may be covered for bond service!

For just approximately 16 cents a day per car you can get all these great benefits. Peace of mind is also one of your greatest benefits from this plan. Again, your down payment will not go up at all! Why would you want to pay for any of these expenses and not get reimbursed? If any of these situations happen someone has to pay. It is either you or your insurance company so why not purchase this plan and have them pay.

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Sometimes you just need to rent a cheap car. Whatever the reason, you need wheels that aren't going to cost too much. Under these circumstances, you are not out to impress with some fancy car hire and you are footing the bill J.T. Compher Jersey , not your insurance company. There are a couple of ways to dramatically reduce rental costs, and most of them start with the Internet.

There are a number of companies out there whose specialty is to rent a cheap car. You can do a search engine survey to find them. Just type in something easy like, "Rent a cheap car," and they'll start popping up all over.

Some sites like will allow you to set your own rate. They will send your offer out and you wait for someone to respond with a matching price. This works pretty good if you are on a tight budget Carl Soderberg Jersey , and you probably are or you wouldn't be looking for such an inexpensive rental. Just remember to set your pricing within a realistic range, even though there is a company called Dollar Car Rental, nobody is actually going to rent you a car for a dollar a day.

Believe it or not, people still use coupons and companies still offer them. In fact Blake Comeau Jersey , car rental agencies often offer coupons in change of address kits, the Yellow Pages, newspapers, and even online. You can also look for car rental coupons at airport brochure counters Alexander Kerfoot Jersey , travel agencies, visitor welcome centers, the chamber of commerce, and AAA. The coupons offer specials and savings that will help you rent a car cheap.

Don't just assume that a coupon is a good deal. Always compare prices between many rental agencies. If you have a preferred rental agency Sven Andrighetto Jersey , take a competitor's coupon to them and ask if they will meet or beat the offer. You would be surprised how often they will.

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I personally love Jeeps and often wish I had known more about these great rigs years ago when I sold a really classic Jeep because official website I didn't really know exactly what a treasure I had at the time.

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